naming – How to name a domain concept when experts use different terms?

If domain experts use different terms consistently, there is a chance that there might be a subtle difference between two closely related concepts. Your narrative suggests that your two applications could be in two different bounded contexts. Each should have its DDD model that uses the term of the relevant domain experts.

Hypothetical example: one expert may refer to “items” in a shopping basket, whereas another expert may call them “products” in the inventory. At first sight they refer to the same concept, but in different contexts. But looking more closely will also reveal some subtle differences in the information managed: a catalogue item may have a commercial name and a sales price, whereas the product in stock may have a technical name, a storage location, a dangerous product category, and perhaps a cost (buying price, different from selling price).

Context mapping deals with relations between domains and related concepts across the boundaries of bounded contexts. Different strategies are possible. For example:

  • The domain experts may agree on using the same terms for overlapping concepts. The common terms make a shared kernel (this is frequently done in ERPs).
  • Every domain could loyally keep its own term that expresses its own reality, and some anti-corruption layer could be used to relate concepts in a way that allows independent evolution on both sides.

Be aware that the converse situation is trickier: when closely related concepts in different bounded context share the same name. This can be very confusing, because sometimes the domain experts themselves might be mislead to think they are speaking about the same concept and cannot agree on its definition.

mvc – Do Domain Objects Have To Be Persisted?

Does a domain object have to be persisted, or does this violate some convention about domain objects?

For example, let’s say I’m using an object called AuthenticationState to represent authentication state in the application. This object has a boolean field isLoggedIn. I want to force the user to re-login each time so when I start the application again, I just create a new instance of the model with isLoggedIn set to false, instead of attempting to load one from local device/browser storage.

I feel like I may be overthinking things, but every example I’ve found online always has its domain objects use some sort of persistence. Is using domain objects in this way still acceptable?

active directory – Demoted domain controller still in Domain Controllers OU and AD Sites & Services

I did all of the below while logged in as the domain administrator.

I had two AD sites, each with it’s own domain controller. The “backup” domain controller was over a site-to-site VPN, all traffic allowed, and was the ONLY server in that AD site/subnet. Realizing it was pointless to have this domain controller all by itself on it’s own subnet over a site-to-site VPN, I spun up a 3rd domain controller in the same site/subnet as the original domain controller.

I left it for a few days to let all three sync up — made sure repadmin /showrepl and repadmin /replsummary all showed SUCCESSFUL results. Yay! Before demoting the server that’s all by itself (in the AD site/subnet on the other end of the site-to-site VPN), I made sure ALL other domain-joined member server’s DNS were pointing to the original DC, and my newly created 3rd DC, and also made sure the original DC was holding ALL FSMO roles (it was). So at this point I have 3 DC’s, all GC’s.

I first demoted the server that’s all by itself in the remote AD site (I did check the “Force the removal of this domain controller” checkbox), rebooted, then re-ran the add/remove roles a second time to REMOVE the ADDS Role, and rebooted. After seeing the “SUCCESSFULLY DEMOTED” prompt (screenshot below), I thought all was well. Then I removed the member server from the domain and rebooted. I even checked the servers had the necessary firewall ports open for proper AD communication prior to the demotion and removal of ADDS role:

  • TCP 53 (DNS)
  • TCP 88 (Kerberos Key Distribution Center)
  • TCP 135 (Remote Procedure Call)
  • TCP 139 (NetBIOS Session Service)
  • TCP 389 (LDAP)
  • TCP 445 (SMB, Net Logon)
  • TCP 464 (Kerberos Password)
  • TCP 3268 (Global Catalog)
  • TCP 49152 – 65535 (Randomly Allocated High Ports)
  • UDP 53 (DNS)
  • UDP 88 (Kerberos)
  • UDP 123 (NTP)
  • UDP 389 (LDAP)
  • UDP 445
  • UDP 464

Because it was “SUCCESSFULLY DEMOTED”, I expected to not see this demoted/ADDS-role-removed/dejoined-from-domain server in the Domain Controllers OU, or in AD Sites & Services, yet there it is. It even has the NTDS settings there surprisingly — most threads I read only the server is still there but with NO NTDS settings under it.

Thoughts anyone? Please provide relevant LINKS to assist with your comments. Many thanks!!

APOLOGIES if this question isn’t formatted property. I almost tore my hair out trying to figure all the formatting out and just gave up!!!!

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domain name system – Can NS records contain IPV6 addresses?

I have some local domains, and I want them to be accessible over ipv6 only. I’m using unbound.

local-zone: "" redirect
local-data: " 2562000 IN NS 2607:XXXX:XXXX:XXX::XXX"
local-zone: "" redirect
local-data: " 2562000 IN NS 2607:XXXX:XXXX:XXX::XXX"
local-data: " 2562000 IN AAAA 2607:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX::XXX"

But I can’t find for sure, if you are allowed to have IPV6 addresses as NS records, as pretty much every one I find in the internet uses domains…

co.combinatorics – Happy ants never leave compact domain?

I am curious if the following seemingly simple question has an easy answer?

Consider an ant population of $N$ ants that lives in $mathbb R^2$. Each ant can be considered to be a disk or radius $1.$ Ants like to be close to their peers but also not too close. The optimal distance between the center of two ants is $5^{2/3}$. So given two coordinates of centers of ants $x_i,x_j in mathbb R^2$. Their happiness $H$ is $H(x_i,x_j):=-vert vert x_i-x_j vert^{3/2} -5 vert.$ Distances $vert x_i-x_jvert le 1$ are not allowed since ants cannot be on top of each other.

Now consider the total happiness $H_N:=sum_{i<j} H(x_i,x_j).$ The question is the following:

Consider any maximiser $x=(x_1,..,x_N)$ of happiness $H_N.$ Can we show that any optimizer is always contained in a ball $B(y(x),rsqrt{N})$ where $r$ is a universal positive constant independent of $N$ and the maximiser and $y$ is allowed to depend on $x$. That means, all $x_i$ of the optimizer are in $B(y(x),rsqrt{N}).$

The conjecture of $B(y(x),rsqrt{N})$ is due to the fact that order $N$ lattice particles would fit into a ball of radius $B(y(x),rsqrt{N}).$

The question sounds almost like a school problem, but I just cannot exclude weird configurations.

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