grub2 – Why won’t GRUB see any partitions other than Boot? Can’t mount an ISO image and menuentry doesn’t work

sudo grub-install -V
grub-install (GRUB) 2.04-1ubuntu26.7

Ubuntu Release 20.04.1 LTS

from the grub > ls will display drives but only the contents of the boot partition. No other partitions are recognized.
Needless to say, my menuentries for the /etc/grub.d/40_custom files go Nowhere.

This worked before in Ubuntu Release 18.04 I’m trying to get back there as the application I need to run is not supported by this release. Can I install the older GRUB version?

SharePoint 2019 – Why doesn’t the People WebPart import all of the information in AD?

I am currently using SharePoint 2019 and I have synced all of my users from AD into our SharePoint environment. When I add the Peoples Webpart on a new page for testing purposes and then add one of our users to it, only the email and the mobile phone are displayed when hovering over each profile. I would like to figure out why it doesn’t display properties like department or their desk phone number. Is there something I have missed during the syncing process? All of this information is in AD and when I edit the profile in SharePoint.

Olivelli 283 MF/Kyocera FS1028 printer doesn’t work

I’m a total noob with Linux and I’m trying to use my "d-copia 283 MF" Olivetti printer that is a rebranded Kyocera FS 1028 MFP FS 1028 MFPDP connected via Ethernet cable.
I can see the printer seems to be recognised and installed but is not working.
If I try to print the test page it doesn’t start same as if I’m trying to print something out.
I’ve tried to install the olivetti official .PPD files but is not working at all.
Any advice?

Thank you

Big Sur Safari doesn’t update passwords in iCloud Keychain

[Update] This is intermittent . Sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t.

Safari will not update the password in iCloud Keychain or create a new date stamped edition of the password even though it reports that it is saved.

I have to delete the current password in the Keychain first, to have the new password saved otherwise next time I log in, the old version of the password is used.

This appears to be the case with all devices sharing the iCloud Keychain: Mac, iPad, iPhone although editing the keychain only possible in macOS

  • macOS Big Sur 11.1
  • iPadOS and iOS latest
  • I am logged into my Apple ID
  • I have selected to use Keychain on iCloud as I have done for several OS versions

2d – Bounce with 2 contacts point doesn’t work without some trick

Sorry in advance for my bad level in english :/

I have the same issue as the one on this topic :

2D physics engine: Impulse based collision response with contact point manifold

I must separate linear and angular impulse resolution, else I don’t have bounce with 2 contacts point. I don’t understand why because I am using the same way like Matter.js

public void SolveVelocity(Pair _pair)
            if (!_pair.tk_isActive)

            Vector3 rpA_;
            Vector3 rpB_;
            //Normal Impulse
            float linearImpulse_X;
            float linearImpulse_Y;
            float angularImpulse_X;
            float angularImpulse_Y;
            //tangent Impulse
            float tangentLinearImpulse_X = 0;
            float tangentLinearImpulse_Y = 0;
            float tangentAngularImpulse_X = 0;
            float tangentAngularImpulse_Y = 0;
            Vector3 tangent;
            Vector3 _normal = _pair.tk_normal;

            int _count = _pair.tk_count;
            float J_Scalar;
            float JT_Scalar;

            float _miA = _pair.tk_bodyA.massI_;
            float _miB = _pair.tk_bodyB.massI_;
            float _iA = _pair.tk_bodyA.inertiaI_;
            float _iB = _pair.tk_bodyB.inertiaI_;
            float rv;
            float _uS = (float)Math.Sqrt(_pair.tk_bodyA.uS_ * _pair.tk_bodyA.uS_ + _pair.tk_bodyB.uS_ * _pair.tk_bodyB.uS_);
            float _uC = (_pair.tk_bodyA.uC_ * _pair.tk_bodyA.uC_ + _pair.tk_bodyB.uC_ * _pair.tk_bodyB.uC_)/2.0f;
            float _elasticity = (_pair.tk_bodyA.tk_elasticity + _pair.tk_bodyB.tk_elasticity) / 2.0f;

            Vector3 _positionA = _pair.tk_bodyA.position_;
            Vector3 _positionB = _pair.tk_bodyB.position_;

            Vector3 _velocityA = _pair.tk_bodyA.velocity_;
            float _omegaA = _pair.tk_bodyA.omega_;

            Vector3 _velocityB = _pair.tk_bodyB.velocity_;
            float _omegaB = _pair.tk_bodyB.omega_;       

            for (int c = 0; c < _count; c++)
                rpA_ = _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_position - _positionA;
                rpB_ = _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_position - _positionB;
                Vector3 _relativeVelocity = (_velocityB + new Vector3(rpB_.Y * -_omegaB, rpB_.X * _omegaB, 0)) -
                                            (_velocityA + new Vector3(rpA_.Y * -_omegaA, rpA_.X * _omegaA, 0));

                float _countInv = 1.0f / (_count);
                float _relativeNormalVelocity = _relativeVelocity.X * _normal.X + _relativeVelocity.Y * _normal.Y;
                rv = _relativeNormalVelocity;

                #region Normal

                J_Scalar = (1 + _elasticity) * _relativeNormalVelocity;// * _count*_count
                float crossNA = (rpA_.X * _normal.Y) - (rpA_.Y * _normal.X);
                float crossNB = (rpB_.X * _normal.Y) - (rpB_.Y * _normal.X);
                float _crossASqr = crossNA * crossNA * _iA;
                float _crossBSqr = crossNB * crossNB * _iB;

                float invSum = _miA + _miB + _crossASqr + _crossBSqr;
                float invShareSum = _countInv / invSum;
                float J = J_Scalar * invShareSum;

                if(rv > 0)
                    _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse = 0;
                    var contactNormalImpulse = _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse;
                    _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse = _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse + J;
                    if (_pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse < 0)
                        _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse = 0;
                    J = _pair.tk_contacts(c).tk_normalImpulse - contactNormalImpulse;

               /* if(contactNormalImpulse !=0)
                    int i = 0;
                    J += i;

                linearImpulse_X = (J) * _normal.X;
                linearImpulse_Y = (J) * _normal.Y;
                angularImpulse_X = (J) * _normal.X;
                angularImpulse_Y = (J) * _normal.Y; 


                #region Impulse
                //if (rv > 0)
                    Vector2 totalImpulseLinear = new Vector2(linearImpulse_X, linearImpulse_Y) + 0 * new Vector2(tangentLinearImpulse_X, tangentLinearImpulse_Y);
                    Vector2 totalImpulseAngular = new Vector2(angularImpulse_X, angularImpulse_Y) + 0 * new Vector2(tangentAngularImpulse_X, tangentAngularImpulse_Y);

                    if (!(_pair.tk_bodyA.is_Sleeping || _pair.tk_bodyA.Is_Static))

                        _pair.tk_bodyA.oldPosition_.X -= totalImpulseLinear.X * _miA;
                        _pair.tk_bodyA.oldPosition_.Y -= totalImpulseLinear.Y * _miA;
                        _pair.tk_bodyA.oldTheta_ -= (rpA_.X * totalImpulseAngular.Y - rpA_.Y * totalImpulseAngular.X) * _iA;
                    if (!(_pair.tk_bodyB.is_Sleeping || _pair.tk_bodyB.Is_Static))
                        _pair.tk_bodyB.oldPosition_.X += totalImpulseLinear.X * _miB;
                        _pair.tk_bodyB.oldPosition_.Y += totalImpulseLinear.Y * _miB;
                        _pair.tk_bodyB.oldTheta_ += (rpB_.X * totalImpulseAngular.Y - rpB_.Y * totalImpulseAngular.X) * _iB;



Thx in advance for your advise

screen – Factory reset Huawei mate 20lite doesn´t work

I have a Huawei mate 20 lite, ago a time a switch the screen for a generic screen, actually the new generic screen works fine I never get an error with the touch, the problem is that ago a time I forgot my pin code and I remember that I can use it by Factory reset and then put my google account and use my phone, then when I enter to factory reset the phone request to me touch yes and then my screen don´t works
I try use a OTG and Keyboard, but it fails, any suggestion was very helpul at this moment.

2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar (A1706) Doesn’t Boot When Battery is Plugged In

First time posting here so I’m sorry if I mess anything up.

I have a 2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ that refuses to charge or boot when the battery is connected (It will boot when plugged into the charger and even with the battery data cable plugged in, just not when the battery power is connected). With it booted (battery disconnected) everything works normal. The computer is not receiving power when the battery is connected (no haptic feedback on trackpad, lights, fans, etc.).

Opening up the computer and giving it a visual inspection shows no physical damage, corrosion or water damage on either side of the logic board. On one of the USB-C ports I noticed what looked like a little bit of corrosion so I cleaned it off.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Different charger cable/block (OEM)
  2. New battery (OEM)
  3. Reset SMC
    This one is a little weird. When I try to reset the SMC, per Apple’s instructions (T1 with non-removable battery-I leave the battery plugged in and charger connected) the computer refuses to boot unless I disconnect the battery. So I’m not sure if it’s actually resetting or not.

MacOS says battery – “Service Recommended”, the diagnostic (Hold R while booting) shows no problems- Reference Code:APD000 (it used to give a Service Battery before I put the new battery in), and I’ve attached a screenshot of CoconutBattery.

If anybody has any ideas of what else to check or to try that would be huge help. If there’s any other info. that you need me to provide that I didn’t please let me know. Thank you!

CoconutBattery with replacement battery installed

App doesn’t show on emulator playstore

  1. I’ve installed the SDK + emulator with both Android 11 and 8 images (separate AVDs).

The app that I’m interested in running isn’t showing in the playstore but it shows just fine on my physical phone:
bank app (shortened link by shortURL extension)

How is it possible for it not to show on emulator playstore?.

  1. I’ve downloaded the apk from apk-pure and sideloaded into the emulator. The app starts (flash screen) and then crashes. Any way to decipher why?.


unity – Save Script Doesn’t Save Item Variables

I’ve been working on an RPG videogame, and I have been trying to implement a Save button into my game, which is supposed to save the player’s itemAmount variable, which is in another script, called ItemInformation. I retrieve the itemAmount variable at Start() by getting the script from the itemHolder GameObject. I plan to use this script in multiple GameObjects, because I use the same variable (itemAmount) with different values in different GameObjects. For some reason, I don’t receive any errors or warnings in the Console. Here is my script to the Saving System:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary;
using System.IO;

public class InventorySave : MonoBehaviour
    // Public variables for inventory and health
    private GameObject itemHolder;
    private ItemInformation myItemAmount;

    // Initiates before the first frame
    void Start()
        // Gets components for the player variables
        itemHolder = transform.gameObject;
        myItemAmount = itemHolder.GetComponent<ItemInformation>();

    // Function that will be called when player saves game from pause menu
    public void SaveGame()
        // Creates file to store variables
        BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter();
        FileStream file = File.Create(Application.persistentDataPath + "/SaveData.dat");
        SaveData data = new SaveData();

        // Gets the player data
        data.itemSave = myItemAmount.itemAmount;

        // Writes player data to file and encrypts it
        bf.Serialize(file, data);

// Holds data that is to be saved
class SaveData
    // Variables for save file
    public int itemSave;