Drupal 7 Webform Dropdown, Switching from Multipe to One, Delivery View Does Not Display Multiple Results

I've created a web form with a component drop-down list in Drupal 7. I have several & # 39; selected for multiple selections. Now I have to deselect "Multiple" and give users only one choice in the drop-down list.

If you now display the delivery data, only the top selection will be displayed in the last data with multiple selection. How can I display the multiple selection in the past, although I only allow a selection in the component?

Disable the display of the alias name for a type in TypeScript

For example, if you create a typalias and use it in the signature of an exported method, the Intellisense tips displayed for that method display the alias, not the actual underlying type. Is there a way to disable this for a particular type?

I can see that in most cases that's what you want, but sometimes the alias was created just because the full type expression in the source file was repetitive or awkward, but outwardly it's the alias an obscure name that does not help the consumer knows how to meet it.

Views – To display multiple values ​​of a reference object

I have content "on" which reference from the user is using
So a user basically has more than one content "a".
Now I have view that will show users and add relationship from field to content "a".

So I add a field to show the title of the content "a", which has a relationship to the user

I can show it, but if a user has more than one content "a", a new line is created instead of listing on the same line. So I have a duplicate / redundant user line and I do not want it.

How can I achieve this

Javascript – Retrieves data from the Firebase to respond natively and display the data

import React, {Component} from & # 39; react & # 39 ;;
{StyleSheet, Button, View, Text} off & # 39; react-native & # 39; import;
{createAppContainer} from & # 39; react-navigation & # 39; import;
{createStackNavigator} off & # 39; respons-navigation-stack & # 39; import;
Firebase from & # 39; Firebase & # 39; import;
import {FirebaseDatabaseProvider} from "firebase";

const userData = ();
Export standard class main screen extends component {
state = {currentUser: null}
componentDidMount () {
const {currentUser} = firebase.auth ()
const ref = firebase.database (). ref ("users /" + currentUser.uid) .once ("value", function (snapshot) {
userData.push ({
name: snapshot.val (). Surname,
email: snapshot.val (). e-mail,
cpf: snapshot.val (). cpf,
tipo: snapshot.val (). tipo
alert (JSON.stringify (userData, null, 2));
this.setState ({currentUser})
//alert(JSON.stringify (ref, null, 2));

render () {
const {currentUser} = this.state;
Return (
        Hello {currentUser && currentUser.uid}! 

Logado como! Teate
) } } const styles = StyleSheet.create ({ Container: { flex: 1, justifyContent: & # 39; center & # 39 ;, alignItems: & # 39; center & # 39; } })

2013 – Display Form WPQ Number Assignment

Does anyone know how the assignment of WPQ numbers can be changed?

Example: We have a custom new webform with two web parts "ContentEditorWebPart" and one "ListFormWebPart". When rendering the aspx page, the ContentEditorWebPart WPQ2 and the ListFormWebPart WPQ1 are assigned.

Note: We have another custom Web Form with the opposite mappings – the ContentEditorWebPart is assigned WPQ1 and the ListFormWebPart is assigned WPQ2.

Part of our JavaScript code breaks because of the different WPQ numbers (1 vs 2, etc.)

We tried to change the WPQ numbers by modifying the ASPX Edit and View pages. We tried to create a new aspx page with a different web part order.

Question: Is there a way to change a WPQ number (for example, from WPQ1 to WPQ2, etc.)? Or can you suggest a resource where we can find the solution?

How can I display the regex match in a view?

This is a Drupal 7 / Views 3 question.

I use a regular expression as a filter in a view to select body fields with specific characteristics. However, when it comes to displaying the field, I do not want to display the entire body, just the match or match.

For example, for the following filter in the Body field for a Regex match:


I'd like to display a body match column that displays only regular matches, not the entire body field.

However, the Rewriting Results field in the edit fields does not provide an option to match regular expressions to display the text.

How can I achieve this?