magento2 – Don’t Sort by Name when have Mysql Search Engine Magento 2.4.1

I installed the Weltpixel AjaxLayeredNavigation extension and with the Swissup extension of Mysql Legacy Search Engine, having both activated when I want to sort by name gives me the following SQL error: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘nameasc’ in ‘order clause’

If someone has gone through a similar error please it would be of great help.

microsoft remote desktop blank screen when host PC’s (win10) monitor is off or not connected. Also LAN connections don’t work

as per title, everytime I try to connect using the android, iOS clients (official MS ones), it always shows an unresponsive black screen when the host PC’s monitor is off or disconnected. All my power settings are OK (no sleep, no hibernation, no auto turning off network card to save power etc etc). I’m really at a loss as it doesn’t give any error messages.

Another strange issue I’m having is all local network connections don’t work. It fails to connection everytime saying the PC can not be found regardless if I use IP address or PC name. I’ve disabled windows firewall too. Works fine over the internet though?

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!

HTTP polling vs WebSocket for very small payloads that don’t change often

In our team we are currently discussing which technology makes more sense for an upcoming feature – HTTP polling vs WebSocket.

To give some context:

  • We are developing a TV streaming application (server and mobile clients).
  • We currently have about 60 TV channels.
  • On some channels we need to prohibit the user from seeking within/across ads.
  • For this, the mobile client needs to know where ads are in the current program – let’s say that a given program contains at most 10 ads and the client only needs to know the start and end timestamp of each ad, no additional info.
  • The information where the ads occur in a stream is pushed to one of our services directly from the TV companies. The information may arrive “just in time”, so we need to update the clients quite frequently to make sure they have current data.
  • We already have a WebSocket connection in place to track viewer numbers for each channel, i.e. the WebSocket service already knows which user is watching which channel.

So, I think this leaves us with two main solutions:

1.) The client “polls” the server every few seconds to ask for an updated list of ads for the current channel. As the data is minimal (60 channels x 10 ads for the current program x 2 timestamps per ad) it should be easy to keep in memory, maybe using memcached or the like. Since the data will only change every few minutes in practice, if we use HTTP caching (ETag), most responses would actually be empty.

2.) The service receiving the ads from the TV companies pushes them to the WebSocket service which in turn forwards them to all users that are currently watching the affected channel.

I am one of the client developers and as such I have a strong preference for HTTP polling. It fits into the app architecture a lot easier, parsing the responses is trivial and error handling methods are already in place. To use the WebSocket, I would have to change more app code, parsing all different kinds of messages coming out of a single WebSocket is a bit messier and there is practically no error handling.

I also would have thought that putting the current data into memcached or the like would be trivial – and preferable to having to push stuff around between services, but I am being told that the server load would be too much to handle. At the moment I think we rarely have more than about 10 000 concurrent users, but let’s be optimistic and hope for 100 000 within a year.

Given all this, which solution makes more sense?

I hope I have described the situation in just enough details to allow for a proper evaluation!

Thanks a lot for any advice!

macos – Web Content radio buttons don’t switch in Screen Time Family

As my daughter grows, I wanted to change the settings of Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content, from Allowed Websites Only to Limit Adult Websites.

But radio buttons don’t seem to work. It asks for the PIN, but after changing, two buttons are selected. It is the same on the child’s and parent’s device.

Screen Time settings

I tried turning off ST, and restarting, and turning on again, but it looks like it gets back to Allowed Websites Only mode.

Is there a way to reset that without signing off iCloud?

PS: Also submitted with Feedback Assistant under FB9071145.

uploads – WordPress dont show up videos at IOS devices

Attached videos don’t show up at IOS devices.
It will show just download link like this:

At destkop and android phones, video will show just fine, but at ios it will like like this:

I have test this at default wordpress theme, and couple websites, but situation is same…


sharepoint enterprise – Infopath hanging on “Sending data to the server” even though data was sent. but workflows don’t begin

My InfoPath form had been working fine but suddenly any new entries after submit hang on “Sending data to the server”.
Oddly enough the new data is written BUT the workflows that should begin now do not.
The other clue is that I can still start the approval workflow manually but when I try to approve, after clicking “approve” now it would just be stuck on “Working on it – please wait while your task is updated.”

And lastly when I try to manually approve it through “workflows” on the browser, I get

Sorry, something went wrong 
This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited.

I have scoured the web for answers, I have tried everything from clearing the browser cache to swapping over a “larger” copy of Core.js and nothing.

I could sure use some good karma back my way. I have a day trying to get this to work.

blockchain – In case of private data collections how can the nodes that don’t have complete access to the transactions know about the world state?

Hyperledger Fabric offers the ability to create private data collections, which allow a defined subset of organizations on a channel the ability to endorse, commit, or query private data without having to create a separate channel.
In that case, how can the nodes that don’t have complete access to the transactions know about the world state?
Will the world state differ between the organization that has and doesn’t have the access to the private data?

notation – Why are binary numbers sometimes written one or more leading zeros that don’t change the number (quantity) represented?

notation – Why are binary numbers sometimes written one or more leading zeros that don’t change the number (quantity) represented? – Computer Science Stack Exchange

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