user expectation – Are drop shadows on screen elements considered good UX, or distracting?

The question could have been on Graphic Design Exchange.But, since you are already here take an answer home.

There are many revolutions that have happened in Design & Digital Industry on how we can make the look and experience better to make a user feel more comfortable with the device they use that invloves a screen.So, in this regard, there was one study that extensively took place and today it a new normal for having Shadows in the UI.

The research was conducted by Google Design team that added much more significant reasoning on having something like shadow. This has a long history and conceptualization involved on why we have shadows. Do take a look at some videos using the links below:

  1. – 6 min video Material Design.
  2. – 3 min video How shadows were added.

These two videos can make you feel more satisfied with the reasoning and you conclude can conclude if it good or bad.

In my opinion : Depending on the purpose, it is a design decision to make.

user expectation – Are drop shadows are screen elements considered good U/X or distracting?

I have a business site with shadows around boxes, give a bit of a 3D look.

Our off-shore U/X folks feel shadows should not be used.

What is the general U/X feel these days? Are shadows around screen elements a distraction? Should we consider slightly thick borders? The 1 pixel plain border makes the boxes look bland on the screen.

I Need a script or a formula to get Logged User Name in Column C When he enter the cell from drop down list Selection in Column D In Google Sheet

I Need the Logged User Name in Column C When he enter the cell from drop down list Selection in Column D In Google Sheet
I have number of users to use one sheet they Have a list of drop down selection in Column D When they fill the column one by one I should get the logged user name in Column C one by one.

In Column D3 D4 and D5 …… if he select the cell value I should get his name in Column C3 C4 and C5 ……
Hope some one will help me out

Thank You in Advance

navigation – Tab selection vs Drop down selection

My first question on this would be: How many tabs do you expect to have within your application?

Using tabbed navigation is not a huge usability issue provided you can display all tabs on the screen. You are utilizing the same mechanic essentially at the bottom of your app with your Dashboard/Timeline/Notifications/Menu/Options.

It is also quite common in a lot of mobile apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, BBC, and even the Google Play store. Especially in the case of BBC News and Google Play which are apps that should be accessible by all users.

enter image description here

If you have more than 4-5 options you can still use tabs, provided you indicate clearly that there is more content available to browse through (e.g see BBC & Google Play example).

A dropdown, of course, would work equally as well, just be aware that tabs are not a component that tends to impact usability greatly (again depending on the content of your app and number of tabs you have).

My recommendation: Use both approaches in prototypes for some quick user testing. Grab an older relative or two and ask them to use your app, see which interaction they prefer best. You might be surprised that they have no issues with tabbed navigation as it is something they encounter quite often.

Now, if you have loads of tabs, then perhaps a dropdown would work best so as not to fatigue the user with horizontal scrolling. But there is one key power feature your app needs when you have a lot of content (and common in the examples above): a search function.

Cannot drop the user because it does not exist or you do not have permission

I am getting this message for some users when executing sp_revokedbaccess procedure for database users. Users I am trying to remove are selected from sys.database_principals with type = S, W or G (sql server or windows users) and are not system users (principal_id > 4). I checked if the user I can’t remove owns any schema and it is not the case. The user is not an orphan user also. I am comparing a user that was removed and a user that gave me this error and can’t find any differences. I do see the user in the database security folder so it does exist and has a corresponding server login (no sid mismatch). Also I am a sysadmin on a server level and should have permissions. I am stock with this last couple days and can’t solve it. I am not a DBA, just a developer and may be there is something else i am missing. Please help.

mysql – DROP a table during ROLLBACK

I had a huge INSERT into a table (about 1B rows). I had to interrupt the query, and it is now rolling back ~200M rows INSERTed. By my estimate, the rollback takes 20-30 days.

I will DROP the table after ROLLBACK.

I read a possible solution is to DROP table and innodb_force_recovery=3, but I am reluctant to go to recovery mode.

Is there a safe way to speed up ROLLBACK when the whole table is not needed and can be DROPed?

The reason behind IPv6 adoption rate dramatical drop in China according to Google measurements?

Google has an IPv6 measurement page that reports that their numbers report on the percentage of users that access Google over IPv6.

According to the report by Jan 2020 0.3% of users in China used IPv6 to access Google

However, looking at this metric in dynamic we see the substantial drop starting from June 2019.
enter image description here

I failed to find any solid news that may cause such behavior. I have two hypotheses in mind.

  1. Also as it is a percentage metric, they can adjust their calculation on the total internet penetration rate in China.
  2. Previously open discussions between netizens took place on Google Plus groups. In April 2019,
    Google shut down Google Plus. Technical discussions continue on
    Chinese-language blogs, forums, and groups. For obvious reasons,
    discussions must be hosted outside China, and posters must register under pseudonyms. So probably that caused the shift from Google services but I hardly believe that it may cause such plummet.

coq – What can we have in exchange if we drop subtyping from definition of Calculus of Inductive Constructions?

If we remove subtyping ( from CIC we will lose some expressive power. But is that power necessary for a programming language?

If we demand programmer to write e.g. Type(1) and Type(2) to mean respectively type and kind, that won’t be anything novel in software engineering.

Can we get something in exchange? For example relaxed requirement on strict positivity of inductive types (without creating inconsistency in the language)?

We should get at least simpler term equivalence check where problem of η-reduction ( doesn’t exist.

Is there some research on this topic? How does it compare to e.g. inductive types from NuPrl (

javascript – react-select multi-select to show results outside the drop down

i’m building a simple multi-select option using react-select (windowed version), I have customised styling (DropDownIndicator component), maximised selection-option (Menu component) and used custom-filter. my current implementation includes:

    placeholder="Choose prescribed drugs"
    options={selected.length >= MAX_PRESCRIBED ? selected : drugsList}
    components={{ Menu, DropdownIndicator }}

with state: const (selected, setSelected) and data drugsList, customerDrugs

with defaultValues which checks for values on selected,

with styling:

  multiValue: provided => ({
    backgroundColor: null,
  multiValueLabel: provided => ({
  placeholder: provided => ({
    fontSize: fontSize(),

which yields simple react-select multi-value

enter image description here


i’d like to have the multi-value chosen options outside the drop-down, something like that:


I have tried to set hideSelectedOptions={true}, but this didn’t work. this could happen due to “defaultValues” which checks for current “Selected” state, but removing this will harm any refresh of user and having it-previous-chosen drugs.