Why does the law assume that women are unable to drink alcohol and keep their sense, but that drunk men are in control?

Yes, that's ridiculous.

If a man wants to drive after drinking, he cannot use drinking as an excuse for his actions, but is rather blamed for it.

If a woman wants to have sex after drinking, the opposite is the case. She is not responsible for her decision, but the man is responsible, even if he had just as much to drink.

dnd 5e – Would the aroma of prestidigitation mask a food / drink that would otherwise be inedible?

Based on this other question about the aroma of swamp water and highly related to this question about the "limits" of the aroma.

It has been bypassed a bit, but can magical "aroma" mask something that the body normally rejects when it tries to consume it?

A clear example would be poisons. Many toxins are recognized by the human body as bitter and spit out. Could a poison be flavored so much that the body accepts it? This in no way neutralizes the poison, it is still poison.

Can the aroma of something override the natural gag reflexes?

dnd 5e – Do features like Timeless Body eliminate the need to eat / drink during a long break to eliminate levels of fatigue?

I like the answer from Smart_TJ (and rated it positively), but I think it is equally valid to rule the opposite way.

On this matter, Timeless body just say that

(…) You no longer need food or water

This statement is not limited to a specific category of needs (it does not mean that you no longer need food or water) for the purpose of food alone"). It is plausible to say that the correct interpretation of this statement is:" You no longer need food or water for every purpose".

From this perspective, the exhaustion rule would be assessed as follows:

  • You have at least one level of exhaustion
  • You take a long break to reduce your fatigue by one
  • To do this, you would normally have to eat some food and
  • Timeless body explicitly eliminates the need for food and water for every purpose
  • Therefore, there is a requirement to include food and drinks
    not operational
  • As a result, you can eliminate fatigue simply by taking one
    long pause, as there are no other restrictions or requirements beyond the long pause itself

This works with two of the most common heuristics to resolve rule ambiguities: things that do what they say (no need for food), and certain general beats (while most need food and drink) with a character Timeless body specifically not).

Food and Drink – Can I take a 330 g can of Fois Gras Poitiers with Ryanair in my 10 kg carry-on?

As mentioned in the answers to the question "food in hand luggage" Canned food is not usually allowed because there is liquid in the can. Even canned tuna in oil was rejected.

If you want, you can try to take it with you, but be prepared to fly without it.

I put it in the same drawer as the phone and the liquids, clearly visible.

Food and Drink – Order a pot of tea in Australia and ask for an extra cup

When ordering a pot tea in the Australia Is it okay to ask for two cups in a café? A pot of tea is usually served with just a cup.

I like to drink tea, but I drink only one cup and I've found that a pot of tea usually holds 2 to 3 cups, and especially when traveling with someone, it's cheaper to order a pot of tea.

I ask this because I received different reactions:

  • Some waitresses frown or face when I ask for another cup.
  • In a cafe, the waitresses asked if I wanted another cup.
  • Once a waitress said, "I can bring you a cup, but this teapot is for one person only." In fact, the pot had enough tea for two cups.
  • After the waitresses asked for a cup, they did not bring one or forgot it.

Usually I get the first reaction.

Health – Is it safe to drink tap water in Istanbul?

I live in Izmir and have traveled to Istanbul many times. Tap water throughout Turkey, including major cities, is a godsend. It is not guaranteed kill You, but generally it does not taste that good and drinking is always considered a bad idea. Most cities try to treat it as safe, but that does not make it good water.

The local custom is to drink bottled water. Water is always available on the street, and for the home, 20-liter water jugs are usually delivered within minutes of ordering for 3-6 lira. Keep these bottles ready for drinking.

In most places you can cook / wash with tap water, but if your location tastes particularly bad, you may even prefer to cook with bottled water.

To edit: Water supply systems in big cities are not monolithic, there is usually no right answer. In Izmir, the water in my house is drinkable, but in an office I am often in such a rank that we do not even use it for dishes or for washing hands.

Istanbul, in particular, spans two continents, You should ask people in your district about water quality and generally do what they do. If your hosts wash the vegetables with tap water, it's probably fine. It's always nice to play it one step later than the locals travel, but if they do not say it, be sure to stop!