Without dodging or distracting to an obscure, unrelated answer … why does the left and just about the left not want the wall?

Q: Without dodging or distracting an obscure, unrelated answer … why does not the left and just the left want the wall?

A: Here are some logical ways a wall can be defeated:
1) Illegals are often stowed in trucks that cross the border.
2) boats. Pacific entrance, entrance through the Gulf of Mexico.
3) modern machines. Cutting torch, carriage hammer. Explosives There are a number of destructive devices that could break a wall of any kind. The drug cartels will do their utmost to move their product and have the resources to invest as they see fit.
A temporary range is still a break.
The "War on Drugs" took 50 years? Did it work?
Where there is a will, there's a way.
The most expensive walls would be effective, yes. But only to a degree.
Rely on the $ 50 billion BEST wall, not an inferior, badly built wall of $ 5 billion … without "cost overruns," graft, and sheer theft sanctioned by this government.