Cant install linux distro’s on Virtualbox 6.1

Ok, So I wanted to try out Linux, just one problem: At any point during the install process, I will receive an error saying that the machine has encountered an error and it stops working.

When Installing Garuda:
During the install process, I get to the point where I get an error.
Same for Solal and Manjaro. Does anyone know what’s going on? The only other info I can provide is the log:

Could it be insufficient RAM? (Only allocated around 2GB)

drivers – Intel Open GL being broken with some distros

Ive tried MANY, many distros at this point. But ubuntu is by far my favorite. Just vanilla ubuntu. My main problem is, is that some distros just refuse to work with opengl. Minecraft, TF2 and all luanch fine, however polygons are invisible/visibly broken. I have provided glxgears, and other such utilities. I dont understand why some distros break this and why some do. Examples of working ones include Elmentry OS, Debian, SteamOS, and some other small ones. Ubuntu distros however come across problems. Output of glxgears, Visible polygons.

I will provide any extra information I can gather.

Device specs listed here.

  • Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display (Supports OpenGl 4 on windows, is only 3 on ubuntu)

  • Mesa Utils DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics (BYT)

  • 3.0 Mesa 21.0.3

  • Intel Celeron CPUJ1900 @ 1.99GHz

Theres No slowing of anything, as others have reported. Theres no issues with windows or anything. It appears that OpenGL3d just dosn’t function properly. Help updating or solving issues would be greatly appreciated.

updates – Updating wordpress from my Linux distro’s repository

I installed wordpress with apt, which ties in a lot of directories, so I suspect that using the built-in core update tool will break the installation; but wordfence constantly demands that I update using said tool — which is probably much more up-to-date than the linux distro repository. Do I have to wipe it out and start over in order to resolve this annoying bind?

Have there been remotely exploitable, zero-click, wormable vulnerabilities in popular Linux distros?

What I’m asking is if there have ever been any vulnerabilities of the following kind, especially recently, and if so how many or how common they have been.

The vulnerability:

  • Must be present in the OS/distro in its default configuration. For example, a vulnerability in Photoshop doesn’t count, because Photoshop isn’t installed by default in any OS that I know of.
  • Must be exploitable from the network (either from LAN or WAN, it doesn’t matter, all it matters is that no physical access should be required).
  • Must be a zero-click flaw, so user interaction should not be required at all. Not even triggered by social engineering: the OS should be able to be compromised just because it’s running and connected to a network, with nobody at the keyboard).
  • Must be in a relatively popular OS/distro, so "Rare Distro Linux" or "Temple OS" don’t count. I’m interested in Linux-based or Linux-related environments, but if you also have examples from other areas you can mention them for completeness (I think some WinXP release would qualify but I’m not sure).

powershell – Export/import compressed WSL2 distros

I’m looking for a way to compress WSL2 distros while exporting it. For that purpose I’ve tried to pass the tar file produced be wsl to 7z through pipe:

wsl --export myDistro - | 7z a -tgzip myDistro.tar.gz -si

I waited about an hour but it produced nothing but cpu load. 7z process wasn’t even started according to Task Manager.

I tried to pass a sample tar file though pipe to 7z:

Get-Content -Path sample.tar -Raw | 7z a -tgzip sample.tar.gz -si

And sample.tar.gz was created without any issue.

I also tried to export the distro to file instead of stdout:

wsl --export myDistro .myDistro.tar

It took about 15 minutes and the distro was exported successfully.

What am I doing wrong? How to compress an exported WSL2 distro to a gzip archive without storing the tar file on a disk? And how to import it through pipe with wsl --import after that?

Custom Distributions – Which Linux distros work best with Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB processor RAM?

I will install Linux in my system, which is very old, and I will use it for odd jobs and basic programming. Construction:

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80 GH;
RAM 2 GB; Hard drive 500 GB;

I already use Ubuntu Disco 19 in my laptop. So I want to try something new, lite and faster os. I will completely remove Windows and install Linux. Suggest an operating system that works fast in this configuration and does not freeze.

Give one of the best suggestions for Linux distributions except Ubuntu 19