mysql – I need to remove duplicate values. SQL left join

The display in the format you want is not possible (without much extra effort and the assumption that there are always as many locations as job categories).

However, with GROUP_CONCAT, you can return one row per user name containing all the information you are looking for, regardless of the number of job categories and locations.

GROUP_CONCAT(job.category) AS job_categories,
GROUP_CONCAT(locations.location) AS locations
FROM users
INNER JOIN job ON users.username = job.username
INNER JOIN locations ON job.username = locations.username

The following results are returned:

5   Don   Fashion/Design/Beauty,Eng,Arts/Audio/Video Technology        Mr,Colombo,gm

Plugin Development – Metabox – Update Post – Save duplicate rows to database

I've created a custom_post_type with a Metabox where I can duplicate and sort rows / elements with jquery. Now I want to save the content (input fields) when saving the post. I know, I need Ajax for it, but I have no real idea how to start …

Please see my picture for more details:
Elements to be duplicated (boxes)

Duplicated article

c – How to fix the vakgrind error "Size 8 Invalid Read" for duplicate list code?

I am currently working on a project to implement a doubly linked list of the nodes as structures containing MP3 information. I think I have mostly implemented the data structure correctly. The problem I have is through a function that I try to implement. The feature is that a user would enter a name that would be used to traverse the list to remove all nodes whose field is the same. The problem is that valgrind tells me that the value of size 8 is invalid.

Implementing the data structure and clearing the memory on exit seems to work for me as I never get memory leaks or segmentation errors. I only dynamically reserve the tree and two fields for the node and make sure that first the fields and then the node are released. I also found that I only get this problem once when I call the function for the first time.

//The struct
typedef struct mp3 {
        char *name;
        char *title;
        int year;
        int runtime;
        struct mp3 *next;
        struct mp3 *prev;

//The problematic function
void deleteArtist(mp3_t **head, mp3_t **tail){
        mp3_t *current = *head;
        int compareR;
        printf("Please enter the name of the artist whose information you want deleted: n");
        char buffer(BUFFERSIZE);
        int len;

        if(fgets(buffer,BUFFERSIZE,stdin) != NULL){
                len = (int) strlen(buffer);
                buffer(len-1) = '';
        while(current != NULL){
                compareR = strcmp(current->name, buffer);
                if(compareR == 0){
                        if(current->prev == NULL && current->next == NULL){
                                *head = NULL;
                                *tail = NULL;

                        else if(current->prev == NULL){
                                current->next->prev = NULL;
                                *head = current->next;

                        else if(current->next == NULL){
                                current->prev->next = NULL;
                                *tail = current->prev;
                                current->prev->next = current->next;
                                current->next->prev = current->prev;

                current = current->next;

Although valgrind tells me the error message, the program runs as I expected, which confuses me the most. My first guess is that I call free () on a node whose field may not be completely filled in (?), Or something to do with using a double pointer.

Any help is grateful, thanks!

Ranking for the ideal reduction of queries [duplicate]

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I'm trying to rank in the SERPs for the query "T-Slot Aluminum" or "T-Slot Aluminum". I started to see some progress and reached a high of 15.2 on the 11th. Since then, my ranking has gradually decreased. I saw the biggest drop on the 15th of August.

I did not do anything essential to reduce this ranking. The only thing I changed was adding / removing a Facebook pixel. In the last three weeks, the pixel is no longer included in the file of the page.

Does anyone see what could possibly be wrong? I have no errors in the search console.

Always choose a larger file for duplicate downloads in Jdownloader2?

I download a very large number of image links in Jdownloader2 (hundreds at a time). It has to parse every URL to get the pictures, and it will always find thumbnails that have the same filename as the full size pictures.

I can use the Linkgrabber file size filter to remove some of the thumbnails. However, the dimensional difference between the thumbnails and the frames is such that I can not remove all the thumbnails (the thumbnail for a particular image is smaller than this image, but some full-size images are smaller than other thumbnails.)

Therefore, if a duplicate filename is downloaded, JDownloader will ask me if I want to keep or overwrite the current file. Sometimes the image is first downloaded in full size (larger). In this case, I want to keep the current file. Sometimes the thumbnail image file (smaller file) is downloaded first. In this case, the current file must be overwritten.

By the way, every URL creates a separate package name, so I can not rename the file and enable "Remember this package".

Is it still possible to either set the option to rename the file as the default setting for all cases, or to favor the larger one at a time so that this question will no longer be asked? That way, I do not have to watch the download for hours and answer the same question hundreds of times, possibly with a different answer for each question!

Duplicate iOS Dictation – Ask Different

My wife and I both have a problem with the regularity of our iOS phones where the dictation is duplicated. Often we dictate 10-25 words and suddenly it has all been inserted twice, as if we had repeated what we had said a second time. Really annoying and have seen this for at least a year. We have seen it both with e-mails and with texts. Appreciate all suggestions or a link to a public Radarticket that we can vote on.

(There was a ridiculous suggestion in the Apple support community that sounded like a 2002 Windows support call: "Restart the phone, reinstall iOS, and see if that fixes the problem. ")

Blockchain – How would a Bitcoin transaction fit into a duplicate bookkeeping?

A Bitcoin transaction can have multiple inputs and outputs. If we have a scenario with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. Also, we may not be able to determine from which address the transaction fees originated.

So, how is it possible that we take Bitcoin transaction from Blockchain directly and fit into a traditional double-entry bookkeeping system, where the transaction is executed as follows.

Enter image description here

How to calculate the damage of a 3360 pound lead bullet and 5e [duplicate]

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hay so I fiddled around and found out that a bigbys hand can hold 420lbs and then thought, while holding it, it gets bigger, so I would zoom in and out to bring that to 3360lbs, so idb the bigbys There has been a huge lead ball (with spines) thrown at this poor goblin, so how much damage could he do and how small can I get the ball and yes, that's an old tactic, and no one really says it like that This could be the reason why I am here