HELP Recover Draft Text Message

I have a Galaxy J7 Star.

I was recently hospitalized and needed to write important information but didn’t have anything to write on.

I chose a random contact and started to write the information as a text message and never sent it because it was Not for that person.

When I left the window, a message appeared “message saved as draft”; later I chose the same contact to add an important link and it appeared in the window but the previous draft messages disappeared!!

Please, I need to recover that important information and cannot find any folder where my draft was supposed to be saved

Your help is appreciated!

plugins – Can’t delete Draft Post

I am new to wordpress and was happily blogging along when I ran into a weird issue. I tried uploading a gif into the draft and the editor crashed. I refreshed the browser and then found that I couldn’t access all posts or the drafts of posts from my post dashboard.

Where you would expect to see the table of posts I see this error, and the drafts table doesn’t populate at all despite showing one draft:enter image description here

You’ll notice the posts I created after the error no problem, but the posts from before the error aren’t shown.

I tried following the guides I could online to fix the issue, and I figured out that when I disable all my plugins I can see it in the drafts:
enter image description here

However, when I try to ‘trash’ the draft, it gives me a critical error.

Please let me know if there is any additional troubleshooting information that you need to help, otherwise thank you for your time and attention.

How to indicate draft status in a CMS

I am using a content management system (CMS) to add, edit, and publish pages.

Question: If I create a page or make changes to an existing page, and save as a draft without publishing, then return to that page, how can I indicate that the page is a draft, or already live/published?

One obvious indicator would be if a Discard button exists – it means that it’s a draft – but I am looking for an additional indicator. I don’t know how it should look, or where to put it.

It would be great if answers could fit the below design.

Also if you have any additional remarks or corrections about UI/UX, please comment.

Edit Content page with Publish and Discard buttons

cms – How to indicate draft status

I have CMS (content management system) where I can add new or edit existing pages with some content in it and then publish.

Question: If I create page or made changes on existing page and leave it (saved to draft) without publishing and then returned to that page how to indicate if this page is draft or already live/published version.

One obvious indicator is if discard button exists it means that it’s draft but I want some additional indicator, I don’t know how it should look like or where to put it.

I have existing UI and will be great if answers fit to design.

Also if you have any additional remarks or corrections about UI/UX please comment.

enter image description here

amazon web services – Using the “draft” feature of a GitHub PR to stop AWS CodeBuild from building on a PR change

I’ve set up a CD pipeline from Github to ECS for a non-profit I’m working for. The AWS CodeBuild starts every time a PR is opened, changed, or merged. Sometimes, however, PRs are opened but marked as drafts. In such cases, it’s unnecessary to start builds. Is there a way to set up CodeBuild as to not build when a PR is in draft mode? I know that the webhook POST data that Github sends contains a key draft: boolean, but I can’t figure out how to use it in CodeBuild. Any hints would be highly appreciated!

azure – How to implement timing-mechanism for fantasy draft process utilizing ASP.NET Core 3.1 SignalR

I have developed a Fantasy Draft system utilizing ASP.NET Core SignalR, along with Azure’s SignalR service (for backplane/scaling stuff).

Last year I utilized a poor-mans’ javascript version that just polled the database every 5 seconds to check for new “picks” in the draft, or any changes that may have happened in the draft room.

I realized pretty quickly, that version didn’t scale very well, hence my conversion to SignalR.

So, the version I use relies on the commissioner of the group to be IN the draft room for the entire duration of the draft. This is necessary because it’s the commissioner’s connection on the client-side (via javascript intervals) that the “timer-expired auto-pick” fires. As well as when the draft completes, there’s a “finalize draft” process that needs to execute.

Surprisingly, I finally had my first instance of where a commissioner left the draft room while it was still going on (I was a member of the group, but NOT the commissioner). Because he left the draft room briefly, and it just so happened that a user timed-out on their pick at the same time, we saw the “current pick timer” go all the to -20 seconds (negative 20).

After that, the commissioner left the draft room right before it completed, therefore that “finalize draft” process never got executed.

My original attempt at trying to fix that last issue was to develop an Azure Function (triggered via timer) to check every X seconds if A) there are any picks assigned to a user that have surpassed their timer and B) check if the draft has completed, and it HASN’T been “finalized”.

This would fix both of those scenarios, with a simple Azure Function running in the background…hopefully not tieing up too many resources.

But my question is, is that approach a workable approach, to have a “background process” watching the timers?

Is there a better process to orchestrate the timer mechanism for a draft/bidding process? Are there possibly more issues that will rear-their-head that I’m not thinking of if I continue down the path of the background process/Azure Function timer to handle these timer-expired events?

How long has it taken for BIP-Taproot to go from draft specification to activation?

The idea of using the leaves of a Merkle tree to store alternative Bitcoin scripts dates back to Russell O’Connor in 2012. The idea of using Schnorr signatures instead of ECDSA has been discussed for at least as long. So you could say that what we will collectively call BIP-Taproot (BIP 340, BIP 341 and BIP 342) has been in the making for over eight years at this point.

However, there have been different iterations of how to apply these ideas and what we now consider BIP-Taproot was first proposed on the Bitcoin dev mailing list by Greg Maxwell in January 2018.

The draft of the Schnorr BIP (what became BIP 340) was first sent to the Bitcoin dev mailing list in July 2018.

The draft of the Taproot BIP and the Tapscript BIP (what became BIP 341 and BIP 342) were sent to the Bitcoin dev mailing list in May 2019. The BIPs were all allocated BIP numbers in January 2020.

Jonas Nick laid out the full timeline of BIP-Taproot progress here.

At the time of writing (December 2020) the Taproot PR has been merged into the Bitcoin Core repository but there has been no Bitcoin Core release with activation parameters set and hence Taproot is not currently activated on the Bitcoin blockchain.