dnd 3.5e – What effect does blindness on Grapple Checks have?

When a creature is blinded while gripping, what effect does that have on their grapefruits? Blinded by:

The character can not see. He gets -2 for Armor Class, loses his Dexterity Bonus to AC (if any), moves at half speed, and gets a -4 penalty for search and most strength and skill based skill checks. All reviews and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and sampling) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to completely hide the blinded character (50% chance of missing). Characters who remain blind for a long time, get used to these disadvantages and can overcome some of them.

It seems that, in fact, there is no impact on the reviews. Is that the case Or it could be that it is extremely powerful when dealing with it, even more so than with regular attacking. I do not ask for clarification about attacking, casting spells, etc. during the altercation, as I believe these are already quite self-explanatory. I'm confused when it comes to activities that require only a grapple check:

  • Does Grappling rely on seeing and failing automatically? Then it will be automatic if you blind your opponent in a graple "I win" Configuration?
  • Does the obfuscation influence the results of the altercation in any way (ie Can it miss you?)

dnd 5e – Can the light of a torch become blind under the effect of a light?

The rules say this about torches:

torch, A torch burns for 1 hour and provides bright light in a radius of 20 feet. The light is dimmed for another 20 feet. When you make and strike a melee attack with a burning torch, it deals 1 Fire damage.

The magic lights have this description:

You touch an object that is no larger than 10 feet in any dimension. By the end of the spell, the object will emit bright light within a 20 foot radius and dim the light for an additional 20 feet. The light can be colored as desired. Full coverage of the object with something opaque blocks the light. The spell ends when you reactivate it or reject it as an action.

If you target an object held or carried by an enemy creature, then that
The creature must perform a skillful throw to avoid the spell.

The rules only cover these different levels of light: sunlight, bright light, dim light, darkness and magical darkness. There are no rules that say you can create extra bright light by stacking light sources on each other and dazzling a creature.

That being said, it is up to you to allow or forbid what the players are trying to do. If the dragon had lain in the dark for some time, it would be reasonable for a sudden bright light to be painful to him.

dnd 5e – Can the image of Mirror Image be a target of an attack or effect?

The reflection Spell description says

Each time a creature attacks you for the duration of the spell, roll a W20 to see if the attack targets one of your duplicates instead.

It does not forbid attacking the illusory duplicate itself, especially for the non-enemy effect.

For example:

From the goblin boss

Redirect attack. If a creature the goblin sees attacks them with an attack, the goblin chooses another goblin within 5 feet. The two goblins swap places, and the selected goblin becomes the target instead.

Out of the way of the drunken master monk Description of Tipsy Sway

Redirect attack. If a creature misses you with a melee attack roll, you can spend 1 Ki Point in response to this attack targeting a target creature you do not view as an attacker, and who you see within 5 feet of you.

Note that these are just examples. The point of the question is whether the duplicates can be attacked by attack or effect.

It may be thought that only an effect specifically targeting a creature as a target will not be able to target the duplicate of the mirror image, or only the original user.

cPanel new price effect | Web Hosting Talk

What do you think of reseller hosting plans that would be profitable with the new cPanel pricing plans?

Any idea what you expect as a customer?

I suspect higher prices and no "unmetered / unlimited" cPanel subaccounts.

What do you suggest as a fair solution for pre-paid reseller plans (1 year and over) that works for both customers and hosting providers?
Because if I understand correctly enough cPanel accounts have been created, the hosting provider's monthly costs for the cPanels may be slightly higher than the hosting costs.

dnd 5e – Can you apply and trigger the effect of a Sea Wizard spell with the same Cantrip?

When you look at the relevant part of the curse of the sea, there is nothing you have to choose to see what effect it is.

If you Hit a creature with a cantrip attack or if a creature does not make a saving throw against your cantrip, You can curse the target until the end of your next turn or until you curse another creature with this feature.

(Highlighting me)

It says that you must hit the target with the spell to inflict the curse, but nothing prevents it from causing damage.


  • You try Shocking Grasp against a target
  • Their attack passes the AC of the target
  • You can apply the curse to the target when your cantrip is hit
  • They roll damage Shocking Grasp damage

Note that you must choose to inflict the curse the moment you strike. You can choose the order in which damage and curse occur as they occur simultaneously.

google docs – What is the effect of sharing with the same people when creating a copy?

When making a copy of a document in Google Docs from file > Make a copy …is there an option too Share it with the same people, What does this option do? Is the document free for the same people as the source or destination folder? If the destination folder is already shared with a number of people, will those permissions be overwritten?

Unity – How can I achieve a plexus effect with VFX Graph?

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Flash – How to achieve this effect in low light / long exposure, but the subject stays calm / sharp?

The subject is in complete darkness. After a long exposure (1 or 2 seconds) and a little shake of the camera, the lights in the picture leave tracks, but you do not get a blurry scene.

Combine that with a camera flash (1 / 1000s maybe?) That illuminates the subject and you have it. (The flash also illuminates the objects in the lower right corner of the image).

Edit – The flash fires either at the beginning or at the end of the exposure, controlled by the first / second curtain synchronization setting. I do not think it would be too important for this exposure, but for an effect like car light trails that appear BEHIND the car (Car Light Trails, Google images), you would use the second curtain. So, if you have the shutter open for a second or two, capture the light trails and the flash fires when the shutter closes (2nd curtain) to illuminate the car that is frozen in the frame with the light trails behind it ,

The default curtain sync setting is usually the first one to light the car when the shutter opens, and THEN pick up the light trails that appear to be in the foreground.

Depth of field effect?

Hello everybody,
I'm just trying to create a modal that will make the background bigger and smoother. Based on avak of hakim https://lab.hakim.se/avgrund/
Now Nesting Modals has also brought it to coding forums with the help of @deathshadow.
Here is the current status:
Now I try to do the following:
By clicking on the nested modal link, everything should be pushed back and blurred – as in simulating backward levels / depth of field.
I have …

Depth of field effect?