Buy – Find video editors

I'm looking for a video producer / editor who can edit (make shorter) about 40 short videos and combine them into one video, add music and circle around a particular hockey player.

You get raw material, audio files and a homepage.

If interested, please comment or PM me. Become paypal.

Thank you very much.

html – Why do web developers still use text editors as their primary software?

I search the Internet from time to time to answer this question, but I'm not entirely sure.

It even seems from the poll here on SO that the top editors are Visual Studio code and Notepad ++ (which I also use personally), but my question is why most web developers don't use something like TemplateToaster to get the job done faster?

upload – What type of entity / file do online image editors use during the image change?

I am the author of Web browsers can execute Javascript, which is a (Turing) full programming language. This means that in JS you can create any program that can be created in a different programming language.

With browsers, a JS program can load a file from your computer (or the internet). The program thus receives a file (a finite sequence of bytes, which are numbers between 0 and 255) and can e.g. that a first byte is 137, the second is 80, the third 78 is … (PNG files begin with these bytes).

Once you have an environment that can run any program and the program can access a file, you can create photos / videos / other editors. The fact that it is in a browser is not important.

In the past, web editors have uploaded data to a server, processed it there, and reloaded the result because the JS execution in browsers was very slow. But now browsers are fast and the hardware is powerful. So why not use all this computing power?

Editors – Referencing the name of a private serialized field in the Unity custom inspector

I come across a problem that I believe will seriously affect maintainability in the future. So now I want to find out before it becomes a problem.

I started using private (SerializeField) instead of public fields to avoid other scripts manipulating internal data. Then for scripts that reference the fields of the component via properties in an interface.

So I have in a MonoBehaviour something like:

private float speed;

public float Speed => speed; //implements interface    

However, I can not use it now in my custom inspectors


This is because it has no access to the speed of the private member. I have to reference it now with the name of the string:


That worries me, because I can not easily rename that now speed Field. Also do both speed and Speed Audience is scary, because then speed can be manipulated from the outside.

Is there a good way to protect myself from external changes while simplifying refactoring?

Java – How to run code on open source code editors like Ace Editor?

For my informatics university project, I have to create a web application with a built-in code editor. I think I can only integrate open source editors like Ace Editor.

At this point, however, I feel blocked because I'm not sure what the next step should be. For example, suppose the user enters a Python code to execute. How could I achieve that?

I assume that I would send the code as a string to my server. But after that I would not know how to run this code and then display the results to the client-side user. Sorry, if that's a simple question, but I could not find an agreed solution online, but I know that's possible because platforms like, Codecademy and Hackerrank have achieved this.

This solution should be applicable to other languages ​​that I have learned in my studies, such as C ++, Java, JavaScript and of course Python. Literally any help would be appreciated, as my lecturers are not really familiar with the practical aspects of computer science such as programming / development.

Editors – Unity Event Pause / Unpause & Jump Frame


Hello, I would like to display the event in a script whenever we click on the "Pause" or "Jump Frame" button.

I already managed the pause button:

private void OnEnable()
    EditorApplication.playmodeStateChanged += HandleOnPlayModeChanged;

private void OnDisable()
    EditorApplication.playmodeStateChanged -= HandleOnPlayModeChanged;

private void HandleOnPlayModeChanged()
    if (EditorApplication.isPaused)
        // do stuff when the editor is paused.
        // do stuff when the editor is unpaused

But how do I get the "springboard" button?
Thank you so much !

Architecture – Why Use Long Naming Schemes Instead of Unicode, Foreign Languages, and Specialized Editors + Keyboards?

Why do developers write long naming schemes rather than using Unicode, foreign languages ​​and specialized editors + keyboards?

Unicode also implies mapping complex concepts to individual characters. An editor can specify how the characters should be displayed.

These tools can also greatly simplify the implementation of programming languages ​​…


I tried to write an even smaller Lua implementation when I started to think of a language that was easier to parse but able to run in the same VM / context as Lua. A notable advantage of using Unicode in this context is that it enables more compact programs, ie programs that are much easier to think about.

This has nothing to do with my last question.

SQL Server – MS SQL with separate results for the same parameters using application and query editors

I have a stored SQL procedure that returns the result based on the days passed in parameters.

I miss the weekend day (Saturday) of the result when I call the stored procedure from my application, but I execute the stored procedure directly, the weekend result is displayed.
Example: If we execute a stored procedure with a date range from 18.07.19 to 21.07.19 from my application, this results in July 20 result will be is missing but if we execute the same stored procedure from the SQL Query Editor, then the The result of the 20th of July will be considered in results.

In analyzing the stored procedure and the relevant parameters, I noticed that SQL can not correct the result from Sunday's DATEPART section (DW, DATE_TIME). Below is the stored procedure snippet that causes the problem

@STRSUNDAY: DATEPART (DW, ACCESS_TIME) = 0 This section leads to a wrong result

After editing the @STRSUNDAY: DATEPART (DW, ACCESS_TIME) = 7 returns correct result when called from my application.

I doubt if this is due to CultureInfo's application. I am still unable to find a correct cause for this problem.

Many thanks

sharepoint online – SPO / Modern Pages – Saved designs for owners / editors not accessible / visible

How did anyone encounter the problem that stored designs of modern pages are not accessible / visible to the owner and editorial groups or even to other site collection administrators?

The documentation here says that:

"Save As Draft – When you save and close this page, it is checked in as a minor version and becomes a "shared" draft. This means that anyone with edit permissions (or site owners) can now see and edit it."

This does not seem to be the case …

Can someone bring light into the darkness?