bluetooth – Unity’s Input System not registering Dualshock 4 input

I have a Dualshock 4 controller that I use on PC (mostly for Steam games on Windows 10). Its inputs register just fine under Game Controllers/Properties, but Unity has thus far been unable to see any DS4 input at all.

The USB connector on the top side of this particular DS4 controller is dead, so I charge via the bottom connector and play my PC games using bluetooth exclusively.

Is there something I have to configure in order to get Unity to see my DS4 controller? Have I missed something obvious?

Override PS4’s Dualshock Controllers in system controls (Windows 10)

Windows 10. PS4 Dualshock controller. This is not for Unity but for the operating system as a whole.

I want the “O” to be “pressed” if it’s y-axis measures more than 6m/s². (PS4’s built-in accelerometer)

I want that condition to be applied in every game I play BUT the game still sees it as “O”

Is this possible? I am a beginner by the way. Thank you all for your answers. enter image description here

ios – How to dim the light bar of PlayStation DualShock 4 game controller with iPhone

iPhone 8 with iOS 14.4.2

Bluetooth connection & playing games with DualShock 4 works.

There is no option to adjust light bar brightness in - General - Game Controller

What should I do, on iPhone, to dim the light bar?

Jailbreak/Non-jailbreak solutions both acceptible.

I don’t have game console.

Do I have to dim the light with Linux PC before connecting to iPhone to play games?

• Reduce the light bar to minimise drain on the battery
• ds4-led-controller (linux)
• gaming.stackexchange/ds4led (linux)
• gist/ds4led (linux)
• r/RetroPie (linux)
• github/ds4drv/wiki (linux)
• ? (linux)