I will photoshop edits, remove background, skin retouching for $3

I will photoshop edits, remove background, skin retouching

I am professional Photoshop editor having over 5 years of experience

You are 100% at the right place !
Our services:

  • Image Photo Retouching 
  • Removing Background or changing background
  • Portrait retouching
  • Profile Picture editing
  • Adding objects to any image
  • Removing Wrinkles and blemishes
  • Whiting tooth or eyes 
  • Adjusting color / adjusting contrast,exposure
  • Creating realistic lights
  • Photo manipulation

 Finally all Photoshop jobs

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If you have some other Photoshop job, then feel free to tell me. 

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I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more for $10

I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more

I can do photo editing. I have a one year experience. I can do remove background and retouching face Image. Teeth whitening, remove pimples of Image and I can create a logos. Poster making, banner making. 


I WIll Colour Your B& W Image To Be a Realistic Image for $5

I WIll Colour Your B& W Image To Be a Realistic Image

Hi,I’m Oliver.***********Do you have a old black and white picture.Do you looking for someone to colour your image.Then I am who you are looking for.•I will turn your black and white image to realistic colour image.•I work until you are 100% satisfied.•I can complete your project with less than 10$.•I will provide your work withing 24 HOURS.________________________________________FEEL FREE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER????________________________________________


networking – After editing fstab to mount an ssd on boot, my network drive no longer mounts (permitted for root only)

I have an SSD on my Ubuntu (20.04) laptop, and followed the instructions here to have it auto-mount on boot:


It works! The SSD now mounts to /data/ on boot. Lovely.

But now my shared network drive no longer mounts at startup, and delivers this error:

mount: /media/share: operation permitted for root only. 

Here’s the fstab, with username and password removed:

UUID=91379bc5-372f-4d83-ac57-25f3990a8926 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1
# /boot/efi was on /dev/mmcblk1p1 during installation
UUID=5FE3-70E9  /boot/efi       vfat    umask=0077      0       1
/swapfile                                 none            swap    sw              0       0
// /media/share cifs username=(username)password=(password),iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0
# mounts ssd drive
UUID=ae8f74f2-7d88-43e6-8268-1fee5af6c8cd /data    auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 0

I suspect something in the creation of the group and the chown command did something, but I’m not sure what, or how to undo it. I’d like to retain the SSD auto-mounting at boot and restore the network drive mounting as well.

8 – How can I save and exit from the middle of editing a multipage webform?

I’ve got a multipage webform I’m letting users edit after they submit. There are many pages, and I don’t want to force the user to go all the way to the last page to save. Is there a way to submit/save the form either with a Save Draft button, or when they use the prev/next buttons? Or is there a way to programmatically save the edited form ? That would also work.

I’ve tried adding the submit button to every page, but it seems to function like a next button. If I set rebuild to false, the I can exit the edit process where I want, but the changes are not saved.

I’ve also tried manually adding a save draft button copied from the webform submission form, but that also did not work, failing the way the submit button did.

forms – Editing of individual items and saving them

Be clear with categorical navigation, and expose the items (‘children’) that are being modified.

One issue that seems unclear is that there can be n items under each category, but it’s hidden in a dropdown, so I have to remember:

  • how many items there are
  • which have been modified
  • how far along am I in my work for the category

What ends up happening is I’m potentially modifying n items within a category, and traversing and saving across multiple categories. Flatten the child items.

Build on common navigation patterns for this step through

Since you potential navigate two dimensions, take advantage of global vs contextual nav patterns common to many websites.

enter image description here

By exposing the items as children of the category, you can:

  • show them how many
  • indicate when an items configuration has been modified
  • indicate the current item they are editing

Try being explicit with the Next button. Indicate it will save the categories’ items, and move them forward.

By keeping the items exposed, and using change indicators (see mock), you’ll reveal which items are modified. Then, when you either Save & Exit > or Save & Continue > the whole batch is saved.

If need be, you can prompt a progress indicator which says which items are processing. It’s intentional extra friction, but a tradeoff for clarity if you have high cardinality at the item level. I don’t know your use case, so it might not apply.

pagination – Remember initial order of list while editing it

Let’s say we are running a webapplication for the Superhero Association. In there, there is a table of 1 000 000 super villains which need to be watched. Everytime a super hero gathers new information about villains he updates the table.

The table itself is paginated, sortable and filterable.

The user is on the first page of the table, all over there are 1 400 results, displayed are the first 5 results, sorted by strengt. A request is sent to the backend, it delivers the first 5 results.

Inital view

The users edits the last two entries.

View before page switch

The user now switches to the next page. Again a request is sent to the backend to retrieve the next 5 super villains.

Since the list is sorted by strength and the user edits strength, the order changes. In this example, that means two things: The user stumbles again over the entries already edited + he skips the entries which silently slip on the previous page. Therfor we want to remember the order of the objects in the initial view at all time while editing and switching pages.

  • Prefetching all the data. There is a potential of millions of entries, way too much data, that would not work.
  • Prefetching only the IDs and then request single ids to retrieve the next full page. Similar concerns, the list might get way too large.

That can’t be a problem that only the Superhero Association has, are there any best practices? Thanks in advance!

I will do Background Removal 50 images for $5

I will do Background Removal 50 images

Hello, I am Samiul Haque I am an expert Graphic Designer. I have intensive and diverse 5 years of experience with photoshop. I will do any kind of Retouching, Editing and Designing works. With my expertise. I would like to help you to get your work done as your necessity.

Why Working With Me?

#100 % Satisfaction And Quick Response From My Side

# Removing and customizing backgrounds.

# Photoshop Editing

# Convert your photo into any format.

# Amazon, eBay Product Editing

# Images Resizing

# Change Background

# Color Correction, Contrast, etc..

# Deliverable: JPG/PNG/PSD/Tiff

# Remove/adding objects

# Hair Background Removal.]

# Face Swap

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