Copying the theme style files and images to duplicate the website but with a difference

I have recently downloaded a nulled premium wordpress theme online and have been doing changes to see if I can build the website I want to with the theme. Now that I am satisfied with my result, I want to buy the theme license and give the authors’ credit and money that they deserve.

I just am not sure how to copy all the changes that I have made in the theme to the new website with the fresh theme installed. What should I do ? I want to use the same theme but I could not think of a way to copy all the changes. I changed some css settings and it is easy to copy paste that code, also I can copy the product and product categories ettc manually but I dont want to do them all again.

Thank you very much in advance.

hard drive – Backup fails because duplicate disks ‘Macintosh HD’?? How do I fix this?

I was having some issues (that I also didn’t understand, something about backup drive has changed name), that started happening with backups failing, so I decided to just reformat the external backup drive since I’m at a place where that is low risk. And now backups fail saying Two of the disks to be backed up have the same name saying I have two disks named Macintosh HD. This was working until a few weeks ago, and this a completely ordinary 13″ 2019 MBP.

Duplicate disks Macintosh HD

AFAICT I do not have two volumes named ‘Macintosh HD’ – here is disk utility,

enter image description here

Migrating from MariaDB to Mysql – Duplicate Constraint Name

I am attempting to migrate from MariaDB to MySQL by doing a mysqldump from MariaDB and then restoring it to MySQL (mysql:latest docker container).

I am getting the following error when importing into MySQL:

ERROR 3822 (HY000) at line 172: Duplicate check constraint name 'CONSTRAINT_1'.

If I look at the mysqldump file I can see why this is happening. All boolean columns in my database have a constraints that looks something like:

CONSTRAINT `CONSTRAINT_1` CHECK (`bool_col_1` in (0,1))
CONSTRAINT `CONSTRAINT_2` CHECK (`bool_col_2` in (0,1))
CONSTRAINT `CONSTRAINT_3` CHECK (`bool_col_3` in (0,1))

These constraints were not explicitly created by me but implicitly by Flask-SQLAlchemy (I think).

Notice how the constraint names are incremented starting with CONSTRAINT_1. Well the problem is that each table starts incrementing its constraint names starting with CONSTRAINT_1. Thus the error I am seeing gets thrown when trying to create the second table. According to the MySQL docs, duplicate constraint names are not allowed. Apparently MariaDB allows them.

Is there a way to rename these constraints systematically or an alternative way to migrate the data?

Note: This fiddle tests duplicate constraint names and executes without error on MySQL. However if I run the same commands on a fresh MySQL container, it fails with the duplicate constraint.

SharePoint 2013 immediate alerts keeps on sending duplicate emails

We have share point 2013 environment and If we set the immediate alerts on any library or lists it keeps on sending the notification frequently with 5-10 min gap with the same change details as updated by the user.

Basically It keeps on sending duplicate notification mails until we disable the alert on the library.

Kindly guide and suggest me what could be the reason for the same.


dataset – How to group duplicate data in a data set?

This is the data set I am working with. I Have two rows that repeat and I know how to delete them, but how can I group duplicate data in the data set so I can identify which rows or elements are duplicated in my dataset?

enter image description here

Here is the code of the data set:

Datas = Dataset@
   <|"ID" -> 1, "Avg velocity" -> 20 "m/s", "Distance" -> 80 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Red|>,
   <|"ID" -> 2, "Avg velocity" -> 26 "m/s", "Distance" -> 110 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Blue|>,
   <|"ID" -> 3, "Avg velocity" -> 7 "m/s", "Distance" -> 10 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Yellow|>,
   <|"ID" -> 4, "Avg velocity" -> 25 "m/s", "Distance" -> 20 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Orange|>,
   <|"ID" -> 5, "Avg velocity" -> 3 "m/s", "Distance" -> 80 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Purple|>,
   <|"ID" -> 5, "Avg velocity" -> 3 "m/s", "Distance" -> 80 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Purple|>,
   <|"ID" -> 6, "Avg velocity" -> 1.4 "m/s", "Distance" -> 40 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Gray|>,
   <|"ID" -> 7, "Avg velocity" -> 03 "m/s", "Distance" -> 90 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Cyan|>,
   <|"ID" -> 8, "Avg velocity" -> 24 "m/s", "Distance" -> 50 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> White|>,
   <|"ID" -> 9, "Avg velocity" -> 22 "m/s", "Distance" -> 100 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> LightBlue|>,
   <|"ID" -> 10, "Avg velocity" -> 9 "m/s", "Distance" -> 80 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> LightMagenta|>,
   <|"ID" -> 11, "Avg velocity" -> 9.9 "m/s", "Distance" -> 70 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Black|>,
   <|"ID" -> 11, "Avg velocity" -> 9.9 "m/s", "Distance" -> 70 "m", 
    "Ball color" -> Black|>

remote desktop services – Duplicate users in RDS licensing

I’m about to purchase RDS CALs for a new RDS 2019 server currently in it’s grace period. On checking the license console, we’ve got duplicate users in there. Is the username case-sensitive? Seems a bit unusual? I don’t seem to be able to revoke licenses. Just concerned that we won’t have enough licenses if we buy the right number?

enter image description here