big sur – Can I show drives in the dock?

big sur – Can I show drives in the dock? – Ask Different

Almost fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 is laggy any time only monitors are connected through displaylink dock

If 1 or 2 monitors are connected only through the displaylink dock, the mouse moves slowly, but any action lags around a second. If I connect one monitor through the computers video card slots and one in the dock, everything behaves as expected. I’m trying to use this computer at my work workstation utilizing a USB switch to switch between my work computer running ubuntu and work laptop running windows.

On the problem computer
Kernel: 5.8.0
X.Org X Server: 1.20.9
Displaylink: 5.4.0-55.153

Seems like it might be related to glxgears problem referenced at , for which there is a patch
to X.Org X Server 1.20.8. Should I just downgrade that and try to apply the
patch and keep Ubuntu from ever updating that?

big sur – Windows change size on mac after reopening from dock

I believe this started happening after the update to Big Sur (currently on 11.2.3).

I’m using a Mac book pro with an external monitor as a second display (not mirrored).

The annoying issue is that when I hide a window by clicking the yellow circle, and later click on the window from the dock to reshow the window, the size and position of the window is different than before. It is super annoying because I then need to manually put the window back where it was before.

This won’t happen if I hide the window and immediately reopen it. I suspect it only happens if I hide the window, the mac goes to sleep, and I then reshow the window.

Is there a fix for this? I find it super annoying to have fix my window size/position all the time.

big sur – macOS enable reduce transparency option except for dock?

My goal is to enable reduce transparency option except for Dock, which leads the gray line around the dock.

Or at least if reduce transparency option is enable I want to remove the gray outline line on the dock, where you can see on the After image.

OS: macOS Big Sur Version 11.4


  • SystemPreferences => Accessibility under the Display tab and checkmark “Reduce Transparency”

    enter image description here


enter image description here

After, Here gray line around the dock is annoying and I want to remove it, if possible.

enter image description here

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dock – How to activate single-click to navigate to fullscreen application?

I am currently on macOS Big Sur and if I have a fullscreen application open (another space) I can’t simply single-click on the Dock icon to navigate to this space.

I have to double click the Dock icon to navigate to the fullscreen application.

Is there an easy workaround to change it to single-click?

display – After disconnecting an external monitor, windows are not resized correctly if the Dock is on the right. How to workaround?

  1. I have Dock attached to the right of the screen.
  2. My Dock is always visible (does not disappear automatically).
  3. When connected, an external monitor is the main screen, so that dock is shown there.

After disconnecting the external monitor, the applications that were occupying all space of the screen, keep occupying all space, but now also size beyond the Dock boundary, so I get part of the application rendered behind the dock.

The only way to work around it is to manually switch to each application and double-click its bar, so that it re-sizes to take full screen again. This is very annoying.

The question is: is this a bug, or am I doing it in a wrong way, or is there a particular setting in MacOS that would automatically resize applications after monitor disconnection to not be rendered behind the Dock?

thunderbolt – Dual external display flickering issues with CalDigit USB-C HDMI Dock and MacBook Pro 2017

thunderbolt – Dual external display flickering issues with CalDigit USB-C HDMI Dock and MacBook Pro 2017 – Ask Different

Dock behaviour changed – Ask Different

Dock behaviour changed – Ask Different

big sur – How to create a shortcut for a command in Terminal that I can have in my Dock (Big Sur)

big sur – How to create a shortcut for a command in Terminal that I can have in my Dock (Big Sur) – Ask Different

launcher – Dock icon differs from desktop file icon

I created a .desktop file per coding environment I have set in VSCode (PHP, Node, C, …) and I changed the icon in order to have a visual clue of with windows are opened in the dock, but if the icon change works well when I look for the .desktop entry in the launcher, It stays the same in the dock (and groups).

I’ve seen a lot of issues similar to this one, but none of the answers worked for me so far…

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 and this is an example of one of my .desktop files:

(Desktop Entry)
Name=VSCode Vue
Exec=vscode_profile vue "%f"


(my vscode_profile simply launch vscode with custom path for --extensions-dir and --user-data-dir)

.desktop file icons works in launcher

.desktop file icons works in launcher

Dock icons stays the same and group

Dock icons stays the same and group

Some of the other posts that adresse a similar issue but didn’t solved mine:

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