Docking station for USB video recorders

Docking station for USB video recorders – Super User

windows 10 – Universal Docking Station with Dell

I have Dell XPS 17 9700, with Windows 10 Professional, and I connected it to a universal docking station called Targus Dock177 which is compatible with DisplayLink.
It automatically detected the docking station and recognize all devices connected to it (two monitors, mouse, headphone….)
The Dell and docking station worked fine and smoothly for more than three months.
Dell detected automatically the Targus and monitors and connected them using “DisplayLink” driver

But suddenly today (12th January 2021) it doesn’t recognize the monitors anymore.
Mouse and headphone still working, but the monitors are not working.

if you check the devices with “Device Manager” you will see the two monitors under “Display Adapters” being faulty and has errors (two of them), and the error message is:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.
(Code 43)

I tried many things:

  1. restart the PC
  2. disabled the drivers and re-enable them
  3. uninstall the drivers and restart again and install them
  4. update the drivers (which they are up-to-date with displaylink drivers)

Every time I do that, it will go into a process that takes 2 minutes of flashing the monitors and popup of the taskbars, and at the end of two minutes it will just freeze the two monitors and only the laptop monitor works and only the laptop monitor get recognized, and the two monitors are not recognized.

When I try to detect the monitors I don’t see them , just the laptop monitor.

firmware – I want to buy a used docking station for my laptop. Has there ever been a case of a docking station being a security concern?

I found a used docking station for my Dell laptop. The price is very interesting and the docking station seems to be in perfect shape. But I’m somehow worried about potential security risks. After all, you could install some kind of keylogger in the station’s firmware. Am I being paranoid here or is it possible in any way?

Docking – visualization of protein-ligand interactions with LIGPLOT or other suitable software?

I used DOCK software to dock 10 ligands into the protein structure.

I want to generate a pdb file that contains all 10 binding modes of the ligands along with the protein. So all together in one PDF file.

What I want to know now is that when I submit this file to LIGPLOT, it is possible to generate something like:

% polar interactions XX
% non-polar interactions XX
% Hydrogen interactions XX

Is there any way to do this with LIGPLOT if there is now other software that can be recommended for this type of evaluation?

I have had a hard time finding a way or software that can do a similar type of calculation and give me a similar type of output that I want.


Laptop -> Deactivates the internal screen when closing the lid / docking station

I'm an absolute newbie on Linux / Ubuntu, please excuse me if this is a stupid question …

I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad T450 in a docking station with two external monitors connected to the display port. The laptop cover is always closed.
When the laptop is booted on Ubuntu, the internal screen is activated and set as the primary screen, although the lid is closed. The external screens are only extensions.

Why this? How can I change this?

Windows has a completely different behavior here and works as expected: when the lid is closed, the internal screen is completely deactivated and only the external screens are activated. One of the external screens is then set to primary.

I didn't find a solution for this on Google, only for "Laptop stops when the lid is closed", but that's NOT my problem here.

Thanks for your help.


The Catalina upgrade breaks the Henge Stone docking station

I have a MBP 15 & # 39; late 2016 that I have used with the Henge Stone Dock for almost two years without any problems. When I update my MBP to Catalina, the stone dock behaves erratically. USB / DisplayPort devices are not reconnected consistently when connected to the active MBP. It fails much more often than now. It requires a full restart of my MBP to work properly.

Has anyone with a henge stone experienced this with Catalina?

Windows 10 – Laptop connected to the docking station via HDMI will not be displayed on DisplayPort connected monitor

I am relatively new to the world of Thunderbolt docking stations, so I appreciate your patience.

I have a Dell Thunderbolt TB16 docking station that has an old Dell monitor connected via a VGA DisplayPort cable. A Dell Latitude laptop with Windows 10 looks great when connected to the docking station via the Thunderbolt charging cable. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and wonder why I did not look in a docking station before.

I own a second laptop, an Acer E15 series that also runs Windows 10, and I want to use the same wireless mouse and keyboard that I set up via the docking station if the Dell Latitude is not connected, Since the Acer does not have a Thunderbolt port, I thought I would try connecting it to the docking station via the HDMI port, and expect it to be able to communicate with the monitor through the docking station.

No dice. I tried to use the Fn-F5 and Fn-F6 shortcuts (the F-keys on which the monitors display icons), and while the laptop registers the various available display and cast options, I can not use the laptop screen Bring ads.


  1. What do I miss? Or is what I try impossible?

  2. If this is possible, can I set up the Acer as a second monitor via HDMI when the Latitude is connected via the Thunderbolt docking cable?

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