List View Threshold – Count the number of documents in an LVWP on a WP page WITHOUT summation

I have a Web Part for the List View of the Document Library (LVWP) on my SPO page.

Because of the threshold of 5,000 items, I had to turn off all counts in the Totals menu in the List View Editor. However, I would like to know how many documents / elements are displayed in the LVWP.

Is there any code or script that can be inserted into a wp script editor to accomplish this?

dnd 5e – Can Magical Tinkering be used to forge documents?

Magical handicrafts. A static visual effect appears on one of the object surfaces. This
Effect can be an image, up to 25 words of text, lines and shapes or
a mix of these elements as you like.

If I had some identification paper, could the class ability be used to replace some of the words and the picture on the paper? Or maybe used to create a "wrong" emblem on the document?

Web application – PDF documents in browser 2020

I have a project where I want to allow a user to view a document (PDF) in their browser by clicking a link or thumbnail of the file. You could download this file. I have just started examining the vulnerabilities associated with PDF files, but here is what I can collect so far:

PDFs can contain executable code that can create exploits or identify other exploits. PDFs are not clear in this regard.

To protect against harmful PDF actions, browsers now open all PDF files in a sandbox. These sand boxes may be safer than local viewers. Browsers that open PDF files in a sandbox:

  • Chrome: yes
  • Firefox: yes
  • Edge:?
  • IE 😕
  • Safari:?

I plan to save the PDF files on the file system outside of Web Root. The metadata of the files are indexed in a database.

Communication takes place via SSL.


  1. Does opening a PDF file in a browser sandbox eliminate risks when viewing PDF in the browser?
  2. Are there more ideal file formats (for security reasons) that can be used for the described use case via PDF?
  3. What types of server-side review can / should I do when viewing a PDF document?

events – documents showing that a Chinese citizen was not in China during the nCoV

My wife is a Chinese citizen from Heilongjiang. She hasn't been in China for almost a year. St. Lucia usually has visa-free access for Chinese citizens. We have been living in England for about 5 years and I am a British citizen.

According to the St. Lucia newspapers (1, 2, 3), St. Lucia has just banned travel for visitors who have visited China in the past 14 days. I have not found any reports that this is true in Chinese citizensOnly non-Saint Lucians who have visited China in the last 14 days and are trying to enter Saint Lucia.

My wife has not visited China in almost a year, but I fear that if we arrive on Saturday, the 8th, she will be denied entry because she is Chinese and has a Chinese passport and paranoia is currently high.

In such cases, what kind of evidence is proposed to confirm claims that she was in England (and therefore not China) during this period? I am trying to:

  1. Get evidence from the human resources department of their work, but I'm not sure we can get it in time.
  2. Use the stamps from your passport to show that she hasn't left the UK (Chinese citizens need a stamp to leave the UK), but I'm not sure if they will accept it or if they will are sure of it.

Are there other documents that could or should be provided in such situations?

en – What documents are required to show that family members are in your home country while traveling on a standard visa?

I am applying for a UK transit visa. One of my parents lives with me and is directly dependent on me. They do not currently have a passport and all of their documents point to an older address in another city we lived in a few years ago. What we are currently using as proof of address is a registration form for a gas connection.

What documents can I submit for my case? Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel for Standard visiting visa in the visa application?

Regarding AppleScript, is it possible to change the Page Layout export option when exporting Numbers documents to PDF?

Some time ago I put together a short AppleScript to export multiple Pages documents to PDF at the same time, and now I want to do the same with Numbers. The basic principle is the same and the script basically only transfers EXCEPT the actual export to the PDF part.

Here is an excerpt:

tell application "Numbers"
    export front document to file exportFile as PDF with properties {image quality:Best}
end tell

This is successful when exporting a PDF file, but the problem I have is that the command above uses the "Fit each sheet to a single page" setting by default, for whatever reason. I would prefer to "use print settings" and export multiple pages for a single large sheet, just like when printing (you know, the useful format).

These options appear next to Image Quality and Password Required to Open in the Export To PDF dialog box, but not as export options in the Numbers Scripting Dictionary. By default, the script command uses a different setting than the dialog box. I was trying to guess / seek what I can do to change the setting automatically, but obviously without such luck.

I hope beyond measure that I can access this setting / property via AppleScript. And hopefully without using SystemEvents. Any ideas?

very much appreciated in advance …

Australia – English test for Australian visas – replacement documents?

I am a Polish citizen and have lived and worked in the UK for 6 years. Right, I work as a health and safety manager / administrator in the shop. Since I can't do my job without communicative English, I wondered if there was another way (besides taking the English test) to prove my English at a communicative level. Perhaps I could present the letter to the company and proof of the accounting scheme?
Thanks for all the answers.

search – OOS added to SharePoint 2019 – Searched documents open, documents not searched

On Premise Sharepoint 2019. When I navigate to a document library and open a file, the document opens as intended in Word Online. Example: https: //fqdn/sites/site/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx? Sourcedoc =% 7BB981B8B9-9561-4887-B569-334C3A45E03D% 7D & file = 2019_Company_Letterhead_Template.docx & action = 1% 7F0B05BIstLetterhead_Template 8F73-F25CA1F36283% 7D & ListItem.

When I search and find the document and try to open it, I get a 404 error (IE) or tries to download it (Chrome). I can see from the link that it is not OOS.

Example: https: //fqdn/sites/site/Shared%20Documents/KB%20-%20Info/Caseware/2019_Company_Letterhead_Template.docx.

Is there a way to fix this? Obviously, we cannot enable this feature if both ways of opening the document don't work.