unity – Fade a texture effect as it nears the end of a cylinder mesh

In my game I have a laser beam that travels for about 15m, but abruptly stops due to the mesh the texture is attached to. How can I setup my shader graph so that the end of the texture fades away? I can’t find anything similar to this anywhere online, and have tried multiple things (gradient/colors with lerp attached to alpha) but just can’t figure it out as I’m too new to the whole shader graph thing. Anything helps, thank you.

Note: The texture is ‘animated’ and scrolls along the path of the beam using the shader graph

time series – What effect does the addition of [“Options”] have in the following use of TimeSeries?

In an example found at Use Time Series Processing for Financial Analysis the time series

prices = sp500["PathComponent", "Adj Close"]   

is followed by

simpleReturns = TimeSeries[Ratios[prices] - 1, prices["Options"]]

to create a time series of x1/x2-1 price returns. That is the normal way to calculate price returns. But, what is the prices[“Options”] part supposed to do? TimeSeries[Ratios[prices] - 1] returns exactly the same thing. I don’t understand the prices["Options"] construction.

How to disable wallpaper blur effect on Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0

so, I went to change my homescreen wallpaper on my samsung galaxy tab a8.0(sm-t290) and every wallpaper comes out as blurry.

in the gallery they work all well and fine, but as a wallpaper? nope.

lock screen looks good.

but the homescreen? well, the astronomy wallpapers I like..look like something my cat yarked up.

how do I fix this?

dnd 5e – Can the Dispel Magic spell end the spell effect of a spell that already ended?

I realized I had this question at the very end of answering the following:

So I’ll just use the example there, wall of light for my example here.

Say wall of light is cast on somebody, they are blinded for 1 minute, but then the caster of wall of light drops their concentration on the spell while their target remains blinded. Can that target then be targeted with dispel magic? The dispel magic spell states:

Choose one creature, object, or magical effect within range. Any spell of 3rd level or lower on the target ends. For each spell of 4th level or higher on the target, make an ability check using your spellcasting ability. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a successful check, the spell ends.

And, to me, there is a magic effect in range: the blinded effect from wall of light but what is unclear to me is whether that counts as “any spell of [X] level or lower”. The spell already ended, so what happens in this case?

We already have a similar question:

But I believe the case of haste is a bit exceptional in that its effect only occurs once the spell ends and things like this can occur before the spell ends and then continue afterwards.

c++ – OpenGL : Blending & feedback effect

I’m struggling on a simple project, as an example/sandbox, I’m rendering a small oscillating rectangle on my output. I’m not using glclearcolor() but instead, on every frame I draw a black rectangle before anything else, blending with glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA);

My goal is to see as I play with the alpha of this black rectangle feedback of previous frames, slowly fading, some kind of trail, and it’s more or less working.

My main problem though, the trail never really disappears, and the longer I try to get the trail, the worse it gets. Also, I have to quite crank the alpha before seeing any trail, I don’t really understand why.

enter image description here

How are you supposed to judge ISO’s effect on the image if you are looking through the viewfinder?

When you look through the viewfinder, how do you prevent potentially taking bad photos by misjudging the ISO? You can see what the focus will be like and depth of field and the shutter speed isn’t too difficult to judge. But the picture could look super good in the view finder but look horrible after because the ISO was set wrong. How can I make the view finder incorporate ISO before I take the photo so I don’t need to take time to take multiple photos, or use live view?