php – How do I edit content in WordPress and the Polylang plugin? – with the composite

Hello dear user, Hello dear developer,

the question; How do I edit content in WordPress and in the Polylang plugin?

First and foremost: I love PolyLang for its powerful features and versatile customization options. Maybe I've missed some things – but I'm fighting right now. I have set up a page with several languages ​​- this is in beta mode: at the moment I have only small text chunks in German and English …

By the way: standard is German

When I add a new translation in the "Polylang-Controll" field, a new entity is created in the database – and the funny thing that is immediately visible in the top menu – why is that?

see the following:
– german: :: JOBS & CHANCES IN GERMANY (German)

See the page: – this is a real beta beta page: and take a look at the menu. – here you can see both languages. This is a bit annoying and irritating – I'm annoyed

Question: How can you suppress the behavior that both (!!!) languages ​​are visible in the menu?

I am looking forward to your answer


ps; Keep it up – it rocks and PolyLang is generally a really powerful plugin – very, very flexible and versatile.

Mobile YouTube website (, edit comment?

I can add a new comment and delete the comment I wrote, but I can not find a way to edit the comment I wrote. Is the feature really missing or is there any other way to edit the comment than to go to the desktop website? It's really impractical not to be able to edit my comment, and I can not find a reason why a comment on the mobile site should not be edited if it's possible on the desktop site.

Report and edit post link

I would like to give each WordPress post the link "Report / Edit Contribution" so that the visitor can click on this link and send "Name, Email, Phone, Text". The administrator can obtain the above details together with the URL of the website.
How do I do that in WordPress?

sharepoint online – Sponsored Links Edit the floating behavior or remove the animation

Is there a way to change the behavior of the advertised links or to remove the animation with CSS?

I do not have access to the Design Suite (online portal only) due to company policies, so I have to do everything on the page in a script editor web part (I think). When floating, the background of the tile should change from blue to cyan and underline the text title, but to keep it in place and not move it up. I am very new to coding (no previous experience with HTML, CSS or any other website coding (graphic designer by profession)), what I'm currently managing is from a lot of google and trial and error (a lot of mistake).

My webpart style for advertised links

Below is the code I used to make my advertised links look like this.

Any help would be very grateful, I'm so helpless

Plugins – Edit existing shortcodes in a custom field

I have a very similar question: Custom Fields Bulk Editing

I want to edit ALL data in a custom field, but instead of replacing values, I want to add an attribute to the custom field on each page. Example:

This is an existing speed dial
[idx-listings linkid="387056" count="6"]
I'd like to add an attribute that looks like this:
[idx-listings linkid="387056" count="6" showlargerphotos="true"]
Is there a way to depend on the crowd? showlargerphotos Attribute within the existing shortcode without affecting the rest of the string?

Edit to select a variable in a list

You need to remove a layer of parentheses:

data1 = {{1, 2}, {2, 3}};
data2 = {{1, 2}, {3, 4}};

  {chooseData, {data1, data2}, ControlType -> PopupMenu}

Or something more sophisticated:

data1 = {{1, 2}, {2, 3}};
data2 = {{1, 2}, {3, 4}};
names = {"data1", "data2"};
ass = Association[#[[1]] -> #[[2]] & /@ 
   Transpose[{names, {data1, data2}}]]

 ListPlot[ass[chooseData]], {chooseData, names, 
  ControlType -> PopupMenu}]

Send edit logs from multiple Google Sheet files to a "Edit History" table

I'm creating a large number of worksheets in Google Drive and want to monitor / log the changes in a single worksheet (such as File / Date / Time / User).
My goal would be to keep track of how often and who uses those files within the drive without having to go through each table.

I already have a simple code to log the last edit on each sheet, but I want to create a sheet that logs every change.

Is that possible?

Javascript – Edit a series of objects with localStorage

I'm not sure where to start with this … I'm creating a simple todo app with localStorage. (I do not use a backend database specifically).

So far, I can update and display the objects I have stored locally. And I show them on my page.

form.addEventListener('submit', function(e){

    // Set object
    let data = {
      name: nameInput.value,
      url: urlInput.value
    console.log("Added bookmark #" + data);

    // Saving
    localStorage.setItem("bookMarksArray", JSON.stringify(bookMarksArray));

I also want to be able to do that to editwhich article in my DOM. After editing, I want the respective object index to be updated in local memory,

I'm not sure where to start with this part. Here is a codeepen of my code:

I guess I have to do the following:

// List each object as an individual form in DOM
// So I can easily update the input.value, (with a new value)
// The **edit** button, would be a submit button
// Or there's an eventHandler on this button
// Which onClick, takes the input.value, (either name.value or url.value)
// Identifies whether these values, match values in the localStorage object
// And if so, get the object index
// Then update these object values, based on the object index?
// Update localStorage via localStorage.setItem

The last few steps that I'm basically losing.