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ag.algebraic geometry – Does self-product of universal hypersurfaces have dlt singularites?

Let $ngeq2,dgeq 2n+1$ be integers, let $mathcal{X}_{n,d}to|mathcal{O}_{mathbb{P}^n}(d)|$ be the universal family of hypersurfaces. The total space $mathcal{X}_{n,d}$ is smooth as it is a projective bundle over $mathbb{P}^n$.

The self-product $T:=mathcal{X}_{n,d}times_{|mathcal{O}_{mathbb{P}^n}(d)|}mathcal{X}_{n,d}$ is a complete intersection in $|mathcal{O}_{mathbb{P}^n}(d)|_{}times mathbb{P}^n_{(X_0,cdots,X_n)}timesmathbb{P}^n_{(Y_0,cdots,Y_n)}$, defined by $sum a_IX^I=0,sum a_IY^I=0$. It has singularities in codim at least $4$, therefore it is $mathbb{Q}$-factorial.

Do we know if $T$ have divisorial log terminal singularities? (for complete intersections, dlt equivalent to canonical singularities, rational singularities) If not, can we say anything about them?

Recycle already formatted DLT IV tapes?

I have many DLT IV tape cartridges used and described in DLT 4000 drives.

Now I have a DLT VS 160 drive that uses the same tape cartridges, but I can not write to them.

While browsing the net, I've only found evidence that tapes for use in VS160 drives need to be raw so they can format them at their higher native density.

Is it possible to enforce reformatting of such a tape in a VS 160 drive, or is my only option to buy or borrow a bulk Degausser?

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