iMessages under macOS are displayed and the previously sent message appears in the text box

Sometimes when I open iMessages on my MacBook, I find that a previously sent message is still in the text box as if I had not sent it. It's inconsistent, I do not know how to reproduce it. I wonder if that is somehow a mistake. Even if additional messages have been sent since then, it remembers something previously entered in the field (as if it were cached). Any ideas for prevention?

html – Do HTML5 browsers need to be able to properly handle HTML4 tags when the tags are displayed in HTML5 pages?

According to the post here, the HTML5 specification requires that HTML5 browsers properly handle HTML4 tags when they are in HTML5 pages.

Unfortunately, the contribution does not substantiate this claim very well. Can someone answer this StackExchange question, and if the answer is yes, can he justify his claim by referring to specific sections of the HTML5 specification?

magento2 – new orders are not displayed in the order grid

I have upgraded from Magento 2.5.0 to 2.3.1

I only use PayPal as a payment method.

New orders are not displayed in the order grid under Admin> Sales> Orders

When I check the PayPal overview, I can find the invoice number for it to be created in Magento but not displayed in the grid

I have already tried to change

Store> Configuration> Advanced> Developer> Grid Settings

Enable / Disable, clear cache, reindex, but do not work

Any solution please.

When I try to use Animoji, "Tap to continue" will be displayed.

When I try to use Animoji, I get the following message / error message:

Tap to continue

If I also type in my memoji, I get it

Face detection failed. Tap to try again

Tapping does not solve the problem. I also tried rebooting / rebooting, resetting all settings, clearing the phone and resetting all settings – and none of them fixed the problem.

The facial recognition seems to be completely untouched.

What can I do to remedy this?

windows – The mysterious translucent rectangle field is displayed in the bottom left corner of win10 after the last update

I had to move the taskbar to the side, so they did not cover the box in question. You can see the box here

This field is mainly visible in full screen mode, e.g. B. only in the background or while playing a game, etc. It is always there. I do not think it was there before yesterday's Windows 10 update to the latest version.

Does anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it?

Many Thanks!

PS: I just clicked on my own link just to see that the screen capture does not reproduce this box. I thought I would go crazy for a second. It's down there to the bottom left of the search. But it is only visible in full screen mode and without bars.

So I took the shot with my trusted iPhone and here's what it looks like:

sharepoint online – Modern communication websites whose subordinate elements are displayed in a wider grid in the navigation

I've set up a communications site as a hub site and associated team sites.
I've added sub-links to one of the links on the team site. Below are the screenshots listed.

Enter image description here

Floating above Operations I see a big banner below. I've added a modern script editor web part, so I wondered if I wanted to make it smaller and more beautiful by overriding some CSS classes.

Enter image description here

Can someone please provide me with a CSS code that I can use?
For your information I have tried to use ms-MegaMenu-Callout root-360 and
withDivider ms-MegaMenu-gridLayout classes and set the max-width parameter from 1200 px to 120, but it did not work for me if it was tested with developer tools by providing an inline CSS, but if it was to the script editor web part was added, it was kind of does not work.

Please help, thanks in advance.

bitcoind – Block Magic Mismatch Errors are always displayed?

I have Bitcoind (0.18) on my Ubuntu machine and it always shuts down after the following error has occurred:

ERROR: ReadRawBlockFromDisk: Block Magic Mismatch for CDiskBlockPos (nFile = 0, nPos = 68821043): 00040000 versus expected f9beb4d9

I restart it and it takes a few hours and then the same error occurs and it shuts down. How can I fix this?

SEO – Could it be possible for a website to be indexed and cached but not displayed in Google's search results?

My website is cached and indexed by Google. I have several thousand visitors every day. I did every SEO check online, but one problem persists. Despite adhering to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, my site will not appear in Google's search results. In fact, when I check some URLs, they are displayed on the first page. After two or three days everything has disappeared, as if there had never been anything on Google! I tested everything that could cause the problem (eg no spam or paid backlinks etc.), but the problem gets worse every day. My alexa rank has dropped dramatically in a week (one thousand). Suggestions or recommendations are welcome.

Since yesterday, Google Adsense Auto Ads is no longer displayed in my blog

In the last 5 months auto ads are switched to normal. Since yesterday, no ads are shown on my page (computer, phone). The page was created in WP. I did not touch anything on the page. I have ads.txt file. I have deleted cash on the website. I have no warning about Google AdSense. I see ads on Apm.

Can you help me please.