Get 100 BMF points – Easy task

Get 100 BMF points when you join a telegram group and do 1-2 simple social media tasks (Twitter) through my Reference link !!


1) Go to this link and start the telegram bot

2) After launch, the bot requests a simple confirmation captcha and completes it to prove that you are human.

3) Complete all tasks defined by the bot (joining the telegram group, channel, main channel, connecting to Twitter …

Get 100 BMF points – Easy task

Configuration – Is it easy to hack a Mongodb database?

Is it so easy to hack a Mongodb database?

I've created a Mongodb database and added a user. If I only want to give this user access, I need to add the following parameters to the Cofig file:

  authorization: enabled

  authenticationMechanisms: SCRAM-SHA-1

After adding this parameter to the configuration file, only certain users can access the database.

However, a hacker can easily remove the security section from the configuration file and access all stored data. I could miss something


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Plugins – Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Exchange: Sharing for multiple users

Can the pay-in value be shared between users using the paid EDD Wallet Add-on?

I added two e-mail addresses to a single customer.

The first e-mail address can be used for purchases with the EDD wallet.
These downloads and customer information will be displayed when logging in with the 2nd email address.

However, the wallet value displayed for the second e-mail address is 0. And for the wallet, the second user's payment method is not available.

Can this be changed? 1 multi-user business customer wants to make a deposit so that they can all download, and I really hope this can be supported!

Thanks in advance! Wouter

Info Visualization – Easy ways to view or visualize "time spent"

For the context, I work on a learning platform where a student and a tutor come together for one-hour learning sessions. At the end of the session, we have a learning reflection step. Here we show the goals set at the beginning of the session, as well as the specific concepts that were covered in the session. Our goal is to provide enough meaningful information and context for the student to reflect properly.

One way we do that shows you how much time you've spent on each concept. However, knowing how much time you spend is not enough to make it effective and meaningful enough. We want this to be underpinned and conveyed by a simple image – and there is not much space left!

Here is an idea that I work with.

Thoughts or ideas?

Thanks a lot! ­čÖĆ

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