Health – Is it safe to drink tap water in Istanbul?

I live in Izmir and have traveled to Istanbul many times. Tap water throughout Turkey, including major cities, is a godsend. It is not guaranteed kill You, but generally it does not taste that good and drinking is always considered a bad idea. Most cities try to treat it as safe, but that does not make it good water.

The local custom is to drink bottled water. Water is always available on the street, and for the home, 20-liter water jugs are usually delivered within minutes of ordering for 3-6 lira. Keep these bottles ready for drinking.

In most places you can cook / wash with tap water, but if your location tastes particularly bad, you may even prefer to cook with bottled water.

To edit: Water supply systems in big cities are not monolithic, there is usually no right answer. In Izmir, the water in my house is drinkable, but in an office I am often in such a rank that we do not even use it for dishes or for washing hands.

Istanbul, in particular, spans two continents, You should ask people in your district about water quality and generally do what they do. If your hosts wash the vegetables with tap water, it's probably fine. It's always nice to play it one step later than the locals travel, but if they do not say it, be sure to stop!

Food and Drink – Vegetarian dishes in Russian trains (European part)

NoVegetarian meals in long-distance trains can definitely not be expected in Russia. In fact, even the menu is misleading, as it is usually only a very limited selection of dishes indeed available every train.

Note that the selection of fresh and hot food at the train stations is also very limited and the choice of vegetarian food is even greater. Also like fictitious vegetarian staple foods piroshki Cabbage can contain lard.

You will not go hungry because you can always buy vegetarian-packed snacks (potato chips, peanuts, etc.), but I urge you to bring enough staple food to feed you until your next stop. Hot water is always available.

You can find my little review on food options in the Trans-Siberian region last year: