36 TB hard drive, 2x CPU, 16 GB RAM, 1 GBit / s, ONLY 59 USD per month

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Model: HP DL180 G6
Processor: 2x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 (8 cores)
RAM: 16 GB
Hard disk: 12 x 3 TB SATA (36 TB)
Connection: dedicated 1 Gbps
Bandwidth: 10TB per month included, additional bandwidth +20 EUR (23.50USD) for every additional 10TB
IP: 2 x IPv4 Public IP
RAID: hardware
Remote management: IPMI
Location: Amsterdam, Leaseweb Datacenter
Speed ​​test: 1 GB file http://mirror.nl.leaseweb.net/speedtest/1000mb.bin

Price 59 USD per month
Setup fee: 0 if the server was purchased for 1 year, less than 19 USD one time fee

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More information about us:
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Poland: https://www.cba.pl/en (Largest free hosting with premium option in Poland)
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Deleting a file from Lightroom Classic is not deleted from the drive?

I am somehow lost with all these …

I have LightRoom Classic (on my Mac). Cloud synchronization active.

When I delete an image (pressing Remove), it is deleted from the cloud. But I still have a copy of the RAW file on site.

In the end I have less "good" pictures in the cloud, but hundreds of local ones that I'll never use.

I also have the option & # 39; Remove from disk & # 39; seen. But if I screw it up and forget to erase it from the hard drive, I'm stuck with ghosting.

Is there a way to sync this correctly?

Thank you for your help, dear photographers!

Is a 6-hour stay in Munich enough to drive to Connollystraße 21 and be back?

Munich is, as already mentioned, an exceptionally efficient airport. Even if it is really bad, I would not expect that the immigration (for the entry to Munich is a Schengen visa required) takes more than 30 minutes, usually less than ten. In any case, you're in less than an hour, and if you're lucky, it's only 30 minutes (I assume your luggage is checked). It's one hour to Connolly Street with S1 and U3, another to get back. I would plan to return to the airport 90 minutes earlier to ensure safety. I would expect you to have about 1.5 hours on Connolly Street.

To install Linux on a USB flash drive to make the installation compatible with the macOS bootloader

I want to install Linux on a USB flash drive so my Mac can run it from the Start menu.

When I burn a Linux live CD to a USB flash drive, my Mac displays it in the Start menu. However, if I install it on a USB flash drive, the installation does not appear in the Start menu.

This happens according to this article because the EFI partition used by macOS expects the EFI partition to have a different format (HFS +) while using Linux (VFAT). I do not want to use the complicated approach / complicated hacks in this article because I always damage my drive when fiddling with such things. I would like to have a simple solution.

What I've tried is to use the old Master Boot Record installation without an EFI partition; but that did not work. This could be because Grub does some weird things.

Does anyone have experience with this problem or any tips? Maybe there is another boot loader that avoids these problems?

PS: I also know rEFInd, but it has to be installed on my macOS bootloader. I do not like that because Boot Camp sometimes overwrites it and it has a chaotic reinstallation process. Maybe I can install rEFInd on the USB? Does it work?

You must remove media from WhatsApp's Google Drive backup before recovery

My phone has 32 GB of storage space. Every time I reset my phone to remove junk, Whats app restores everything from my Google Drive backup while this behavior is expected. I'd like to change the Google Drive backup to selectively remove unwanted videos, photos, and more.

I tried to selectively delete the media from my phone after recovery. However, backing up to Google Drive will restore the deleted media. The phone is unusable. How do I selectively remove the media from the Google Drive backup? Please help.

Hard Drive – Updated FW, now Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 in Bootloop, only boots setup

After I upgraded and restarted my Mobo on F14, a warning message appeared at boot, prompting me to update the firmware. However, I've been downgraded to F11, and now the mobo does NOT boot media, not even USB drives. When I try to boot it is simply turned off and restarted.
After the restart, it remains stuck in the AORUS logo, A2 is displayed in the debug LEDs and turns off. A2 suggests it's a bootable device problem, but even if I try to boot a USB drive from the boot menu, the computer simply turns off to boot again.

I have already tried it:
CMOS reset via switch, CMOS reset by removing the battery from the PC, disconnecting all drives except my SSD, removing a RAM stick, disconnecting all drives except the hard drive, trying to boot from USB and updating my FW to F14 ,