Workflow for the same editing of all Word documents in a specific library or site

I use sharepoint online. Ì attempted to open all of the word documents in my document library and make the same edit across the entire word document footer. I can do this manually, but there are about 1500 word files. Can I use a workflow to automate the process?

Can this workflow be linked simultaneously or individually to all libraries in a site?

Resume editing or resume consulting, continue optimization for $ 6

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magento2 – what are the minimum steps to see the updates after editing a php file from the vendor folder

somehow in mine


File, there are additional characters that were accidentally added by one of the team members who created indexing errors. I've removed the extra characters, but I do not see the changes when I try to reindex on the production site.

What are the minimum steps to see the updates I made to this BatchSizeCalculator.php file in the manufacturer folder?

Running PHP Bin / Magento C: C and PHP Bin / Magento C: F did not work
I'm trying to stay away from running setup: upgrade setup: di: compile or s: s: d if that's not necessary.

Is there a file in the generated folder or in the var folder that I can use to apply the same update without executing the above commands?

I'll be doing any PHOTOSHOP editing for $ 10 soon

I will do any PHOTOSHOP editing shortly

Face:Perfect looking skin, eye bags, facial wrinkles, make-up enhancements, eyes, eyeshadow, eyelashes, lips removal
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Body: Slimming, weight loss, reshaping, breast augmentation, skin smoothing
Spots, photo grain and defects, clothing wrinkles fixed.

Creating Photoshop Actions: Remove / add background, people and sky / unwanted objects (logo, tattoos, watermarks, etc.)
Restoration of missing areas.

Add effects: Vintage, HDR, B & W etc.

Professional retouching of product photos: Clipping path, photo manipulation, color

High quality editing of real estate photos: Lens Correction, Exposure / Colors

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magento2 – Country options are not displayed when editing the user's address. Magento 2.3.3

I have such a problem with Magento 2.3.3
I have checked this logic in stock Magento 2.3.3 and it also appears there.

Enter image description here

Choose 2-3 allowed countries.

Then go to All customers -> Form for processing the customer address in the Admin area,

The drop down menu for the countries does not meet our expectations.

If I only use 1 country, no country will be displayed, if you select more then only the countries from the top will be displayed.

I have no mistakes in the console.

Has anyone solved this problem and someone has solved it?

Proofreading and editing. Medical project proofreading. for $ 10

Proofreading and editing. Medical project proofreading.

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Photo Editing – What is the name of the technique in which a portrait image is filled in a landscape format with an enlarged, blurred version of the same image?

It is very common nowadays, especially for videos and photos of smartphones. It consists of adding the same image that has been zoomed in the background to make a portrait image landscape, as shown below. I'm sure it's super obvious, but I googled it without success.

Enter image description here
Enter image description here