search – How can I allow editors to manage many taxonomies while choosing which terms to boost and which to make visible?

The system I am working on has about 15 taxonomies. It may have 30 or more eventually. We didn’t want to add a field for every taxonomy since the editors would have hated that. Initially we went with one field called “Search term(s)” aka field_search_terms that lets editors reference multiple taxonomies.

Now the editors also want to be able to
a) Mark some terms as primary and others as secondary (Let them control which terms to boost in search)
b) Mark some terms as visible tags on the page while most will be hidden.

I can think of two options:

Make separate fields on the nodes for primary, secondary and visible_terms.
Unfortunately the editors will have to select visible terms/tags twice.

Make a custom “search_term_reference” entity with fields: {field_search_term, is_primary, is_visible} and then provide something like inline entity form to edit them.

Can anyone offer any guidance on which of these directions to go in or recommend another approach?

javascript – How to set callback to execute after all the tinyMCE editors have been initialized?

I’ve loaded a tinyMCE editor using wp_editor function of WordPress.

Now, I want to set value of that editor after it gets initialized. I tried to do it like this:

$(function() {

But it throws an error saying Cannot read property 'setContent' of undefined because the editor has not been initialized. To confirm it I console logged using console.log( tinymce.editors.length ) statement and it prints 0 but later when I inspected the variable tinymce.editors using browser console after the loading was done, the editor was there and I could manipulate it.

So, my conclusion was to wait for all the tinyMCE editors to be initialized then run the above code to change the editor’s value. Note that I need to set the value using JS, not from the backend (php).

Please tell me if there’s a way to accomplish this. And ask me if you need more information or I’m unclear.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Text editors – special characters do not work between Dev-C ++ and VS code

I'm a novice C developer and have a strange problem saving / opening .c files between two software programs: Visual Studio Code and Dev-C ++. Whenever I save a .c file with special characters (like "à" or "ú") in Dev-C ++, those characters will turn the VS code into garbage. And when I save a .c file with special characters in VS code, garbage is also output in Dev-C ++. It seems like both editors really hate each other somehow. But when I open them in Notepad ++ or even Windows Notepad, both files work fine.

The reason why I want both editors to actually work with each other is that I managed to install a C compiler (minGW64) and let it work with VS code, which I think is a much better editor than Dev -C ++ is. but I still have to make sure the files are displayed properly in Dev-C ++ as this is probably what my university teacher is using to evaluate our assignments (since 9 out of 10 people in the classroom use Dev-C ++ ). Am i missing something? On the Windows editor I found that the file created by Dev-C ++ is saved as ANSI, while the one saved from VS code is saved as UTF-8. So I already know that the solution to this problem is to just set VS code yourself to also save files as ANSI. But I was still asking this question because I want to better understand the differences between ANSI / UTF-8 and etc. I've never understood much about how character encoding works, and the only thing I understand is the ASCII table. However, if the ASCII table contains only 256 characters (since each character is one byte long, i.e. 8 bits = 2 ^ 8 = 256 etc. etc.), then where are all the others that are used, for example, in UTF-8 files (z as "á" or "ù" or Chinese characters for example)?

Visual Studio – How do I hide lines and side arrows from VScode and Sublime Text 3 editors?

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Buy – Find video editors

I'm looking for a video producer / editor who can edit (make shorter) about 40 short videos and combine them into one video, add music and circle around a particular hockey player.

You get raw material, audio files and a homepage.

If interested, please comment or PM me. Become paypal.

Thank you very much.

html – Why do web developers still use text editors as their primary software?

I search the Internet from time to time to answer this question, but I'm not entirely sure.

It even seems from the poll here on SO that the top editors are Visual Studio code and Notepad ++ (which I also use personally), but my question is why most web developers don't use something like TemplateToaster to get the job done faster?