Can anyone deny that Trump acted ethically when evading the draft?

Millions of us used loopholes to avoid drafts. Bill Clinton went further than most others: "In the fall of 1969, Clinton entered the draft, but was given a high number (311) and was never called on to serve. Clinton, however, made every effort to bypass the draft before entering came up with the draft.

Initially, Bill Clinton received postponement for training in Georgetown and Oxford (where he helped organize anti-war demonstrations). Second, Clinton attempted to bypass the draft for four years by enrolling the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), but never joined. Clinton had signed up for the ROTC in the hope of avoiding military service for four years, but wanted a future in politics, had a change of heart, and joined the draft.

In December 1969, safe from the design with its high lottery number, Clinton changed his mind about joining the ROTC program and wrote a letter to the director of the ROTC program exposing the extent of his rejection of the war. The letter was leaked to ABC News by the Pentagon in early 1992 and fueled criticism of Clinton's character candidates.

Later in the 1992 campaign, it became known that Clinton's uncle had attempted to get Bill Clinton a contract as a Navy Reserve during the Vietnam War. Clinton said he didn't know about this on September 3, 1992, but admitted a day later that a former design member had informed him about his uncle's attempt a few months ago.

Plugins – How to Remove "All, Publish, Draft and Expired" in the Event Dashboard

I was looking for ways to completely remove the All, Publish, Draft, and Expired events for users other than Me, Administrator.

So the scenario for me is: I have registered users. When you log in to my website and access the event area (WP Event Manager), I want you to not see these links (All, Published, Draft and Expired).

I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

python 3.x – I'm trying to make a draft to delete items from a list. The data that are deleted are determined by the input ()

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objects = ("1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6")

customer_ choice = input ("SELECT ITEMS OR ENTER END TO NOT SELECT
NONE: ")
if customer_ choice.isdigit ():
customer_ choice = int (customer_ choice)

if customer_ choice == "end":
print ("END!")

if customer_ choice in objects:
del (objects (customer_ choice))

Printing (objects)
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If Trump publishes a new draft war he just started, which country should I flee to?

I seriously doubt that the draft will come back. The "All Volunteer Army" enables the government to shovel billions of dollars into rich contractors who reject a percentage as political sponsorship.

But if the design came back, Canada would welcome American boys, as was the case in the 1970s. At that time Justin's father, Pierre Trudeau, was prime minister, and he actually announced that American boys who wanted to escape the draft would be welcome.

I actually thought about it (I was a design age at the time). I got a college postponement, so I didn't have to escape the draft. During that time I happened to be driving to Vancouver and in the middle of a huge mall I saw a school bus painted in bright colors with a large sign saying "Get Your Landed Immigrant Status Here". I could have gotten Landed Immigrant status just because I was asked (I guess that's about a green card here). In fact, today I sometimes think about how my life would have changed if I had moved BC. Canada is a great country to live in! (If you can endure the winter).

Microsoft Excel – Draft student surveillance sheet

I want to create an Excel watch sheet to track my students' progress.
It should look something like this:

Student tracking tool

  1. In this example, I would be interested in checking the performance of each student in one of these exercises for their reading skills in English. For example, if Marine has achieved a score of 5/8 (p.24 ex 1), it should look like this, but also with a color change (see point 2).
  2. However, I am also interested in the color that actually changes when the student reaches half or more (the cell turns green when it reaches 4/8 or more). alternatively, the cell turns red if it gets less than that (3/8, f.e.)

I have the template from here (XLS file).
I was wondering how I can change the settings to get the result I want.

Draft to group undo steps when editing text

Certainly. There are several reasons why you should choose another.

For example, if my input requires a large number of characters that are case-insensitive, or the predefined rules are not strictly adhered to, I may be using a time-based step to undo the boundary.

When entering uppercase and lowercase letters, I can definitely take a different path than the one mentioned above. The undo type I would use now may depend on a few other factors, how long each word is, how much attention to detail I really need, etc.

It would be completely dependent on the general use of what the inputs are for.

Draft to group undo steps to edit text

Some undo editors for text editors handle typing differently.

  • Each keystroke is a single undo step.
  • Undone steps use word boundaries
    Undoing undoes any word entered.
  • Undone steps use timer-based boundaries
    If you exit N milliseconds, an undo step is added.
  • Undoing steps adds boundaries to all N characters entered.

Given these different undo methods for text input, are there strong reasons to choose one of these methods over another?

What do you think of the draft law of democratic Georgia banning vasectomies?

I suspect this bill was introduced by a woman or women determined to point out the absurdity of laws on reproductive rights. I would be happy to meet her or her because they metaphorically hit the nail on the head.

The anti-choice people use Onan's fate as a justification, but according to the story, God punished Onan for "spilling his seed on the ground" instead of impregnating his wife's sister. Obviously, although God forbade the threesome between sister and sister, God wanted Onan to impor- te the young woman.

There, however, the evangelicals collapse. God struck Onan for failing to impregnate, but he did not do anything with his sister. Therefore, it seems that sin is not with the woman, but with the man, and that the crime against God was ejaculation. Obviously, it is the responsibility of the man to ejaculate only one active womb, and this legislation is based on the Mosaic law.

Does it also suggest banning masturbation? To be consistent with biblical literacy, this should be so. Perhaps they are trying to lead people to virtue in short, easy-to-understand steps.

Damn, that's funny! Bravo, or maybe I should say "Brava!" to the legislative comedian who came up with that. Ridicule!

Save php post as draft if taxonomy term is not selected

I have a custom post type with Metabox that contains form and some taxonomies in a page area. By default, taxonomies are check boxes, and at least one term of each taxonomy must be selected, otherwise the item is saved as a draft.

I have solved it, but I do not know if this is the right way to do it. Could you please give advice?

When I click Publish, the save_post function is executed. I get all the data, validate and save it in the DB. Under these data, I have no access to taxonomies from the page area only on Metabox form fields. In order to store everything in the database, in the same function I access all the taxonomies and terms associated with this post and check if a taxonomy is empty, if so, update the post status for the draft. And that works, but is that the right way?

Even if I edit a post about "Quick Editing", this does not work anymore. Why?