reverse proxy – How to resolve single word domains to different IP:port combinations on local network?

I want to set up a local DNS server on my home network (like Pi-Hole or AdGuard) but add my own entries such that typing just home directs to my home assistant instance, plex directs to my plex instance, etc.

The problem I am foreseeing is that DNS can only resolve a name to an IP address, not IP:Port combo; and a bunch of my services run from the same machine (same IP). So when I type home it will go to which is the right IP but I need to give nginx the right context to know which port to reverse-proxy to. Right now nginx is configured to redirect to the right port (and likewise for, etc)

How do I configure the nginx reverse proxy to match on single word domains? Do i have to add an entirely different entry or can I do something to match on ( OR home) in my nginx config?

Alternatively, do DNS have to resolve to an IP address? Or can i somehow configure pi-hole/AdGuard to resolve home to, which is then hairpinned back to my own network and routed by the reverse proxy?

I asked this question on (reddit) and was told to use Caddy and SRV Records, but I am extremely confused how that helps me resolve single word DNS calls like home to the right IP + port.

This is (possibly) complicated by the fact that I want to do this for many words that resolve to the same IP but different ports. i.e., plex should be, etc.

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vps – Path of all domain’s emails accounts in shared hosting websites

My all Five(5) domains previously runs on a Shared Hosting Account using cPanel along-with a Primary Domain and other Four(4) domains as Secondary Domains on it.
This Shared Account used for Web Server, DNS Server as well Mail Server too.
I have recently migrated my hosting account from Shared to another VPS server and I have converted a secondary domain ( into full website i.e. now it’s not a child domain.
Now my secondary domain becomes Primary Domain on that VPS using CyberPanel but my email accounts associated with the domain can’t shows under ListEmail Accounts in my CyberPanel Hosting Control Panel.
So, I need to find out all email accounts associated with and manually transfer all that within it (
Now how can I find the correct emails directory of all domains; Is all emails are in a single directory or in different dir’s.
I need to extract all emails account of a particular secondary domain like

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web – How to securely transfer cookies between two domains?

Let’s say you have a website which is being decommissioned and redirected to

Your users have a cookie on which contains some authentication token for the backend services (e.g. You want the redirect on to also transfer this token to a cookie on

Without asking the user to reauthenticate, what is the best way to securely transfer this?

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java – How to get domain’s MX, TXT, DNS record in android?

I have a project for my app and I have to fetch any domain’s DNS records. MX, TXT etc.. But I couldn’t find any solution for it. I tired this issues but doesn’t work.

How do I retrieve multiple TXT records from DNS with Java?

Get complete zone records from DNS, DNSJava doesn’t return all records

DNSJava library is not working for Oreo and above. Any solution for that?

Thanks all.

ra.rings and algebras – Is the standard proof that Euclidean Domains are PIDs false?

In the books “Modern Algebra and it’s Applications” and “A First Course in Abstract Algebra”, the same proof that Euclidean Domains are PIDs is given. I will state it below (ver Batum from “A First Course in Abstract Algebra”) for convenience:

Let $D$ be a Euclidean domain with a Euclidean valuation $v$, and let $N$ be an ideal of $D$. If $N={0}$, then $N=left<0right>$ and $N$ is principal. Suppose that $N neq 0$. Then there exists $bneq0$ in N. Let us chose $b$ such that $v(b)$ is minimal among all $v(n)$ for $nin N$. We claim that $N=left<bright>$. Let $ain N$. Then by Condition 1 for a Euclidean domain, there exist $q$ and $r$ in $D$ such that
where either $r=0$ or $v(r)<v(b)$. Now, $r=a-bq$ and $a,bin N$, so that $rin N$, since $N$ is an ideal. Thus $v(r)<v(b)$ is impossible by our choice of $b$. Hence, $r=0$, so $a=bq$. Since $a$ was any element of $N$, we see that $N=left<bright>$.

My issue is, at the beginning of this proof it is assumed that there is some $b$ such that $v(b)$ is minimal among all $v(n)$, which is not necessarily true. For example, we can take $R$ to be the complex numbers under standard multiplication with a classic Euclidean norm of $v(a+bi)=a^2+b^2$. $R$ its self is obviously an ideal of $R$, but it does NOT have a minimal element in terms of valuation since one can pick numbers arbitrarily close to $0$.

Am I wrong? This proof is at its core based on this assumption, and so if it is not true the entire proof breaks. I feel like I must be misunderstanding this since this is a very important theorem and this is the proof given in almost every standard textbook.

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