Regular expressions accepted by programming languages but are not regular [duplicate]

The below definition of Regular Language is given in Wikipedia.

In theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a regular language (also called a rational language) is a formal language that can be expressed using a regular expression, in the strict sense of the latter notion used in theoretical computer science (as opposed to many regular expressions engines provided by modern programming languages, which are augmented with features that allow recognition of languages that cannot be expressed by a classic regular expression).

The sentence in bold says that there are languages which are not regular but still are recognized by regular expressions engines of modern programming languages. Can anybody provide me an example of such a language?

How to avoid duplicate dependencies in gutenberg blocks

The wordpress gutenberg block build script uses @wordpress/dependency-extraction-webpack-plugin to build the blocks without wordpress dependencies being repeated but what about other dependencies?

If I build a plugin with 10 blocks and they all re-use dependencies, the wordpress build script will embed the dependency in every block bundle.

Is there a good way to handle this without having to re-create webpack build myself?

hive – Has using overwrite saved my from inserting duplicate data?

I set up a pipeline to insert data daily. The query is a simple grouped count:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS schema1.import_table AS
    count(distinct(p.persona_id)) as persona_count
    schema.table1 p
    schema.table2 m
    ON m.metric = p.metric
    AND m.backapp = p.backapp
    yyyy_mm_dd >= "${hivevar:yesterday}"

INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE schema1.final_table
PARTITION (yyyy_mm_dd)
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS schema1.import_table

I deployed this to run starting on 2019-01-01, three weeks ago. So a job was scheduled every day from 2019-01-01 up until present day, and then continue to run once per day once caught up. In each scheduled job, ${hivevar:yesterday} is passed a date to use i.e. on the job scheduled for 2019-01-01, the script is passed the date string to use in place of ${hivevar:yesterday}.

I noticed an error in my query, in that I did >= instead of =. This means I’ve been getting counts for every day since the scheduled job date, instead of just the scheduled jobs date.

So when the first job ran on 2019-01-01, it would have actually inserted for every day up until present day. Whereas my intention was to inserts one days data at a time. Then on 2019-01-02, it would have dropped every day in the target table except for 2019-01-01 and then inserted the data, due to the OVERWRITE on the insert clause, is this correct?

All in all, has the OVERWRITE saved me from duplicating data despite my error of using >= instead of =? Is the biggest issue here that I would have wasted a lot of resources for the earlier scheduled jobs, as I would have been dropping and inserting the same data every day? I assume now that the job has caught up and >=${hivevar:yesterday} would now be >=2020-09-12 so we don’t count for as many dates, using less resources so it’s not so much a problem.

I want to build a sql server query, result should display duplicate of serial numbers where it is assigned to only two specific products

There are multiple columns in a table and I want a query to find out serial numbers associated with two specific products.
I have tried “or” condition but it is giving results of of serial numbers which is associated to one product also.
I am stuck here, it would be great if I got help.

Is UK transit visa required for a permanent resident in Schengen? [duplicate]

I have a permanent residence card from a Schengen country. Do I need any visa to arrive at Heathrow and transit to a SAS flight? From the rules I read at, there is a line in exceptions saying:

"a common format residence permit issued by an European Economic Area
(EEA) country or Switzerland"

The wording confuses me a bit. So asking to double check. Thanks

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How to duplicate an outlook appointment?

How can I create a new appointment from a cancelled one ?
Simply copying the old appointment creates another cancelled appointment, which is not helpful.
I don’t want to create a new empty appointment and copy every field of the old appointment item by item, but want to edit the copy and send new invitations.

(This question migrated from WebApps because I now know how to find the right site given the question tag.)