dnd 5e – Druid Wildshape Proficiency

In my next campaign, I will play Druid. I did not really understand how skills / storing throwing skills work, while wild and other posts on the internet did not help.

I will try to explain how I think it works and I want to be corrected.

Ability: Dexterity (stealth)

MY Dexterity: +2 (15)
Animal Skill: +1 (12)

MY performance bonus: +3
ANIMAL Proficiency Bonus: +2

Modifier, if I can handle stealth caps, but NOT the animal:
1 (ANIMAL Dex) + 3 (MY Proficiency Bonus) = 4

Modifier, if the animal is well camouflaged and I am NOT:
1 (ANIMAL Dex) + 2 (ANIMAL Proficiency Bonus) = 3

Modifier, if I and the pet are good at stealth:
1 (ANIMAL Dex) + 3 (maximum 3 (MY Proficiency Bonus) and 2 (ANIMAL Proficiency Bonus))

Is that correct or did I misunderstand the rules?

dnd 5e – Which of these two exploits best supports my Clergyman / Druid character with multiple classes?

War Caster and Resilient (Constitution). These two talents work very well for wizards, especially those who frequently end up in close combat with enemies (such as clerics and druids, who often act as healers).

With War Caster, you can have a shield and weapon in your hands and use cantrips to attack opportunities (which are usually much better than weapon attacks). It also gives you advantages in concentration tests.

Resilient (Constitution) gives you the ability to save physique and +1 con. Who does not like that as a magician?

To answer your questions about Ritual Caster, you have chosen a spell list (wizard, bard, sorcerer, warlock, etc.) and can only select spells from this list to add to your ritual spellbook … so you can not cast spells from the Cleric and Druid classes, if you choose to receive spells from the wizard's spell list.

balance – Is the 3.0 Druid at a lower level than the 3.5 Druid?

When comparing version 3.0 and version 3.5, I noticed something interesting. In some cases, for example, here and here, I have seen that the Druid was not playable in 3.0 and needed improvements to work in 3.5e. Given that the Druid is a Grade 1 in 3.5, I find that surprising. I'm sure if I tried, I could find an extensive list of changes that would explain this power difference, but I'm not here today to ask. In part, in the interest of house rules, I would like to ask: What level would the 3.0 Druid have if used in a 3.5e game? (and why)?

dnd 5e – Can the Faithful Summons function of the Shepherd Druid be triggered if all HP are lost in Wild Shape?

The Circle of the Shepherd Druid receives the function "Faithful Summons" at the 14th level (XGtE, p. 24):

If you reduce to 0 hitpoints or are disabled against your will, you can immediately take advantage of them conjure animals as if it had been cast with a 9th-level Spell Slot.

Can you take advantage of the Loyalty Summon feature if you are in a wild state and the HP of your new form is reduced to 0?

dnd 5e – When a druid becomes savage to an animal that has a double ability with a skill, should the druid's skill bonus be doubled with this skill?

When a Druid uses its Wild Shape feature:

Your game stats are replaced by the stats of the animal
You keep your alignment, your personality and your intelligence, wisdom and
Charisma scores. You also keep all your skills and your saving throw
Skills, in addition to those of the creature. If the
The creature has the same abilities as you and the bonus in its status
Block is higher than yours, use the creature bonus instead of the thing.

Consider the example of a druidic circle of the moon that does not know stealth and takes the form of a saber-toothed tiger. The saber-toothed tiger's statblock indicates that he has a +6 stealth modifier. Since the animal's skill modifier is +2 and a CR2 pet has a +2 ability bonus (DMG ch.9), the Stealth saber-tooth tiger must have dual abilities.

So, should the druid double his skill bonus and add it to the Saber Tooth Tiger's Dexterity Modifier, causing the wild-formed Druid to have stealth at level 6 +8, stealth level 9 +10, and so on?

dnd 5e – Does a druid begin with a bow, without arrows?

In a literal reading of the rules, you will not start with ammunition (possibly only because druids are not really associated with ranged weapons).

Compare with the Ranger launcher, which specifically mentions a quiver and 20 arrows.

However, you can talk to your DM. It would hardly be an imbalance if you start with 20 arrows or so.

Also, keep in mind that your background is likely to start with some money as well. Even if your DM is really strict, the money for the ammo might simply result (and I doubt that this could be a problem that your character bought with his bow instead of spending a day in the shops!).

dnd 5e – Circle of Flames Druid (V 1.6): Is this more balanced?

As a follow-up to the original balance question and some input from the members of the GiTP Homebrew Forum, the Druid Circle of Flame, as it is currently being considered, is closer to balance in my opinion.

Or is it? Is there a blatant balance hole in this version?

Flame circle (V 1.5)

Fire burns the forest and new growth comes from the ashes. Just like the fire that burns the weak and dead trees, the druids of the circle of fire reap the weakness of those who have lost their way, leaving the next generation a fertile ground to grow on. Wind spreads forest fires and cleans a larger area. A lightning starts forest fires when it hits a dead tree. The fiery death brings a new beginning. Even the evil devoured by flames can offer fertile ground for the rebirth of nature. Druids of the Circle of Flames believe that one day everything will burn to be reborn for a fresh start.

Flammenzauber (Always prepared)

  • at level 3 Flaming Orb, gust of wind
  • at level 5 plant growth, lightning
  • at level 7 Nature's Watcher, Fire Wall {Grab the vine for PHB
    Only games}
  • at level 9 Control winds, fire blight {Flame strike only for PHB

Only you
If you select the flame circle at level 2, you will receive the fire bars.

Heart of the flame
On the second level, you acquire the ability to awaken the original flame spirits. As an action, you can use your Wild Shape feature to raise your inner flame instead of turning into an animal form. While this feature is active, you benefit from the following benefits:

  • * A flaming aura surrounds you. Your armor class increases by one third of your druid level (at least 1). {to prevent MC MC-Shennanigans}
  • You can use your Reaction to heal yourself or an allied creature within 10 & # 39; of you for 1W4 hit points if any of you take damage. This healing increases to 1W6 in the 5th level, 1W8 in the 11th level, and 1W10 in the 15th level,

    Both effects last for 1 minute or until reduced to 0 hit points.

    {Note: Unlike the pet shape, which lasts for hours and hours, this is an advantage of the class feature for combat}.

Heat of the battle
From level 6, the druid receives an additional attack when he performs the attack action. Increase fire damage to your melee attacks equal to your modifier's wisdom

Flaming soul
At level 10, you will receive resistance to Fire damage. When you focus on a spell that deals Fire damage, you add your modifier for wisdom to the damage

From the ashes
From level 14, you can absorb fire or lightning damage inflicted on yourself or on one friendly creature within 30 & # 39; of you. The friendly creature or you instead heals the damage taken. You must take a short or long break before you can use this feature again.


Why the revision? My original idea of ​​using "wisdom mod" for AC was too high, and as mentioned in the answers above, AC is a limited accuracy problem and lays the foundation for multi-class exploits. If this AC increase is tied to the druid level (like Moon Druid CR for Wild Shape), this will be compensated by the higher CR opponents, who will have fewer problems as the game progresses. This is an experience-based observation of Tier 3 games over the last year and a half.

We spent over a year in a Tier 3 campaign. AC AC 18 and 19 do not seem to offer as much protection against monsters that have a good strength / strength to hit Mod, Prof-Bonus and Multi-Attack. (Many of them have that). {If you've ever been in close combat with giant stones or frost giants, I believe

Refractory and refractory creatures, of which there are many, will not be overly impressed by these druids.

adnd 2e – An Erik's priest receives ALL powers of a druid?

Birthright's Rule Book, page 74, reports on Erik's priesthood:

PW as a druid and move quietly, hide in the shadows and animal compassion
as a ranger, three steps higher

Since there is more than one Erik church in Birthright, the head of religion is a regent who may be a Level 1 npc (or player), and at the 15th level:

The Grand Druid knows six spells of each level (instead of the normal one)
Spell Progress) and can cast up to six additional spells
Stages, either as a single spell or as multiple spells, their levels
six in total (for example, a sixth-level spell, six 1st-level spells,
three spells of the second level, etc.)

Or it is not considered a druid power, since it comes from its position, as its servants also receive some:

Three of these nine are Archdruids who roam the world as heritage
Messengers and agents. Each of them receives four additional spells

If so, are hierophant powers ignored? Since they originate from the Hierophant status and lead to spells:

After the 15th level, a Druid never gets new spells (ignore the
Priest Spell Progression Table (from this point in time). Casting level
continues to rise with the experience. Instead of spells
Forces are acquired.

P .: I was unable to create a Birthright tag due to reputation limits (Birthright is a campaign ad for Ad & D 2e)

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?
Manta Glide, nimble climber, underwater adaptation, lifting attachment, carapace and / or acid spit?

Does the type of beast that I am working on Wild Shape determine, if I can keep a certain animal improvement? For example, if I wanted to make a wild crab, would I keep my trailer attachment feature? What if I wildly turn into a bear?