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Well, I will not be able to continue to use Win 7, which is roughly the case, but "give it a try" at hundreds of dollars is a small risk.
To obtain such a license, you must already be an MS partner (I am not) or a total of 5 things like 4x Microsoft Identity Manager – 1 User CAL – Open Business … and THEN I can buy on of these licenses at ~ $ 295.
Hoop jumping is something I despise, especially with the MS's preference to pull on the carpet next time.
Oh, and I would pay the full price for every new version. Cool.

Punishing users who do not need or want to inflate everything is not particularly appealing.

I do not like them very much these days.

The Windows 10 licenses, including the Pro SKUs, are available through virtually all retail channels if you are a single user.

Microsoft Business Licensing generally works with an annual fee for the desktop scooter. So you pay the price when a new version comes out or not – as far as I remember (this may change), but there will be no Windows 11. Windows 10 is developing similar to Ubuntu with two major updates a year.

I do not sell Microsoft, personally I use Ubuntu, but Windows 10 is developing well, including the newly announced WSL2, the new GPU-accelerated DotNet5 terminal (to end the silly versioning and core mess).

Perhaps of interest: The late major updates for May2019 include changes in the Start menu and offer the ability to remove almost all silly bloated apps. It is not much different than W7 at this time.

Downgrade to Windows 7 | Web Hosting Talk


I recently bought a Lenovo desktop that came with Windows 10. Obviously, this one has a digital license.

Can I still download Windows 7? This is where the digital licensing question comes into play? There is no product key on the device.

I have a Windows 7 ISO that I downloaded from Digital River a few years ago. Normally, I would simply format the drive, install Windows 7, the key, and then the desktop drivers – done!


Many Thanks.

Aa Union Capital Investment Solutions & Products – Local Currency Government (lc) – Downgrade of Thailand for Underperformance

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Local currency government bonds (LC) – Thailand downgrading to underperformance
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We continue to favor local currency bonds in emerging markets and Asia, with the real yield differential to developed markets at a high level. We expect inflation to remain favorable in most emerging markets, and the fundamental undervaluation of emerging market currencies supports this view. In Asia, we expect Thailand to underperform. Thai LC government bond yields are low relative to emerging markets and are expected to gradually decline alongside US Treasuries.

Hard currency (HC) government bonds are underperforming the Philippines

We also remain positive on EM-HC bonds as they offer attractive spreads for government bonds that outweigh the potential value of their government bonds. Emerging market growth appears to be bottoming out, and Chinese economic momentum is likely to keep this picture on track for the coming quarters. In Asia, we have underperformed the Philippines due to the long duration duration of US government bonds, given the high duration. In addition, the carry is low compared to the EM benchmark. We also moved China into a neutral position as we expect the return on higher yields to outstrip declining idiosyncratic risks and a stable USD.

Asia FX: The USD stumbles

The combination of more cautious expectations of US interest rates and falling crude prices led to a decline in USD / Asian exchange rates last month. However, we are cautious to expect an expanded move at the same pace, as market expectations for US rates may have already passed and the oil price is likely to continue to rise.

Asian currency against the USD deficit currencies recovered on lower oil prices

However, it should be noted that the global growth situation – and thus the policy of the Fed – is still evolving and is very likely to remain very dynamic. As a result, our expectations regarding USD / Asian exchange rates will need to be reassessed fairly frequently over the next few months.

INR and IDR benefit from lower oil

In USD / IDR and USD / INR, both the interest rate environment and the oil price helped lower our 3M targets (to 14,000 and 71.0 respectively) and the INR was not neutral as before. Parliamentary elections are expected to take place in Indonesia and India – April 2019 and April – May 2019, respectively – but the risk of political uncertainty currently seems to be higher in India. Apart from politiAAUC, it seems likely that Bank Indonesia will be a little less gloomy than the Reserve Bank of India. The former should also be less aggressive on the dollar, as Indonesia is increasing its reserves relative to short-term foreign debt.

Trade agreement between the US and China is more likely

Otherwise, trade talks between the US and China seem to have gone quite well, and market volatility in the US seems to increase pressure on both sides to come to an agreement. Surely the process will continue to dwindle, but it seems to be going in the right direction, at least. USD / CNY has already fallen below the earlier signs of convergence, and we see no further downtrend, as the current level is in line with what is needed to negate the existing tariff regime, which is expected to be suspended – in the new agreement. USD / CNY is also likely to be supported by China's commitments to reduce bilateral trade imbalances and expansionary fiscal and monetary policies. We see the couple in 6 and 6 months respectively at 6.85 and 7.00.

Important information:

This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro market commentary; (ii) contains no statements or advice regarding certain marketable securities or financial products; and (iii) does not consider your personal circumstances and should not be treated as a form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated services.

How to Downgrade Magento Enterprise 2.x to the Community Edition

My website uses Magento EE 2.1.8. I would like to downgrade to Magento CE 2.1.8. I have not found any steps. I have just found many articles for Magento 1.
I see that there are two ways to downgrade, either deleting some company files and db tables from the company setup, or installing a new CE setup and migrating extensions and data. Help please?

samsung – How can I downgrade from U3 to U1 "oreo to nougat"?

How can I downgrade from U3 to U1?

The short answer is that you can not. the u # is the bootloader version. The boot loader is protected by rollback backups:

Rollback prevention (RP)

Rollback Prevention prevents the device from loading or blinking an approved, but old version of
Boot components. Old software versions may contain known vulnerabilities
Attackers can exploit. The rollback protection checks the version of the bootloader and the kernel
at both booting and updating, and prevents these processes from continuing if there are any versions
unacceptably old. The lowest acceptable version of the bootloader is stored in secure hardware
saves if the device is flashed and the lowest acceptable version of the kernel is stored
Bootloader itself. An update applied by the manufacturer can use the lowest accepted version
be increased in the backups. Since this value is kept in backups, it can not even be decremented
through physical manipulation.
Rollback prevention fuses are discontinued at the Samsung factory at the time of manufacture to prevent the clock from getting old
Firmware versions by overwriting newer versions.

This is from the technical notes of Samsung, but it is a PDF download.

Playing back in stocks also does not help, as this is a problem with Samsung Knox securities. It most likely ends with a fatal error like:


Mixing and reconciling original firmware files may be possible, but it increases the risk of burning your device. If you try, I would make sure you have multiple devices or multiple success stories. Likewise Check to see if a workaround was found that was not patched or if you have the firmware version it works for,

There may be an exploit to work around this, although I've never seen your device downgraded from oreo to nougat.

Another option could be a custom ROM downgrade to the desired version of Android that does not downgrade the bootloader.

Online Storage – Can I delete some songs to downgrade them to Free Mega?

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macbook – How can I downgrade my operating system from High Sierra to Mavericks?

Here's my issue: I recently purchased a used 15 "Mid 2010 MacBook Pro, I installed my CS6 Master Collection license on it, and about a month later, I encountered technical issues with Audition, I have Adobe and the" help " I received the latest version of the software, claiming that they can not guarantee compatibility with my operating system, and instead decided to downgrade to an earlier operating system, and I ran the boot installation process through the Apple Care Terminal It took about an hour to complete, but the agent had to finish the conversation before the end of the process, but gave me instructions on how to complete the process, and I came to the point where I was asked which one to select. I chose that USB drive and came across the sign "Forbidden." I repeated the process and repeated the process oh I unlocked the usb drive and unchecked "ignore ownership" (read in a forum). and I came across the same issue and then read that Another problem could be the operating system in which the installer was created. To fix this, I did a factory reset, but here's the kicker: If at the time of reinstalling the Factory operating system, you are actually upgrading to High Sierra, unlike the one that came with the MacBook. Sierra was already running, and now I can only install High Sierra and stop using Sierra. So a) I need help installing the factory OS and b) reinstalling the USB key installation startup so I can downgrade my operating system so I can continue to use my CS6 MC. I really need help with that and any help would be very grateful.