Changing Domain Names

I'm changing my site domain to something shorter. Any tips on best practices so as not to lose rankings? What happens if I keep both sites for awhile? I assume I wouldn't be able to move my content over, as it would create duplicate content errors. How do I keep my ranking?

Thanks for any advice!

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\machinename cannot open network share while \ipaddress work in cross domain

We have established a two-way trusted domain environment. All servers are Windows Server 2019. In there is shared drive. In, we tried to browse with \server1 it prompt for access denied. But it works for \ or \IPaddress.

On server2, “ping server1” resolve to correct IP. The result is same as “ping”.

We checked conditional forwarder is setup on both domain’s DNS already.

What could be the issue and how to troubleshoot?

Adding Server 2019 Member server to Server 2008 R2 Domain

I’ve upgraded one of our servers from 2008 R2 to 2019. I rejoined the new 2019 server into our domain that is a 2008 R2 Domain Controller.

However, it seems GPOs are not being applied correctly to the 2019 Server.

Test: I logged into one of my other 2008 R2 Servers and the policies are applied correctly. ie desktop is locked down.

Am I missing something? I saw a post about SMBv1 needing to be enabled to join to domain. I’ve already joined it to the domain without enabling SMBv1 client. We don’t want SMBv1 client.

Thank you!

design patterns – What architectures allow for letting users author custom domain logic?

Are there any prescribed patterns or systems for allowing a user to create custom domain logic? Consider the following scenario

An application exists that allows users to run complex calculations on the applications datasets(these calculations would be the domain logic). The owners of the application are a team of mechanical engineers, they want to update the available calculations often and frequently.

This specific problem is one im facing at work, but the problem feels generic enough that I wondered if there’s a common solution. For what its worth our current intended solution is to have the mechanical engineers write the calculations in vb using raw sql and handing us a dll to redeploy. So literally anything is better.

sso – Cookie set from a server to a client with different domain(via XHR), but not recognized by Client domain

I have three domains but the same code base (Domain X, Domain Y, Domain Z) and
Accounts website A

If a user tries to sign in accounts from domain X, I wanted to SSO in the other two domains (Browser Scenario: third party cookies blocked).

I tried the following approach,

  1. Go to Accounts from Domain X
  2. Sign In
  3. Get the required authentication token info and posts an XHR request to Domain Y to create a cookie.

When I check the request in Network, the required cookie is set in the response cookies, but when I open Domain Y separately the cookie is not present in the Application Cookies.

Can anyone please tell why the created cookie via XHR request is not accessible by the main domain? Kindly help.