japan – Which neighborhood should you visit and eat in Tokyo on a Sunday evening from 6pm to 1pm with a 5-hour transit?

I will have a transit of about 5 hours in Haneda on Sunday evening, 6 p.m. – 1 p.m. minus the customs and transport from Haneda. I know I can only have one chance to visit Tokyo. What neighborhood would you recommend visiting: vibrant life like Shibuya Crossing, traditional narrow streets with good street food street food, amazing traditional sushi (would be my only meal in Tokyo, I want to make it worthy), shrines and temples (some of them can be visited at night)

Also a recommendation for a good sushi place with reservation or without a queue? I can't afford to wait during my short trip.

The central east of Tokyo does not seem to be such an amazing attraction in Tokyo. I am not interested in the Tokyo Tower or similar modern buildings. I heard recommendations for Shibuya.

dnd 5e – Do features like Timeless Body eliminate the need to eat / drink during a long break to eliminate levels of fatigue?

I like the answer from Smart_TJ (and rated it positively), but I think it is equally valid to rule the opposite way.

On this matter, Timeless body just say that

(…) You no longer need food or water

This statement is not limited to a specific category of needs (it does not mean that you no longer need food or water) for the purpose of food alone"). It is plausible to say that the correct interpretation of this statement is:" You no longer need food or water for every purpose".

From this perspective, the exhaustion rule would be assessed as follows:

  • You have at least one level of exhaustion
  • You take a long break to reduce your fatigue by one
  • To do this, you would normally have to eat some food and
  • Timeless body explicitly eliminates the need for food and water for every purpose
  • Therefore, there is a requirement to include food and drinks
    not operational
  • As a result, you can eliminate fatigue simply by taking one
    long pause, as there are no other restrictions or requirements beyond the long pause itself

This works with two of the most common heuristics to resolve rule ambiguities: things that do what they say (no need for food), and certain general beats (while most need food and drink) with a character Timeless body specifically not).