Economy – What will happen to mining after the 20,999,999 Bitcoin?

Each block has exactly one "Coinbase Transaction" which receives a transaction that does not contain any actual entries, but all fees and mining subsidies.

Every 210000 blocks halves this subsidy. At the moment, each block (not required!) Is allowed to circulate 50.00000000 BTC. Very soon this will be 25.00 million. Four years later, 12.5 billion. And that will continue: 6.25, 3.125, 1.5625 and so on. However, there are only 8 decimal places, and at some point the subsidy will only be 0.00000001. Four years later, it becomes practically zero. However, this will not happen in this century.

This does not mean that no more blocks are produced. Provided Bitcoin is still alive, blocks will continue to be produced every 10 minutes. Miners receive only their entire income from fees, without subsidies.

Why is the economy so strong? I remember that Trump's election would mean a recession and a catastrophe?

Because economic change does not occur immediately after the measures that cause it. Some take years to have bad effects. George W. Bush's policies did not kill Clinton's big business until his second term. There are also many signs that the economy is weakening and not as strong as B. manufacturing data.

I will use a business visa for 90 days in Russia. Does anyone have problems with the economy or the police regarding "what business am I doing?"

37 minutes ago

I will soon get a business visa, after a month has lasted 3 months.
I may sound funny, but will I get into trouble if I am not a businessman? I do not even have work, but I mean, I saved my money. But like a buiness visa, I have to fill in some work information, so I randomly add some wokring information that I've worked out before. 1. Will this be a problem?

have any one also traveled in russia over 30 days as buiness visa holder?? if so plzzzzz, i reallly hope i can hear from you , i have no one to ask in taiwan:((

is there some regions that business visa holder cant enter?? because i know there are a lot of region that tourist visa holder cannot enter, but i mean im a business holder. so im wondering:))

Thank you People like so many people helped me so much within 2 weeks. After surviving 90 days in Russia, I will share my precious experiences for everyone :))

Do Trumpster know that giving out student loans is good for the economy because these people now have more money to spend?

Granting student loans would give these people more money to spend, though that would also mean that the majority of hard-working Americans who pay taxes would have to spend less money, as their taxes would have to increase accordingly to pay for it Damage the economy and push the US further into socialism.

dnd 5e – Action Economy: Pathfinder 1e vs. D & D 3.5 & 5e

I will create a Pathfinder Adventure Path with PF1e rules, but with some D & D players (who are familiar with 3.5 / 5e rules). This will be their first outing in PF, so I wanted to explain some (at least not all, until we got to those parts anyway) mechanical differences between 3.5 / 5e and PF1e

I came across this answer, outlining the differences between D & D 3.5e and PF1e, but did not encounter any differences in action economics. I have received this answer for the PF1e and this post about the D & D Action Economy, but nothing that really outlines how PF1e differs from D & D 3.5 / 5e.

Can anyone explain how the action economy of PF 1e differs from D & D 3.5 / 5?

Mining theory – How would a very long bear market affect the Bitcoin economy?

I do not want to be a doomsday prophet or propagate FUD, but I need to know if Bitcoin investors (or PoW investors) should be worried about the following scenario:

Let's say Bitcoin is in a very long declining market that makes mining unprofitable and bankrupt many mining companies / individuals. In my understanding, the difficulty of the network is getting bigger as the "target" block gets depleted, regardless of the number of miners (yes?)

  1. The Bitcoin price is too low for too long
  2. Mining becomes even more unprofitable
  3. More miners go bankrupt and are forced to shut down and sell their coins at any price they can get.
  4. Due to the massive sell-off the price sinks due to the sudden oversupply (again in 1st place). This can lead to a deadly spiral (or "depression" if you so desire).

And on top of it:

  1. New miners can not join the network because the difficulty level is already too high and you need a significant investment to build a viable mining rig. Which risk less investors would take due to the price action?
  2. With more and more miners being shut down, the network is becoming denser, more expensive, less distributed (retailers are washed out first, wealth remains in less hands), riskier (50% attack becoming easier), and ultimately, investors may also lose confidence in the system ,

As far as I know, the system becomes worthless, as the transaction fees are too high and too burdensome to put a transaction into practice.

Is this scenario possible and is such a threat or something missing?

If yes, is there a way to recover?
If "no", what would the system protect?

Why do liberals refuse to ruin the economy?

Trickle-down economy sounds good, but it does not work in the real world. Ronnie Reagan signed Rax cuts because he joined this "theory". About 3 years later, he found that if the rich gave more money, they would NOT create jobs, but simply create larger bank accounts for themselves. Reagan recognized this and then signed the law on the hitherto largest tax hike. No new jobs were created. In fact, factories were shut down and overseas jobs "sent" so that the company could pay the workers LESS and earn even more profit.

=== Recently, the big lie was that the rich are job creators, but even Reagan knew it was a lie.

=== If you think I invent that, then you should investigate a bit. You can not ask Reagan, but his chief economist gave an interview a few years ago, saying that Reagan found that "Reaganomics" failed and caused MORE public debt, so he put the tax increase into law.

======================================= == ==

On your statement, "Of course, this only works if you give the rich tax cuts and money, and if you give it to the poor, they'll just abuse it and are entitled to social assistance." So you are advocating welfare for the rich, but not for anyone?

I was recently released from my job for no reason. Is this an example of Trump's booming economy?


It is more a symptom of profit-oriented capitalism.

These Trumpsuking idiots have a rude awakening awaiting them when they reach their early 40s. As a rule, large capitalist companies begin to free their workforce from the exhausted and stressed workers. Just as these older workers are finally starting to move on, perhaps with a house or a new car, they find their "pink notes" in the mail.

Capitalism dies of a self-inflicted and deadly wound. A form of socialism is inevitable. When "we, the people" have finally suffered enough, the revolution will begin. The sooner it starts, the sooner it will be over and the less pain for everyone.