Web Application – Can the network administrator make changes to the site if I accessed the site in edit mode?

I connect via the Wi-Fi router of a neighbor to the Internet (no guest connection).

Windows 10: I do not share files or printers. Domain, private, public network: Firewall is enabled. Scan = no problems.

I have a G Suite account for creating websites. Site is published. Sharing options are safe. Currently no other authorized users.

Support asked for the Site Builder URL in edit mode.

Two days later, many unauthorized changes were made to the published Google site.
Is it possible for the administrator of the neighbor's network to access or edit the site while it is in edit mode?

Can the support representative access or edit the site using a URL when the site is open in edit mode? Obviously, I can call the site in another browser screen. That's why I was wondering why the support person with the link would not be able to.

Trying to keep up with all the weird, strange changes is my lunch. Need to identify the origin.

How do I edit a permalink button in function.php with a child topic?

I'm using a WordPress theme named "Business One Page" and it has a slider with the "More Information" button. Here is a demo of the topic (Business-One-Page) 1

I am using a child topic and would like to change the permalink of the button by inserting code into the functions.php file. First, I tried to find the slider code in the homepage template, but I opened all the files and looked for the BTN (class = "BTN-more") without any results. I found the .php file for all sections and pages except the slider. Is it possible that some parts of the code are not included?

Is it possible to edit the permalink with encoding? or do I have to create another button myself?

I just wanted to change the permalink so that it does not point to another page, but (#content) refers to content on the same page.

Thanks in advance, David

App Windows – MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2020 Premium (x64) Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2020 Premium (x64) Multilingual | 957.4 Mb

Movie Edit Pro Premium turns your camera footage into quality movies. And with access to the best tools and features money can buy, you can confidently edit and optimize your videos, whether you're a professional or just starting out.

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Import, optimize, edit – the fastest way to create your own movies with a range of automatic program assistants. Generate movies automatically or create your own manually. Fast results at any time.
Easy. Bring Your Vision to Life Set the order in which to show your footage and keep only the best scenes. With storyboard or timeline mode.
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With up to 1,500 effects The right effects for every occasion, from family party videos to travel vlogs. High quality effects that help you make the most of your movies.
special effects
Put your videos in the spotlight with a selection of stunning lens flares and lighting effects.
Plus effect package
Get access to the latest effects in the Movie Edit Pro store and keep your footage up-to-date.
image stabilization
Easily transform even shaky footage into perfectly stable shots. With proDAD Mercalli V2 image stabilization.
Smooth proxy processing
Easily edit high-resolution footage up to 4K with super-fluid proxy editing.
Multicam editing
Edit footage with up to 4 different camera angles to make sure you capture the best side of each shot. Now with simultaneous processing.
Shot match
Apply the look of your best scenes to your entire footage for an automatic visual upgrade. Fully automatic functionality with one click.
Release Notes:
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 Premium – New Features
System requirements:
– You need a 64-bit version for the following operating systems:
– Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
– Processor: 2.4 GHz (quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better recommended *)
– RAM: 2 GB or more (8 GB recommended *)
– Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280×768. (Dedicated, at least 512 MB VRAM recommended)
– Hard disk space: 2 GB for program installation
start page

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magento2 – how can you override or normalize css in magento 2 to edit the subject's CSS class styles?

I have a Magento 2 CSS file and a Theme CSS file. Normally, the theme CSS overwrites the magento2 CSS file
then I added a bootstrap CSS CDN
The problem is that bootstrap CSS is overridden and CSS is added, which is undesirable
As below

_media.sccs file in Bootstrap CDN
.media {
Display: -ms-flexbox;
Display: Flex;
-ms-flex-align: start;
Align Items: Flex Start

.media-body {
-ms-flex: 1;
flex: 1

How do I normalize or override the above code in a .less file?
How do I force Magento 2 to load the theme CSS instead of bootstrap media.scss?

Edit an item in a filtered list that falls out of the filter

  • I have a list of items (such as tasks).
  • I filter her for a property like her name.
  • In the filtered list I opted for inline editing (at the touch of a button)
  • The new name is outside the above filter

What should I do?

  1. Leave the element with the new name and a name that does not match the filter criteria. Give it up only if I change the filter criteria.
  2. Immediately put it off the list.

I am looking for guidance on best practices and common examples.

Many thanks.

Content Type – Why does the Edit button have a different URL than the Edit Properties ribbon?

I have a JavaScript that relies on that contentTypeId when editing a folder or document. The problem is, when I click on the Edit Properties Ribbon:


Everything is fine and beautiful. The URL:


how to manage that contentTypeId that I wanted.

However, if you click the Edit button in the view, the following happens:

Enter image description here

The URL is not included contentTypeId and I can not understand why.

Is there an explanation why this happens?

Edit – Edit the SharePoint page

I was asked today to edit a text on one of our SharePoint pages. When asked for the URL, I was sent the following URL, which ends as follows: "_layouts / 15 / Prg.SP13.EmployeeXtras.Core / EmployeeXtras.aspx"
The problem is that no editing options or other SharePoint options appear on this page. Could you please help us?

To edit information from a JSON in an array in Javascript / TypScript (NativeScript) without using foreach

As the title implies, I want to edit a JSON that is in an array of "N" set items, but I want to do this via a function that gets the command ìd the value to be edited, and I'm looking for it to be as simple as possible, avoiding the use of a foreach. I realize that this is a native script app with Angular.

var data = ({id:1, nombre:"nombre1", editable:true},
{id:2, nombre:"nombre2", editable: false},
{id:3, nombre:"nombre3", editable: false},
{id:4, nombre:"nombre4", editable: false},
{id:5, nombre:"nombre5", editable: false})

That's why I thought about it:

  • Use the filter () property to search for id to edit
  • Use indexOf () to retrieve the index of the value received.
  • Use the splice () property to generate the edition


Change the status of id:2 from editable: false to editable: true

I know it sounds easy, but I'm not done yet to imagine how this code is executed, because I can not get the code ìndexOf the filtered value

g Suite Administrator – How do I override Google Calendar's default settings for users to edit and move meetings between our rooms?

There are four meeting rooms in our organization that are currently being resourced through GSuite for Business.

One of these rooms has become a de facto recruitment / interview room. Therefore, I would like to give our recruiting team priority access to this space with the following basic rules:

  • If the room is not booked, every user should be able to book it for an event.
  • If the room is booked for an event, recruiting should be able to edit the event details and move that event to another room.
  • Other users should not be able to move or edit events by default.

We have already determined where the rooms are configured as resources. We've also added recruitment to the calendars of all rooms that have the "Make changes and manage sharing" access enabled. However, as long as they are able to see they are not capable of the events Move an event in another room.

Does anyone have a few thoughts?