vmware fusion – Accessing a virtual disk from another virtual disk on an external disk when the virtual machine itself resides in a partition on the external disk

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Hard Disk – Clone the hard disk with some bad sectors

I want to clone my hard drive before it dies. I've narrowed down the bad sectors to a very small area. It is small but has caused many problems from time to time. If I try to clone, it will be suspended for that reason and will fail. Chkdsk did not solve the problem and depends on a defragmentation during the analysis. I also used Victoria to repair and reassign the bad sectors, but it was not successful. I just want to clone the drive, not save it and therefore am not busy with the state of the drives. How can I partition 200-300 sectors? I have not found any other options.

App Fabric – DistributedCacheService consumes a lot of disk space SP2013

The distributed cache on our WFE consumes too much memory (50% of the server, almost 6 GB of 12 GB).

It looks like we have AppFabric 1.1

It consumes 95% of the server along with the other services

I suspect AppFabric is the problem, since only the search service has a higher consumption (1.4 GB).

How can I troubleshoot issues with AppFabric, free memory, or configure for lower consumption?

Many Thanks

Linux – Wrong serial number of the hard disk

I'm trying to get the serial number of disks in Centos, but with some disks I get wrong serial numbers when I compared the serial number that is on the drive label.

I use lsblk Command … I also tried smartctl and Sginfo with the same result.

Example: The serial number is printed on the drive label PBV69P2E while lsblk and smartctl come back PBV69P2ECCXSA610

I would like to know how to get the serial number.

Many Thanks

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Disk Utility – External APFS Encryption Secure?

I just deleted a newly purchased external USB drive with the Disk Utility and set it to use the file system APFS encrypted, I entered a secure password and the whole process took about a minute. Then the device was supposedly encrypted and ready for use.

I have found that the APFS encryption uses AES-128, which is good, but the fact that formatting took only a minute seems strange. Use encryption software such as TrueCrypt to safely prepare a new device takes hours, even daysjust to fill the hard drive with random data before valuable data is stored on the device. Because of this, I'm worried that my APFS-encrypted device is not secure enough.

Are my concerns legitimate or have I misunderstood something here?

high sierra – Since the last update, the external hard disk is ejected in hibernation mode

Since my Macbook has limited memory, I use an SD card that is constantly installed. Besides, I often use an external HD. At night I close the lid and connect the Mac with the external HD. As I sleep, I see the HD light dim, and I can not hear the drive spinning. The next day, I open the lid, and everything works like magic. That's how it was until recently.

For some time, possibly the latest High Sierra update, this has changed.

  1. The external drive is ejected.
  2. I have to press the power button to wake up the laptop. But not all the time.
  3. I get another wake-up screen, a dimmed screen, and a progress bar.
  4. The SD card, which is also an external drive, will not be ejected.

After this is done, I get the normal login screen, and then everything is normal, with the option to mount the disk.


Why is one external drive ejected and the other not? How can I mount both?

full disk encryption – Is forensics possible with FDEs like LUKS or Veracrypt?

Is forensics possible for full disk encrypted drives?

I know, because we do not pad our drives with zeros when we delete a file, or the file system leaves a trail, which is usually a forensics, like restoring a deleted file or detecting that the file exists.

Is this also true for full disk encrypted drives?

confused about ovh get your hard disk meaning (picture included)

I'm looking at dedicated servers online, I've stumbled across ovh, but I do not understand what they mean by hard drive configuration

The information states: 450 GB and 1.2 TB NVME drives,

then in the drop down menu is:

Hard drives: SoftRaid 2x2tb sata: included
SoftRaid 2x480gb ssd $ 0

I thought sata was not nvme,

Why do they contain 2tb sata when nvme drives are displayed on the left side

is it sata or nvme?

So, would I put my operating system on the 2x480gb and why are there two TB disks?

I am a bit confused, can someone help?

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