sharepoint online – Document Library Hosted On Main Site But Shows Documents From Libraries Across Other Sites in Same Collection

I have multiple sites across the same site collection all on the same level. I am trying to have one site where there is a document library that is showing documents from other libraries across the same collection. I have come across a few different possible solutions, but none that I can get to work.

i.e. There is the modern library “Highlighted Content” web part, but when I try to add that web app, it is nowhere to be found in the site app catalog.

I want to know if this is possible through SharePoint OOB functionality, or if I will have to workaround.


I left out a ~somewhat~ crucial part, and that is there is no guaranteed access to SP Designer, which eliminates this solution.

internet explorer – Opening SharePoint Online Documents in IE vs Chrome

So we have a SharePoint Online document library set to open documents in the client applications

When opening the document using Chrome, a copy of the file is downloaded, saved to a local directory and opened using the Client Application. Users are only able to make changes and save the changes to the local copy. All is good with the world.

When opening the document using IE, it is opened using the Client Application but this seems to be connected to the online copy.
enter image description here

Clicking on “Edit Workbook”, we get the connecting to the server error above.

My understanding is that IE is downloading a temporary copy of the file which inherits the permission from the SPO document library. Most users don’t have write access to the library.

The easiest workaround is to just manually save a local copy of the file, ie: File > Save As >…

Question: Is there a setting I can change to force IE to download a copy of the file instead of opening a temporary copy?

It’s been suggested I use:<document url>

but we have 1000s files.

germany – Can I print out my Schengen Visa documents without color?

I cannot read from anywhere that says some specific documents need to be printed with color. I know that the passport copy is quite important but unfortunately I only have access to a monochrome printer. Can/Should I submit all my documents printed in black & white mode?

For detail: I’m applying for a German Schengen Visa from an Asian country.

visas – Do I need updated documents to show at border control due to delayed trip?

My trip to UK was planned from Sep6-Sep30, 2021. I expected my tourist visa to come before that but visa got delayed by 2 weeks. I submitted Employment Leave Letter and Invitation Letter in support of my visa application.

My updated trip is now from Sep 29-Oct18 2021. I am now confused if I should get a new Employment Leave letter from my employer and new Invitation letter as I have read that immigration officers checks all the documents to determine if you would leave the country after the trip.

Has anyone been in this situation before? How did you justify the old documents at Border control if asked.

c# – Looking for way to store, get, partially update few relatively small JSON documents which has different unique types

I have an app with many individualistic features which behavior is controlled by settings.
Let’s say these are a few utility services with the following settings that are historically stored in separate JSON files.
Property values can be bools, integers, doubles, and also some complex types such as lists of JSON objects:

LightningSettings: {
  "featureVisibleInUI": true,
  "masterSwitchEnabled": true, 
  "sectionAOn": true,
  "sectionBOn": false,   
  "dimmerValue": 0.61,
  "alertRecipients" : ("", "")
  "routineRecipients" : ("", ...) (~0...1k recipents)     

HeatingSettings: {
  "featureVisibleInUI": true,
  "autoMode": true,   
  "turnOffValue": 22,   
  "maxPowerAllowed": 0.6,
  "alertRecipients" : null

VentilationSettings: {
"featureVisibleInUI": false,
"developmentMode": "true",
"autoMode": true
"humidityTreshlod": 0.75,
"cO2ppmTreshold": 1300

Settings are managed through WebformsUI by users to allow control of the service execution flow.
In the past, there was a separate web form for every feature setting manipulation. File content was deserialized to model and fed to asp-net MVC web form. Adding new settings was quick, by just adding new properties to the ViewModel/dtomodel and Html. Optimistic concurrency control was used to reject file overwrites if the file was updated by someone else.
Now things are quite changed.
Recently Admin UI panel was introduced with control switches for featureVisibleInUI. So to render UI form, all setting files should be to show the state for all switches. Updating it also is pain. Should fetch file again change prop and save back + check file version if there was not any other write between.

So independent file approach is not serious anymore, because a mix from many files(Projection) is required to render the required UI form.
Looks like every setting entity can be stored as independent in some kind of DB.
For example in azure table storage: Partition key = FeatureID , Rowkey= propertyName
then value + additional service fields if necessary. In this approach, problems could cause complex types such as lists that can exceed the 64 kb cell limit.
Another challenge is to construct LightningSettings or HeatingSettings objects from individual table entities.

Another approach could be to use some NoSQL DB and store each feature settings as a document, then it would be easier to store complex types, and constructing back to the required object can be simpler.
Just looking for a solution for a way to store these types in a better way than a many separate files to be able to get all required settings by one request from db instead of making a parallel request to read a many files.

paperwork – Layovers in Italy and Ireland, are documents required?

I need to know what if any documents are mandatory when your layovers are in Italy and Ireland as a us citizen, but you wont be leaving the airport. My husband has a flight from morocco to the us, but has layovers in both Pisa Italy and Dublin Ireland, I booked it through, they are giving me lists of documents that have to be filed, but the documents want info on where he will be staying in that country but he wont so I’m confused as to whether he needs to fill them out and how since he has no destination address

mongodb – insert multiple documents in a single query with only 1 field distinct | MONGO

I want to insert multiple documents in a collection, but the difference in each one of them is only one field. The documents schema looks something like this:

"_id": {
        "variant": "A",
        "abc": "def",
       "pqr": "mno",

in the above, only the "_id.variant" field is distinct in each of the documents to be inserted. Is there any way I can insert it with a single query for variants ranging from "A", "B", "C", "D" ... "Z".?

workflow – Send email to users with expired documents

I want to be able to send email to each user which has expired documents and be able to know when the expiry date email was sent. The item contains worker name, their expiry date, and the heading of ‘Expiry Date Send Date’ which is empty right now and few other headings.

I looked around the internet and all I could find was to be able to send email to one address rather then to each of the user with the expiry document.