usability – Communicate that an object in the toolbar cannot be added to the document a second time

I think the technique in your Picture A, disabling the button and showing a tooltip when you can place no more, looks fine. It is very similar to how the video game Super Mario Maker 2 handles this same problem.

Super Mario Maker 2’s UI for parts with limits

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that lets you build custom levels by adding parts to your level from the library or from the toolbar. The toolbar is automatically populated with items you have recently placed. You can either select a part first, then tap the level to place it, or drag a part from the toolbar to the level.

Most parts can be added without limit, but some have a limit. For example, only one Checkpoint Flag may be placed. Here’s what it looks like when you select the Checkpoint Flag from the library of parts:

1 – Super Mario Maker 2 – select Checkpoint Flag in library

After confirming your selection, the Checkpoint Flag is selected in the toolbar (at the top right), ready to be placed:

2 – Super Mario Maker 2 – Checkpoint Flag selected at the right side of the toolbar at the top

After tapping the level to place the Checkpoint Flag, that part gets added to the right side of the toolbar, as it is the most recently used item. Also, since you have placed the maximum number of that part allowed, the square for that part turns gray to show it can’t be placed again:

3 – Super Mario Maker 2 – after placing a Checkpoint Flag in the level

Tapping on the screen to place another Checkpoint Flag or trying to drag a copy of that part from the toolbar does nothing but play a wood clunk sound effect.

If you open the library again, the Checkpoint Flag is grayed out there too. If you select it, the tooltip now includes “Part limit reached” in addition to the part name:

4 – Super Mario Maker 2 – Checkpoint Flag in the library after it has been placed

I found Super Mario Maker 2’s UI pretty clear when I built levels in it. However, the game assumes input with either an analog controller or a 6-inch touch screen. A UI for a desktop computer that requires a mouse may require some changes.

Still, for your specific design, I don’t see any flaws in your Picture A. It seems a fine way to communicate why you can’t place any more of a part and which part it is you have run out of.

How can I export a report including the detailed behaviour of each user in one document?


for some virtual events, we would like to get a report about the detailed behaviour of each user. We have already implemented the User ID for this tracking. By selecting “User Explorer” we get an overview of all user ID initial data (Sessions, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, etc.) that we can export easily.

By choosing one User ID we can see the detailed behaviour of this specific user. But is there also the possibility to get an overview of the detailed behaviour of all users in the same place in the backend? How can we export these information in an excel sheet?

Or does any of you have another idea of how to get such a detailed list (including also other tools if necessary)?

Thank you in advance for your support.


mac appstore – Application cannot save document

I am having trouble with an App Store application , Brother P-touch Editor, which is the application to work with their label printer.

The application can save a new document, but every attempt to save changes to an existing document gives me the message: The document “…” could not be saved. . I also get a tool tip which tells me The document could not be autosaved..

According to Brother, as well as the reviews on the App Store, others don’t seem to have the same problem, but that’s hard to believe, as I have the same problem on two different iMacs (running macOS 11.3 and 10.15) and a MacBook, running 11.3. Clearly it’s not just a Big Sur problem, and it’s not limited to one machine.

I have tried saving on the local volume, in the Downloads and Desktop folder, as well as in an iCloud folder.

Being an App Store application, it might be a sandbox issue. I have tried various things with permissions, both in the shell and in the Finder, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Assuming that the problem is limited to me, what sort of things might cause this behaviour?

Can I link to a SharePoint document using the site name, folder, and name?

I have a SharePoint folder of documents named uniformly. I was hoping there was an easy way to link to the document without having to share it/generate a link ID at first. I’d like to embed this in a report so users can quickly pull up a summary.

e.g. Documents/Forms/myfilename.doc

Is this possible? If I try, it assumes myfilename.doc is a folder.

document library – Apply New Default Column Value to PreExisting List Items

I am creating a calculated date column that adds a year to the end date column. I have a document library and I created a default column value for that column. Once I implemented it, the column populates to all the list/library items, but there is no value populating to it? Do I have to manually enter it into each item? I tried this in another list and it automatically populated to the single document that was in the library, I do not want to have to manually populate to hundreds of documents if I do not have to.

sharepoint online – Selecting Document Library through PropertyPane in SPFX

Here is the description about webpart

Both webpart are same and only one ,only changed the heading and labels and their input’s ID through property pane

One Webpart is working fine on a page ,but when uploading multiple webpart getting issues

But on the click of first webpart input fields , getting the value on the second Webpart

Selecting Different Input id for both webpart through propertyPane

enter image description here

Here is the property pane of my webpart which is same for both webpart but selected different value for property pane of both webpart

Getting Folders on the basis of DocumentLibrary selected in the property pane as well as documentType’s value is also getting from property pane

I am getting value of folder as well as documentType on the double click on the folder’s input as well as documentType input respectively

enter image description here

How to create an event handler to throw a javascript alert() when a document is uploaded to 2016 Sharepoint document library?

How to create an event handler to throw a JavaScript alert() when a document is uploaded to 2016 SharePoint document library? I would like the alert message to state the file name. This seems like it should be simple enough, but every where I look I need visual studio and need to know .NET.

How to add on a site page a button allowing to upload a folder (and not files individually) to a document library?

I am designing a sharepoint site for a team so we can share documentation with external users. I wish to add a button on the homepage for the colleagues who will upload documentation with me. Once the upload is done, a flow with power automate analyze the information and parse it in several document libraries – and this part is OK for the moment. I would just need to add this button, so I am sure the folder they upload goes to right library. I have done a lot of research on the topic, but cannot find any help – especially since I want to upload a folder and not files.

sharepoint online – Delete unique permissions of a File or Folder in a document library

I have a document library which has 3 folders in it and inside each folder there is a document (docx, xls, ppt).

My objective is to iterate every file inside my document library and check if It has unique permissions and If it does it should remove them.

For the folder part I already have this code working properly which fetches the root folder and prints if it has unique permissions.

$siteUrl = "https://****"
Connect-PnPOnline –Url $siteURL –Credentials **
$context = Get-PnPContext 
$ListName="List name"

$list = Get-PnPList $ListName
$folders = $list.RootFolder.Folders

foreach($folder in $folders)
  if($folder.ItemCount -gt 0)
    $f = Get-PnPFolder -Url $folder.ServerRelativeUrl -Includes ListItemAllFields.RoleAssignments, ListItemAllFields.HasUniqueRoleAssignments

    Write-Host $f.ServerRelativeUrl -> $f.ListItemAllFields.HasUniqueRoleAssignments

For the document / item part I’m struggling a bit because I cant seem to put this to work.
It always gives me that the item is not part of a list.


So my questions is:

How do I check if a item / document has unique permissions and how to remove them?