Problems playing music with a Discord bot in Javascript

I have a problem with my offers, it sopused a song after the command! To play game connected but i keep the same mistake, could someone please help me


const {Client, Attachment} = require('discord.js');
const bot = new Client();

const ytdl = require("ytdl-core");

const token = 'awhdbaiwdiawd';

const PREFIX ='!';

var servers = {};

bot.on('ready', () =>{
    console.log('Bot online');

bot.on('message', msg=>{

    let args = msg.content.substring(PREFIX.length).split(" ");

        case 'play':

            function play(connection, msg){
                var server = servers(;

                server.dispatcher = connection.playStream(ytdl(server.queue(0), {filter: "audio"}));


                server.dispatcher.on("end", function(){
                        play(connection, msg);
                    }else {
            if (!args(1)){
      'you have to link a song');

            if (!msg.member.voiceChannel){
      'you have to be in a voice channel');

            if(!servers( servers( = {
                queue: ()

            var server = servers(;


            if(!msg.guild.voiceConnection) msg.member.voiceChannel.join().then(function(connection) {
                play(connection, msg);


error message

Typeerror (ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE): The "file" argument must be of type string. Obtain type of object
Typeerror (ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE): The "file" argument must be of type string. Obtain type of object

C: Users João Nolasco Desktop DiscordBot node_modules opusscript build opusscript_native_wasm.js: 8
var module = typeof module == "undefined" module 😕 {}; var moduleOverrides = {}; var key; for (key in module) {if (Module.hasOwnProperty (key)) {moduleOverrides (key) = ModuostRun “) = (); var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_SHELL = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB = false; "; ENVIRONMENT_HAS_NODE = typeof process ===" object "&& typeof process.versions ===" object "&& typeof process.versions.node ===" string "; ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE = ENVIRONMENT_HAS_NODE && ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB && ENVIRONELL_IS_ ENVIRONELLISIS! && ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE &&! ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER; var scriptDirectory = ""; Function Locate (path) {i
Abort (Typeerror (ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE): The "file" argument must be of type String. Received type object.). Create ASSERTIONS = 1 with -s for more information.

Thanks for your help

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That's the mistake that exists!

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