Tax Refunds – Reimbursement of taxes / duties on items purchased in Australia

I do not live in Australia, but have bought items and got GST back from TRS.

If I bring these items back to Australia, do I have to repay the GST, even if I do not leave the items there, but take them with me on departure?

And if so, can I reclaim the money if I leave Australia? As mentioned above, GST can only be claimed within 60 days of purchase.

So does it mean that I permanently lose the GST refund if I have these items with me?

My question refers to the following, but it does not answer my case.
Mandatory for items purchased in Australia

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Support for the roles and duties of employees

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I will be hiring an interview as a support person in a web hosting company and would like to get to know some roles and responsibilities of the support staff.

The biggest question that you have to ask is what problem you want to solve by hiring this support agent.

Usually, most support staff members handle tickets, phones, and live chats. Is this the first support agent you hire? As a result, your decision making process varies greatly with the person you hire, to see if they have the resources (other support agents) you can rely on, or if they are defining the processes to help.

Support can affect your business. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire the right people. They represent your business in many ways and make sure your customers are happy when they come to you for help.

If you can set some other goals that you have in mind for what you want to achieve, I would be more than happy to give you more insight.