Dumping and Comparing JavaScript Objects in Chrome Devtools

I’m trying to accomplish what I thought would be a simple thing. I receive two mouse events and I want to dump (deep) each event object to a human readable format so I can compare them (end goal is to see if a user clicked on selected text or not).

I’ve tried every which way with devtools snapshots, copy objects, JSON_* objects, etc. and nothing seems to work. At best, the dump only shows an IsTrusted property. While browsing the objects in devtools itself, the objects are fully expandable, though I can’t find a way to compare two side-by-side so I’m attempting to “export” them for manual comparison.

I understand that these are event objects and lot of their parts aren’t available until called for, but isn’t there a way to “materialize” the object so it can be dumped/etc?

Thank you,


Japan Dumping Radioactive Waste in Ocean | Forum Promotion

Japan has decided to release contaminated water accumulated at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean – but its neighbors are not happy.

Tokyo announced this week that it would gradually release more than 1.2 million tons of radioactive water – enough to fill 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Japan has been storing the water in tanks following the 2011 nuclear plant meltdown, which followed a devastating earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan’s coastal regions.

South Korean and Chinese governments have voiced concerns that the radioactive water from the nuclear plant could affect food safety and have grave ramifications on marine life in the area.

ssh – Xephyr Core Dumping everytime it is run in Arch Linux

ssh – Xephyr Core Dumping everytime it is run in Arch Linux – Super User

c++ – Predicting trajectory of Box2D physics body using both: linear dumping and gravity

I would like to calculate position of physics body after some time because of predicting shots trajectory in my game.

I found some great answer here where Iter Ator provides equation to calculate actual velocity of body after time, provided time, starting velocity and linear dumping but no gravity. I was able to integrate this solution to get distance traveled in time equation. Problem is that this doesnt take gravity into account.

There is also this tutorial that has many information about predicting physics body trajectory but doesnt take linear dumping into account at all.

What I would love to have is combined single equation that covers both linear dumping AND gravity to predict Box2d physics body actual velocity/position but math is too hard for me :(.

Problem seems to be that physics body velocity is both accelerated by gravity and dumped at the same time.

backup – Dumping mssql db from one server and restoring on another on Mac/Linux

Using either MacOS or Linux, my objective is to copy a database from one MSSQL database server to another. The source database server is remote, while the target database server (which will be restored from the source) is running on port 1433 on a local docker container.

Unlike for postgres (pg_dump utility is well-documented), I have not found much documentation online about how to practically use command line tools like sqlcmd (which are avaiable after brew install mssql-tools), to connect to, copy and restore a database on SQL server. Are there any suggestions for a basic template of commands to use for copying databases and restoring them using the terminal in MacOS/Linux?

windows – Dumping certificates from Trusted Root Certification Authorities

When certificates are installed into a local machine’s certificate store via group policy, and the key indicates it has a private key included.

enter image description here

I am concerned that the private key has been unintentionally distributed, and an malicious user could obtain the key, start a webserver using the key, and conduct an attack.

The export process does not allow export. Is it possible to export that key using an api or command line tool?

A certificate with private

sql injection – Dumping a lot of data using SQLMap faster

What’s the best way to dump 10 million of records from db using sqlmap ?

Was trying to dump the whole database of a test website with 10KK+ entries in 1 tables. Right now using the following commands:

sqlmap -u website.com/php?id=123 -D dbname --tables --dump-all --random-agent --threads 9 --time-sec 10 --technique=BEUS --dbms=mysql -o

Is there any other way to make the dumping process faster? Right now dumping columns as they are in the db and not reording them to make it faster. Internet connection and response time is good. Just the processing part and any other techniques?

I’ve also used the option --dns-domain but still 4 days running now.

ios – Dumping available XPC interface and methods

I’m reading this article, and it says:

The following functions are exposed over XPC to the caller:

@protocol _TtP4main21ForkLiftHelperProtcol_
- (void)changePermissions:(NSString *)arg1 permissions:(long long)arg2 reply:(void (^)(NSError *))arg3;
- (void)changeOwner:(NSString *)arg1 owner:(long long)arg2 group:(long long)arg3 reply:(void (^)(NSError *))arg4;

How can one dump all the protocols and its methods?

The shortcode does not work when I'm dumping data from the wpdb HTML table line

So I created a custom page in the dashboard with a tinyMCE editor that can store HTML in a table row that I created in wp db.

I can also output the HTML code on a custom template page.
However, I write the shortcodes in tinyMCE (eg [phone]) is displayed in plain text and not the data that was accepted.

I know my name outside of the standard content editor and the template page usually shows the shortcode

echo do_shortcode (& # 39;[phone]& # 39);

but I can not write that into the tinyMCE editor.

How can I get the shortcodes working?

Shane Akira

Permissions – Dumping Postgres schema from Google Cloud SQL

While this may seem trivial, it's a managed service, so I do not have superuser privileges. And different schemas / tables / sequences have different roles / users as owners, so I can not just remotely use pg_dump because I assumed that many of them are failing due to permission issues.

Their export function only allows "Cloud Storage Export", for which I would have to pay again, and everything except the schema is dropped.

Please let me know if I missed something?

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