dual boot – Weak and disconnecting wifi with RTL8821CE that is strong with windows

I have a 2 antenna wifi that gets a great signal on windows. On dual boot Ubuntu 20.04, it’s very weak, to the point that it starts disconnecting if kept on long enough. Any ideas of what could cause this? I tried setting wifi.powrsave = 2, turning off IPV6, and turned off power saving on windows startup.

display – After disconnecting an external monitor, windows are not resized correctly if the Dock is on the right. How to workaround?

  1. I have Dock attached to the right of the screen.
  2. My Dock is always visible (does not disappear automatically).
  3. When connected, an external monitor is the main screen, so that dock is shown there.

After disconnecting the external monitor, the applications that were occupying all space of the screen, keep occupying all space, but now also size beyond the Dock boundary, so I get part of the application rendered behind the dock.

The only way to work around it is to manually switch to each application and double-click its bar, so that it re-sizes to take full screen again. This is very annoying.

The question is: is this a bug, or am I doing it in a wrong way, or is there a particular setting in MacOS that would automatically resize applications after monitor disconnection to not be rendered behind the Dock?

wi fi – Wifi keeps disconnecting

Lately I started having issues with the wifi that disconnect from time to time.

It disconnect at around 5 minutes to 10 minutes after I lock the phone.

I have found many issues similar to mine but all the fixes or workarounds (restarting router, using 2Ghz network, disable private dns, use static ip,…) that were given do not solve my issue.

I have the logcat logs. Do you see anything that explains why the phone disconnect from Wi-Fi?


I am using Mi MIX 2 phone with LineageOS 17.1

router – Devices keep disconnecting when DHCP lease time is longer than 2 minutes

I recently changed my home router to ASUS RT-AC86U.
I have about 12 devices connected to it via Wifi, some of them are ESP8266 mini d1 boards, which keep disconnect from the router when their DHCP lease time is expired.

Few facts and things I found from trial and error during last few days:

  • No other devices are being disconnected from the router, only the ESP8266 mini d1 boards. And it happen in all of them.
  • It did not happen with my previous router.
  • When I change the DHCP settings in the ASUS RT-AC86U to 120 seconds (2 minutes), the boards keep their connection. On 300 seconds (5 minutes) – the connection is being lost after 5 minutes.

Other steps I tried and didn’t solve the issue:

  • Because my router is connected via the WAN port to another router which is also the VDSL2 modem, I disabled the modem DHCP. Didn’t help.
  • I installed the latest official firmware, as well as the latest Asuswrt-Merlin (release & beta). Didn’t help.
  • I’ve restarted all the boards (disconnected them from the power source and rebooted them). Didn’t work.

I obviously want to set the DHCP time to more reasonable time. Any suggestions to what the issue could be?

windows 10 – Prevent wifi from disconnecting on bad signal

My wifi connection is bad (on the border of the reachable area). It disconnects from time to time, but virtually always reconnects somewhere within 10 seconds (at a bad signal nevertheless).

Programs that use the internet connections disconnect when Windows shuts off its connection. Is there a way to increase the timeout length for wifi connections, or make it not disconnect even if the signal is VERY bad or unreachable for a period of time?

(A more general possible solution would also be: never disconnect from Wifi no matter the connection quality.)
(A possible solution would be: stay connected to a virtual adapter that forwards all connections from the actual Wifi adapter but remains working (queueing) when the Wifi connection gets disconnected for a period of time)

I haven’t found anything that seems to do this.

wi fi – Android keeps disconnecting wifi when the signal is weak/poor

I’ve recently bought a pixel 4a 5g phone and I’m running the latest version of Android. I’m really happy with the phone but there’s one thing that is really bothering: it will use mobile data when the wifi signal is considered weak/poor.

In the old days there was an “avoid poor quality wifi networks” (or something like that) in the advanced wifi settings which used to control this behavior. However, it seems like that option is gone. Is there any way to tell Android to stop transitioning to mobile data when the wifi signal is weak?


network – Macbook keeps disconnecting from hotspot Wifi, which works well

I’ve been having this problem since months, and I finally seek for help.
I found other topics on connection problems, but not quite the one I have.

When I’m at home I use a hotspot Wifi, from my Android phone which has unlimited data, and my macbook tends to disconnect quite often from this network, sometimes more often than others.
However my phone still has internet and other devices, like my playstation, can connect without problems.
Even more surprising, if do something that “continuously” uses internet, like Zoom calls, the macbook almost never gas connection problems. Furthermore, when my macbook disconnects, turning on the Playstation, also connected to the hotspot Wifi, seems to resolve the connection issue!

The Macbook has no problems to connect to any other Wifi, like at work or at friends places.

Do you have any clue on how to stabilise the connection of my macbook when using the hotspot from my phone?

Thank you very much,