Magento 2.3.5 – Currency Dropdown Not showing in default Luma Theme

I have installed Magento 2.3.5 version. I have set all required settings for multi store currency.

We have one main website and 4 store views.

Store View and Currency Setup

Main Website

  • Main Store
    • Store View 1 – UK – Pound
    • Store View 2 – French – Euro
    • Store View 3 – Italy – Euro
    • Store View 4 – German – Euro
  • we have set Base currency as Euro and Store view display currency based on language.
  • Default display currency is Pound because UK is the default store view.

Currency Rates and Currency Symbol

  • Currency Symbol automatically added after setting currency setup
  • Currency Rates are imported manually.

Expected Result:

Currency dropdown and language dropdown at store front end header

Actual Result:

Language Dropdwon only shown. If i print Currency Count in Block file i get zero results.

Block file: Vendormodule-directoryBlockCurrency.php

Function: getCurrencyCount()

Please anyone check this and let me know if anything i have missed or if this magento version have this problem.

8 – Is it possible to combine two filter criteria exposed filter into one dropdown

Is it possible to combine two filter criteria exposed filter into one dropdown. In drupal 8 I am creating a view to search certain content type. One of the content type has three select list field, I do not want to create three seperate exposed filter dropdown on the search page, Is there is a way to combine all into
one exposed filter dropdown ?

Any suggestions and guidance deeply appreciated.

magento2 – Magento 2 How to generate button dropdown

I am new with Magento 2 and web development. I don’t understand how to create dropdown button.
I saw some style in below website and I am not sure how to use it.

I have button.phtml file in templates/product/view

And put the below code but It is not working.

<div class="example-dropdown-2">
<button class="action toggle"
    <span>button + dropdown</span>
<ul class="dropdown">
        <span class="item">One</span>
        <span class="item">Two</span>
        <span class="item">Three</span>

Does anyone know how to add dropdown and what would be the best practice to implement?

Thank you.

plugins – How can I let visitors visit a page by selecting a category, a subcategory, and the particular post (in a third dropdown column)?

How can I let visitors visit a page by selecting a category (in a dropdown column), a subcategory (in another dropdown column), and the particular post (in a third dropdown column)?

Is there any plugin that does this? Or, how can I code this?

Something similar to this is being down on websites where people read Bible online. I’m not sure if its a menu, form or search. The circled area is used to select Bible books and the second selects a chapter from the book. The 'Go' loads the page when it is pressed.

Problema con Select Dropdown JQuery/Javascript

tengo un horario con laravel/blade en el que un usuario selecciona materias y por cada campo que seleccione una materia debo aumentar dos horas a un contador que se visualiza en un input, el problema es que mi función se llama cada vez que cambio de opción pero debería incrementarse solamente cuando la opción es diferente de ‘Libre’, pero el contador incrementa al cambiar de opción también y no debería. Algún consejo?

código blade (20 inputs con los ids:l1,l2,l3,l4,m1,m2….(cuatro por día laborable))

<div class="form-group  col-md-12 ">
    <select name="l1" id="l1" class="form-control select">
            <option selected value="{{$dataTypeContent->l1}}">
        {    {$dataTypeContent->l1}}</option>
        <option value="Libre">Libre</option>
        {@foreach ($materiasl1 ?? '' as $materia) 
            <option value="{{$materia('name')}}">{{$materia('name')}}</option>

código js

var total=parseInt($('#credits').val());
        $(document).on("change", ".select", function() {
            if($(this).find("option:selected").text() != 'Libre'){

vista introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

adminform – Magento 2 How to hide or show contents based on drop-down content in Admin page

Here am added a dropdown for a list of type. based on selected type I need to show or hide the another field. how to achieve it.
Here is my code.

                'label' => __('School Type'),
                'title' => __('School Type'),
                'name' => 'school_type',
                'options' => $this->getTypeOption(),
                'disabled' => $isElementDisabled

I want to disable or enable below field based on above option.

                'label' => __('City'),
                'title' => __('City'),
                'name' => 'school_city',
                'class' => 'school_city',
                'options' => $this->getCityOption(),
                'disabled' => $isElementDisabled

Can I get Help.? Thank You in advance