Usa – Do I need a visa to travel from country to country with a US refugee travel document?

I am planning to go to Canada in 2 months. I am currently asylum seeker and have a refugee travel document issued by the US, but no green card yet. I know that Green Card holders do not need a visa or passport to enter Canada on land. Does this also apply to holders of travel documents? Do I have to apply for a visa or can I simply travel to Canada without a visa?
Almost everything I've seen online is about air travel, but I did not see any of it crossing the country.

sharepoint enterprise – Site There was no connection when reading the PDF document in Embed. Tag another website with one day

I am using SharePoint 2013 and I am having the problem of displaying the PDF document in the embedded tag.

Error displayed:

  1. Connection to SharePoint site in embedding rejected.

  2. The display of & # 39; http: //SITE/HR/EmployeeDoc/Passport.pdf' in a frame was rejected because multiple 'X-Frame Options' headers were set with conflicting values ​​('SAMEORIGIN, Allow-From'). Falling back to deny. IN console log.

Note :

It has been working perfectly for 3 years continuously and I receive this error only from 3 days,

I have changed nothing in the process within the past 5 months, within the SharePoint Master Page OR permission.

Only PDF document is not displayed, images are displayed correctly. and if I access the PDF URL directly in the address bar, there is no problem whatsoever.

Can a buddy suggest me why he refuses, and please state the solution.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.

Manage safety data sheets in the SharePoint document library

I want to manage safety data sheets in the SP document library

  1. IDH (unique number for each material) – The total number of safety data sheets is 200 * 3 + image (200No.)
  2. Supplier 1
  3. Supplier 2
  4. Supplier 3
  5. Suppliers for valid safety data sheet 3 attach (validity period of the safety data sheet is 3 years from date of printing / date of origin) – trigger required if the document ID is out of date.
  6. Photo of the product (master sample photo) – (Must be seen live, not as filename)
  7. Search index with name, IDH or finished name (list of RM will be sent to this FG) – Can be created and updated in a separate list

Can this database be created in SP?

html5 – Write in a multi-line output in Javascript (document opened in the browser)

In Javascript, I try to execute programs in the browser that do number calculations and output multiple lines, but when I execute the command, everything stays in one line. Already tried the & # 39; n & # 39; At the end of each line, try to delete the & # 39; & # 39; insert and concatenate, but the browser output summarizes everything in one line. Would anyone know how to solve this?

Document Library – What is SharePoint's Restricted View privilege level in SharePoint?

When I review the permission levels for my site collection at … / _ layouts / 15 / role.aspx I do not See the permission level "Restricted View" (see below). ... / _ layouts / 15 / role.aspx permission levels

However, if I go to a specific library on the root site and select a listed user (or group), click Edit user permissions I'm going to … / sites / mysite / _layouts / 15 / editprms.aspx. From here I have do See Permission Level "Restricted View". (see below). Enter image description here

I'm trying to copy the library's configurations to another library in another site collection, and I need to use the Restricted View permission level in that other library, but it does not show up in the settings of that other site collection. Other library settings.

Where did it come from? Can I rebuild it manually? Which permissions are granted?

The ultimate goal for me is that I want to create a library and authorize it so that some users can only view documents in the application (using a combination of IRM and these native library permission settings) – I do not want them to be able to do this download it offline or take screenshots or open it in the browser. I like to use a different combination of configurations to achieve this goal. Thanks for any help!

Layout – page thumbnails – right or left side of the document?

Assuming you are working exclusively with Westerners (LTR and not RTL), then the assumption would be that a user first says, "I have to find something to display." You would look at the leftmost side, where position 1 is, and choose among the various options available (thumbnails). Then, if the center content is updated to display the specific file, they would focus their attention there.

The downside to positioning the thumbnails to position 2 is that a western user moves from left to right and is less likely to see the thumbnails at position 2 to the far right. The content of the center will first attract attention. You also have to consider banner blindness. Unfortunately, so many banners have been placed on the right side of websites that many users deliberately ignore the right side of the screen.

If you look at conventions set by web applications such as Evernote, you'll see a similar pattern on the left side, showing notebooks and notes. Subsequently, the majority of the screen (but also the right side of the screen) will be displayed the content / note itself.

Conclusion: Consider the workflow that the user would perform to get to the content that interests him and take that into account with the appropriate positioning. For Westerners, this would be a left-to-right workflow in a single screen.

sharepoint online – Updates the document library column when the document is checked out

I am working on a small project in SharePoint Online (E3). The requirements are as follows.

Whenever a user checks out the document, the document library column "isApproved" should be set to "No".

One possible way is to use Remote event receiver in SharePoint,

Is there any other workaround to accomplish this than me Currently, we have not set up a development environment to create the event receivers for Online.

Thank you very much