google docs – A5 Printing on A4 with custom flips and unique layout / flow direction

How do I get the following print layout?

enter image description here

I have a mac, don’t have access to MS Word, using google sheets but happy to just copy and paste into something else (free)

My mac has only the following layout settings none of which satisfy my criteria. I can’t seem to find anything in Google Sheets. Any ideas?

enter image description here

google docs – italics printing as bold

When I type in a new Google Doc document, using Chrome Version 81.0.4044.138, my italics look correct. When I go to print, they are then also bolded in print preview and print bold and italicized. However, if I save as a PDF and it maintains the correct formatting. It is text I had pasted from Google tasks and I tried removing all formatting and re-adding it.

Remove blank page on Google Docs

I have a simple 2-column table resume Google Document. For some reason, there is a blank page below it.

  • If I click on the empty page and press Backspace nothing changes.
  • I enabled the border of the table to check for spacing issues.

Here is a copy of the document with lipsium text that can be modified by anyone:

Whats the problem here?

enter image description here

google docs – How to list all references to bookmarks used in the document

Is there a way to show all locations where a bookmark link is inserted into a Google Doc? Ideally, it would list all bookmark references in all documents I use in my Google Drive, not just the current document.

Note that I’m not talking about inserting bookmarks, but only finding locations where they exist.

I would like this to work within the browser, and not have to export it into some other format that I have to use offline and do searching there (which I know I can figure out how to do, but it is a hassle).

How to force Google Docs “Replace URL with its title” on heading links to instead replace the URL with heading text

I need to be able to more efficiently change a link to the heading text the link points to, without having to do cumbersome steps.

This a workaround for the more ideal feature that, as of 2020-05-22, has yet to be implemented by Google: How to insert links to headings in Google Docs without brute force (incremental completion and narrowing)

See the image below which explains the problem. Below that image, see the steps to reproduce this problem:

enter image description here


  1. Open an existing Google Doc, or create new one.
  2. Add a heading.
  3. Click on the link of that heading inside the Outline view to the left.
  4. Move the mouse into the browsers address bar, select the URL, and type CTRL+c to copy it into the clipboard.
  5. Move the mouse into the document, and type CTRL+v to paste the URL.
  6. Left mouse click into the URL just pasted.
  7. See the popup (see image below).
  8. Notice that it has the text of the whole document, which is not what I want. Instead, I want that to be the heading text of that section.

I do not want to workaround this by having to edit the URL text, or have to use method of adding links to headings using CTRL+k, as that is taking up too much time when this operation is done many, many times during an editing session: It is cumbersome because it forces you to scroll down a list of all headings in the document, versus driving to it directly, and that list of headings can be quite large. As the number of headings increases, it becomes impractical to scroll down that list every single time to find the heading.

Google Docs new blank document has default indent from left margin

I’m looking for help with Google Docs.

Every time I begin a new document, the left margin or indent markers are indented before I even start typing.

This means that I end up with my text away from the left margin. Furthermore, on a long run of text that flows over several lines, the subsquent lines are also indented further again.

Here’s a picture to demonstrate:

enter image description here

This happens on every new, blank document I create – I’m not creating it from a template. And I’m sure this never used to happen, it feels like it’s been doing this for about a month. Perhaps I changed something accidentally?

Can anybody please suggest how I can set Google Docs to never apply a default indent on a blank document?

Thanks in anticipation.