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javascript – como disponibilizar mais de um arquivo para download com apenas um botão em HTML

Gostaria de saber se em HTML é possível fazer download de mais de um arquivo (foto no caso) estou usando o botão do bootstrap e fiz o seguinte código :

<a class="btn btn-primary" href="images/cant3.png" download="cant3.png" ; >Baixe nosso Cardápio Físico</a>

mas eu gostaria que ao clicar fosse feito o download de 2 imagens, alguém pode me ajudar??

windows 10 – How to hide Chrome download bar

My project are not allow the download bar auto popup, so I try to search Google. Many results are shown using the Chrome Extensions, but I don’t want to use Chrome Extensions to solve the problem. Also, users are using Chrome version 77-84 now.

According the
How to disable Google Chrome download bar?, some people suggested chrome://flags, but this method cannot use now.

So, any ideas can disable Chrome download bar (e.g. Group Policy, registry)? Thank you.

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aws – Letting users to download data from my Django app

I want to provide a way for my users to download their data, which are stored in S3, through my app. Should I provide them with a public url followed by a key random key, as in this example?


It could be possible for an attacker to brute-force the url, so can I use the TokenGenerator from the Django app to generate the ‘xyz123’ suffix?

Another alternative is to let users download files directly from my app, but this will place some strain on my app.

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