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Create 50 unique domain blog comments with DA 50 Plus

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Domain & Hosting Order Form Software with finished website

domainCart is a PHP shopping cart for the sale of domain and web hosting services. Checking domain availability, searching for whois, adding domain and hosting services to the shopping cart and completing the order are controlled from one page.

It comes with open source and fully customizable, free HTML5 web hosting templates. The template can be used alone (eg with any hosting billing script) or domainCart can easily be integrated into another template.

scripting features

• Supports mobile response. It can be integrated into any web page layout by adding some PHP code.
• Works with over 700 domain extensions.
• Supports IDN (Internationalized Domain Name).
• Determines the availability of the domain.
• ability whois search.
• Easy to include only the domain extensions you want to sell and support.
• Allowed registration periods and prices for each domain extension.
• Supports domain transfer.
• Option to select a hosting package for each domain name.
• Providing a free or discounted domain for hosting (minimum required hosting fee can be specified).
• Buying a hosting with a domain can be made mandatory.
• A minimum order value can be set to add a product to the shopping cart.
• Built-in support for 2checkout, Paypal, Skrill, Nochex, E-Gold, Worldpay Futurepay, Ideal (ING, Rabo, ABN AMRO), Paymate, CDGCommerce,, Payza, OKPAY, Cashu, DIXIPAY, OneCard, CCAvenue, PayFast , Stripe, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, PayU Latam, Webmoney and manual processing. It can also be integrated into another payment gateway than this one.
• Supports monthly recurring billing with Paypal, Worldpay Futurepay, CDGCommerce and Payza.
• Sends an e-mail to buyers and sellers with order details at checkout (supports SMTP authentication).
• Supports taxes.
• Supports any currency symbols or names. You can define right and left currency symbols and currency codes (for standard and each payment gateway separately).
• Support for multiple currencies. Supports automatic and manual currency exchange. The default currency can be automatically converted into the currency of the payment gateway. It receives exchange rates from the daily rates of the European Central Bank. Alternatively, you can manually set the exchange rates for each payment gateway. All prices and currencies appear as a payment gateway in the order digest emails.
• Uses a language file for easy translation.
• Custom fields for the order form.
• Custom e-mail messages.
• Block orders from specific email addresses.
• Supports sending SMS alerts to sellers and buyers upon receipt of order ( account required).
• Supports advanced multiple coupons. You can define any number of coupon codes that offer different discounts for domain, hosting first and recurring payments.
• Supports Google's reCAPTCHA v3.
• Excellent documentation and more ..


Only PHP 7+ is needed. It works on all servers (Linux, Windows etc.), no matter if Shared / Reseller or Dedicated.

demo (without original) | demo (with integrated template)

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(domainCart v5.40 Owned License (Contains the free Responsive HTML5 web hosting template) is just $ 10 for a limited time. It is a one-time fee and can be used forever under any domain without any need for an extension,

2016 – App Catalog Site for SPFx Web Parts Only – Do We Need to Set Up the Shadow App Domain?

As a follow-up to this question:

Because we can not use local site collection app catalogs in SP 2016 and need to use a centralized farm-wide app catalog site, many instructions for setting up the DNS must be configured to have a shadow app domain, because in the old app model, the "apps" were actually websites for themselves, but they were running in a different domain than the "normal" SharePoint main sites.

However, we will not develop "apps" in the old app model just We're going to develop SPFx Web Parts and just need the App Catalog as the mechanism to deploy these Web Parts.

Since the web parts are (presumably) running on SharePoint sites in "normal" SharePoint sites that reside in the "normal" main SharePoint domain, do we need to configure DNS to even set up the shadow domain?

I will create 50 unique PR backlinks on DA30plus websites for $ 4

I will create 50 unique PR backlinks on DA30plus sites

I will create 50 unique PR backlinks on DA30plus sites

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Private registration for .org and .info domain in godaddy not possible

I have a domain name with 4 domains ending in .com .net .org and .info.

I had private registration for the .com domain for years and recently added it to the .net domain. However, when I try to add them for .info or .org, I always get redirected to the settings page when I click on "Add protection". , I even tried to extend the domains and add a private registry with the extension, but when I tried to pay, I got an error message saying something about a misconfiguration. Private registrations have been removed, and there was only the option to extend the domains option to renew and add protection, only to renew.

Godaddy can not add private registry for .org and .info domains?

Domain Driven Design – Identify the limited context in Task Management

I'm currently trying out DDD with a sample Application "Task Management System". This does not apply to a specific domain, but is a generic application that can be used in any domain.

  • The main concept of task management is "task". It can contain several subtasks.
  • The task can have a specific duration and be assigned to different roles or users.
  • Each subtask can be assigned to different roles or users
  • Task can be submitted for approval for other users or roles
  • Once approved, tasks and subtasks are available for execution

Based on the above knowledge, I introduced myself to three limited contexts.

a] Task & subtasks – core domain

b] Approval Process – Supporting Domain

c] Roles, Users, Authorization – User Domain

Roles, users in a generic domain have a different meaning in the task domain.
For example, a user in the user domain is referred to as the creator / approver / person responsible in the task domain. Similarly, roles in the user domain are referred to as Responsible / Approving Roles.

Data related to the list of users, roles are assigned by an external system, and authentication is also performed by an external system. The list of users and roles is used to create, assign, and approve tasks.

Need clarity on the following points

  • Have I clearly identified limited contexts?
  • Am I correct in separating the users and roles in a different context, even though they are very important for creating tasks?
  • Should the approval process be in a different context? I'm confused about that, as it's actually very important and part of the task management.

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offer 35 backlinks unique domain High DA PA Follow blog comments

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