After exiting the X server, execute a command without the display manager

The question is very simple, but I can't find an easy solution for a while. Xorg is launched via startxand basically I want to get involved with the moment that X is already finished and about to go into the login shell. Writing a systemd unit is currently being considered, but no suitable one has been found oneshot Examples and frankly don't know what goal I need.

Display – A stain on my IPS LCD monitor on a gray background that is more noticeable at low refresh rates. What is causing this?

I have this problem on my ASUS PG279 monitor, which shows this spot on my display on a gray background, which is darker than the others. The lower I set my hz, the more noticeable it becomes, and it is even noticeable on a white background. I wonder what that is, maybe it has something to do with refreshment. I even recorded a super slow motion video that shows the problem in action. Video was when the monitor was set to 24 Hz.

Windows 10 laptop REALLY doesn't want to display a battery icon

Your battery icon may still be in the notification area, however hiddenTo search for it, click the up arrow to the left of your notification icons in the system tray.

If you see the battery icon here (an area Microsoft is calling) Notification area overflow area), just drag and drop it back into the notification area of ​​your taskbar.

Enter the image description here

If the battery icon does not appear in the area of ​​the hidden icons, right-click on your taskbar and select "Taskbar Settings".

You can also go to Settings> Personalization> Taskbar instead.

Enter the image description here

In the "Settings" window that appears, scroll down and click on "Turn system icons on or off" in the "Notification" area.

Enter the image description here

Look for the "Power" symbol in the list and switch it by clicking on "On". It will appear on your taskbar again.

You can also turn other system icons on or off from here, including clock, volume, network, input display, location, action center, touch keyboard, Windows Ink workspace, and touchpad.

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Even after you restore the battery icon, no estimate of the remaining battery time is shown when you hover over it. Microsoft has disabled this feature – probably because it is generally inaccurate. You can still re-enable the estimated battery life with a registration hack.

Add a variable to the line that comes from the text file and display it on the screen

This code works but cannot be summed up correctly. Can someone help me?

I have to print on the screen with the sum of the variables xvalorxadquiriuc from all lines of the text file.

float result_r = 0.00;
float xvalorxadquiriuc_float = 0.00;

float xvalorxadquiriuc_float_0 = 0.00;

int sum = 0;

while (! feof (file6)) {

fscanf (file 6, "% s% s% s% s% s% s n", & xitemadquiriuc, & xdataxadquiriuc, & xlocaladquiriuc, & xtelefoneadquiriuc, & xdetalhesadquiriuc, & xvalorxadquiriuc);

if (strstr (xdataxadquiriuc, quiriubusca_gastos)! = NULL) {

// text color (RED);
printf ("FOUND IN SYSTEM WITH MẼS ->% s", purchaseiubusca_gastos);
// text color (BLACK);

printf (" n ============================================= ========= ===================================== ");
printf (" nItem …………………….:% s n", xitemadquiriuc);
printf (" ndate …………………….:% s", xdataxadquiriuc);
printf (" nLocal ……………………:% s", xlocaladquiriuc);
printf (" nPhone …………………:% s", xtelefoneadquiriuc);
printf (" nDetails …………………:% s", xdetalhesadquiriuc);
printf (" nValue R $ …………………:% s", xvalorxadquiriuc);


xvalorxadquiriuc_float = atof (xvalorxadquiriuc);

Sum = sum +1;

xvalorxadquiriuc_float_0 = xvalorxadquiriuc_float;

result_r = xvalorxadquiriuc_float_0 + xvalorxadquiriuc_float;



printf (" nTotal records found:% d n", total);

printf ("The expenses in% s month are% .2f", purchaseiubusca_gastos, Result_r);