Custom List – Customer Document Libary: How to Organize a Library to Store Information Effectively?

I need to create a list that contains information about customers and a library that contains documents that relate to those customers.
A customer list column:

  • Customer Name
  • customer number

A list of documents: Can I create a folder for each customer?

  • Folder columns: customer name, customer number
  • Folder file: customer name, customer number, product purchase, sales order number … (The names of the documents between the customers may be identical.)

Is such a list system effective?

Document Library – 400 Incorrect request when updating a list item in SharePoint Online using HttpClient

I wrote a REST API to update a document's metadata in SharePoint. The document is in a folder in a library. I tried the following code:

var stringData = ("{# __ metadata:: {type type #: & SP.Data.IncidentItem #}, Name NameOfUploader #: & # 39; 39; "+ NameOfUploader +" & # 39;} ");

client.BaseAddress = new Uri (newurl);
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Clear ();
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add ("Accept", "application / json; odata = verbose");
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add ("IF-MATCH", "*");
//client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("X-HTTP-Method "," PATCH ");
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add ("ContentLength", stringData.Length.ToString ());
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue ("Bearer", accessToken);

string FolderUrl = string.Format ("_api / web / GetFileByServerRelativeUrl (& # 39; {0} & # 39;) / ListItemAllFields", folderServerRelativeUrl + "/" + fileName);
StringContent strContent = new StringContent (stringData);
strContent.Headers.ContentType = MediaTypeHeaderValue.Parse ("application / json; odata = verbose");
strContent.Headers.ContentType.Parameters.Add (new nameValueHeaderValue ("odata", "verbose"));
HttpResponseMessage response = client.PatchAsync ("_api / web / GetFileByServerRelativeUrl (& # 39;" + FolderUrl + "& # 39; / ListItemAllFields", strContent) .Result;

response.EnsureSuccessStatusCode ();

I get 400 Bad Request "HttpResponseMessageProperty responseI have specified all headers, but still could not figure it out, I tried this in POSTMAN with all headers and this metadata, everything works fine.
Can someone please say what I miss?

Is it possible to create a share link to a specific location in a Word Online document?

I would like to be able to send a link to a colleague who will take him to a specific location in the document when the document is opened in the Word Online web application.

For example, a programmer who needs to see a small section of a large document. I would like the document to be opened directly in the given heading.

Is that possible? To a headline? A bookmark?

sharepoint online – column for the content type shared by the libraries. Meta is missing when the document is transferred

I'm sorry if that's a bit lengthy.

So I have two document libraries. ON "Drop Off" (Not the one from the Content Organizer Site feature, just a library called "Drop Off") and "Relax" Library.

The site has a content type inherited from the content type hub. This content type is then expanded on the site to add an additional lookup column "Employee" This extended content type is then shared by the above libraries.

In that "Drop Off", I insert the metadata, I.E. the "Employee" col, and when that's done, I have one 2013 workflow that moves the document to the "Relax" Library.

Well, on other sites this works fine, no problem. On this one site, all other metadata in the entire library is stable, but the Employees field is not displayed.

If I manually move the file back to the directory Drop offIf the data is there, I move it back to Relax, it is missing again. Almost as if they were two separate columns. However, I do not believe that this is the case because when you bring the site settings columns in parallel, the Employee column indicates that it is part of the content type shared between the libraries.

Has anyone ever seen that? Advice? Ask?

Thank you in advance!

Workflow – extract document names and save them in separate document library columns

I was asked to extract the document name and store it in 4 separate columns in SharePoint. The new documents, which are PDFs, are named as follows: Sam; blacksmith; 123456; Dental

The column names in the list after removing the document name are as follows.

* FName: Sam
* LName: Smith
* Employee number: 123456
* Record type: Dental
Enter image description here
So I created the document library list and added the above 4 columns to the document library. Link 2 shows that a workflow with MS Flow is a possible solution, but the example they deal with contains only a "-" and the documents I'm dealing with have two ";". So I'm not sure how to find the substring expressions they talk about.

Thank you for your help and feedback.

How do I find and replace a document through ASP.NET?

END TARGET: I'm trying to create a webpage with fields where someone can type in details, and add them to a PDF file that the user can download and use. Examples of fields are first name, last name, address, age, etc.

Converting a document to PDF and attaching it to an e-mail is easy enough, as I can use the jsPDF library for that. However, I am trying to find the best way to create the edit text edit boxes. I try to avoid the use of plain text as I do not want to lose format and images. I have converted the documents to HTML. I feel close, but only need one last push to complete the process. This works like searching and replacing on a word or a notepad

Can you please help me with some suggestions to fulfill this specific task?

A Shopify example for this process can be found here:

– NOTE: This is my first post in this forum. I've been reading the rules, but I'm still learning how to best write questions here. Any feedback would help a lot, as this page will be very helpful. Help me to learn and improve my programming!