❕NEWS – 500 BTC Donation Fund From Two World Famous Names | Proxies-free

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said she and her famous rapper Jay-Z gave 500 Bitcoins to create a new donation fund. She wrote that the new fund, called the Blind trust, is ready to fund Bitcoin development, initially focusing on teams in Africa and India.
What do you think about this donation fund?

Android game – in app purchase “Donation”

I have read that is not allowed to insert a button “Donate” that brings the user to another 3rd payment website (like paypal).

What about an “in-app purchase” where the user doesn’t get anything from his purchase because is a donation? Just like a “Buy me a coffee” button and then the transaction is made by the google play system and the user pay for example 1$ but don’t get anything back from that. Can I do that?

Best practice for Anonymous Donation forms?

I’d avoid Captcha until you’ve exhausted other options. In order to be successful in matching a CC #/name pattern the baddies much be doing thousands of attempts against your server. As mentioned before the first line of defense should be to identify suspicious behavior patterns and block those.

In particular, if you get more than, say, 5 attempts at form completion within 30 seconds from the same IP, you could remove the form and put a message like “It seems like you’re having problems making a donation. Our apologies. We’re happy to accept your donation over the phone at __“. Friendly message in case there’s actually a legit person that falls in this bucket, but presents a dead-end to the baddies.

Another idea related to form completion time — split the form into multiple pages (contact info on one, CC info on another perhaps). Block anyone that fills the initial page in within milliseconds when they go to the next page.

And as I mentioned in a comment on the original question — the best solution may be to outsource the credit card gateway to one of the many companies out there. I’ve worked for small non-profits before and even the most responsible developers likely don’t have the bandwidth to keep up on every possible security concern. The transaction costs of using a vendor are a concern, but shifting the burden of protecting against fraud can free the organization to focus on bigger issues.

Does Arduino download page require a donation? (Or maybe it doesn’t?)

Running FireFox 83.0 64-bit on Ubuntu 20.04 and Gnome version 3.36.3

I was attempting to download the free Arduino programming environment and it seemed to be requiring me to donate (see first image).

requires donation

I searched around and saw another link (which ended up being the same one) and the download page loaded in my browser in a second tab and now I see the extra button.

doesn't require donation

This is very odd. How can the same page in the same browser give me two different UX?

Now that I’ve captured them both, I will close both and return to the URL and see what happens.

❕NEWS – Youtubers are now using Crypto as a donation method | Proxies-free

is that now with the cryptocurrency subject many people and foundations are starting to receive their donations in cryptocurrencies. I have made some donations through the MintMe platform, this platform has served me wwell. Now i will start a entrepreneurship and monetize it. if someone wants to know more, they can inquire about this platform

Discussion Time Pictionary Contest – Win Amazon Vouchers/Charity Donation | Forum Promotion

Discussion Time is running a competition whereby you earn points by answering pictionary images correctly. The points are recorded in this scoreboard. Members can win gold points (forum currency) and Amazon vouchers/Charity Donation

The pictionary games are as follows:

Guess The Song
Guess The Movie
Guess The Phrase/Saying


10 points* – 100 Gold Points**
20 points* – £5 Amazon Voucher (or your country’s equivalent)
30 points* – £10 Amazon Voucher (or your country’s equivalent)

*accumulated over all or any single game.
**Gold points can be used towards various items on the forum; Gold Points Information


Once you reach 10 points you can choose to either continue on for higher rewards or claim your prize and reset your score. Same for 20 points.

Once a pictionary image has been correctly guessed I will update the scoreboard and post a new pictionary image in the relevant topic.

Max one amazon voucher per user per month.

To participate you must have at least 10 non forum games posts.

If you win any of the Amazon Vouchers you can forgo the voucher and have the monetary value donated to a charity of your choice (though charity must not use animals i.e. No charities that fund vivisection).


embed – Why does my custom html code (for a donation form) appear in a preview but not in the published post?

I have tried to add the following code using a ‘Custom html’ block (to embed a GiveNow donation form). It shows as a preview on the page however when I attempt to view it on the live website, it is not visible:

<div style="padding:1px;max-width: 700px"><iframe class="gn-iframe" src="https://www.givenow.com.au/embed/Y2F1c2VpZD04MTImZG9tYWluPWxpZmUtZ2F0ZS5vcmcmdG9rZW49ODEyOjZhMGFhNmQyYzZiZTM2ZTk%3D" height="870" style="width: 100%" frameborder="0"></iframe></div>

I have read through other help responses to similar issues but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance, Lauryn

Need an Illusion module In wordpress donation Website

I hope all of you are fine.

I am making a donation website in WordPress.

There will be a charity account creation that has 4 different amounts in cents. Users will create their account and donate to that charity. It will be recurring based.

For charity creation, I am using woo commerce along with the WCFM marketplace plugin which allows us to use the stripe split payment and create a charity profile submission from the front end.

What I exactly need is the amount is in cents as the daily purpose and it will be monthly basis donation. (Like amount is 25 cents daily but a donation is a monthly basis so it becomes $7.50 which will be deducted when user donate on that charity). But my goal is to show illusion like donor is donating on a daily basis. It will be shown on the donor account.

this is the website http://tervisdesign.com/purecents/ which is currently under development.

what I have done right now. I have complete the charity profile system and donor account system.

For recurring, I am using woo commerce subscription plugin which allows me to set the monthly recurring.

Just stuck in creating the illusion.

Please anyone can help me out to achieve this task to show an illusion in donor account that he is paying on a daily basis but actually monthly donation is deducted from his card.

Let me know if you need further information from me.