disaster recovery – How to prepare Workflow Manger Farm in DR for SharePoint 2016

I Prepared one SharePoint 2016 Farm with Two Servers
In Application Server I installed & Configured Workflow Manager Farm and it created below databases 3 WF farm and 3 for Service Bus


Now how to prepare same Workflow Manger Farm in DR
I have one server in DR for Workflow Manger and we are using SQL Server Always On to sync databases between DC and DR

For DR WF farm can I do the same steps for installation Workflow Manger and Service Bus

❕NEWS – Early Uber Supporter: XRP Heads To Disaster | Proxies-free

Famous Silicon Valley investor Jason Calacanis described XRP as “disaster” in her last tweet.
The giant Uber, Calacanis, who made a fortune with early bets to leading companies in stock trading, argues that the controversial coin “will clearly go to zero” unless it is some kind of miracle.
What do you think about these views?

dnd 5e – How do Blade of Disaster and Resilient Sphere interact?

It’s up to the DM, but I would give the edge to the 9th level spell.

This is a case of two exception rules contradicting each other. Xanathar’s Guide expresses the specific beats general rule like so:

The game also includes elements — class features, spells, magic items, monster abilities, and the like — that sometimes contradict a general rule. When an exception and a general rule disagree, the exception wins.

“Nothing can pass through the barrier” and “the blade can pass through any barrier” are contradictory exception rules. So it is entirely up to the DM how these interact.

I would rule that the 9th level spell “wins” so to speak, over the 4th level spell: blade of disaster ignores resilient sphere.

dnd 5e – Can you make four attacks on the turn you cast Blade of Disaster?

Blade of Disaster is a new spell from the Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden module and is found on pg. 318.

According to the spell description (emphasis mine):

When you cast this spell, you can make up to two melee spell attacks
with the blade

The description then goes on to say:

As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the blade up to 30 feet
to an unoccupied space you can see and then make up to two melee spell
with it again.

It seems that on the round that you cast this spell, you can get up to 4 total attacks. Am I reading this correctly?

sql server – SQL alwayson AG Disaster Recovery

Need advise on below:

I have 2 node alwayson AG on Primary Sync mode in the current configuration and fsw is in Primary DC only
Actually during Switchover the entire DC 2 node and fsw will be down
Which DR configuration should I opt in this situation for little manual steps and DR can come up without much issues:
2 Node Async in DR
1 Node Async in DR

I am using SQL 2012 Enterprise, Windows2012 OS


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Checklist | Proxies-free

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Running an online business without implementing business continuity and disaster recovery plan is very dangerous to approach. If you are thinking to earn a handsome amount of profit without putting protections then you can’t run your long-term business plan in a proactive manner.

Business continuity is based on different plans of action that ensure the regular business will perform its operations during a disaster. However, disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity planning. In this article, you will learn all the basics of a business continuity plan, different threats, and how to protect your assets using proactive techniques with the help of a business continuity and disaster recovery checklist.

Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/business-continuity-and-disaster-recovery/


MS SQL 2008 R2 disaster restore

I need to restore an MS SQL 2008 R2 server. The original server was completely destroyed, nothing to salvage. Yet there is backup of all data, plus system databases, master, msdb, model; .bak files.

I setup a new machine, exactly same version of sql, 2008R2 SP2, and tried to restore master db first. The restore succeeded, but then the sql service could not start, using the recovered master. It seems that every path on the old-destroyed server was custom, data DBs, system DBs, even sql executables.

Is there any way to figure out the paths used on the old server, even for sql executables?
I suppose I’ll have to uninstall-install sql server again, to have all custom paths set, in case we locate the custom executable paths, is this correct?
Also, for future reference, on an MS SQL server, is there any way to export all these paths?