Are password managers still effective on a cloud PC (virtual machine)?

I have recently started using a cloud gaming service. It provides me with control of a ‘remote PC’ (actually a virtual machine running in their data centre) accessed through an app or VNC console. The VM is switched on/off using a control webpage where a password must be entered.

This week the cloud gaming service was hacked (specifically, several people discovered that all users could access the control webpage back-end using their ordinary user password). An attacker had access to all of the virtual machines and is known to have accessed one of them (owned by someone we will call “Numpty”) in order to take control of other accounts which were open on that VM at the time.

Using a password manager (1Password, LastPass, etc.) is often the top recommendation for secure computing. But in this specific case, it seems that using a password manager is no more secure. It would not have protected Numpty, since their other accounts were already open on the desktop to which the attacker had full access. Is that correct?

I even wonder whether a password manager would have been less secure than memorized passwords. If Numpty had been using a password manager, it seems that the attacker could have opened the web pages of popular websites (Amazon, Google, PayPal, etc.) and accessed those accounts without needing to know the password. Is that correct? I have never used a password manager, so I am not certain.

I am wondering about whether to discourage the other users of cloud gaming services from using password managers, so please point out any flaws in this argument.

algebra precalculus – Actuarial theory of interest question with effective discount

I have spent several hours trying to solve this problem. $A$ and $B$ both open up new bank accounts at time $0$. The principle for $A$ (the amount deposited at $t=0$) is $100$. The principle of $B$ is $50$ (the amount deposited at $t=0$). Each account earns an annual discount rate of $d$. The amount of interest earned in $A$ during the 11th period is equal to $X$. The amount of interest earned in $B$ during the 17th period is equal to $X$. Calculate X.

Given that we are dealing with effective discount rate, for $A$ and $B$ we have $a(t)^{-1} = (1-d)^t$ clearly the amount of interest earned is $(1-d)^t$ for both $A$ and $B$. This means that $(1-d)^{11}=(1-d)^{17}$
Is this the correct set up? if not why? Given that the principles are $100, 50$ we have:

$frac{100}{(1-d)^{11}}=frac{50}{(1-d)^{17}}$ that is if we are setting the amount functions equal to each other during the $17$ and $11$ period. I thought this would translate to $50(1-d)^{11} = 100(1-d)^{17}$ then substituting $X$ for $(1-d)^{17}$ and $(1-d)^{11}$ we have something that makes no sense $50X=100X$ which gives $X=0$ after solving. If I don’t substitute for $X$ I have $50(1-d)^{11}=100(1-d)^{17} to 50=100(1-d)^6$ which translates to $frac{1}{2}=(1-d)^{6}$ which gives a decimal less than one. The answer is $38.88$ I have no idea where I am going wrong. What am I missing? Am I even any where close on my thought processes?

How to add a backdrop to tabletop miniature games in a cost effective way?

What is the most cost effective way of recreating this effect at home – ideally using iPhone or iPad photo editing software.

Assuming you play in someone’s home, and that someone is well equipped in the entertainment department, play in front of a very large TV, connected to a computer to display a chosen image.

This is very cost effective if you already have the computer and TV — an HDMI cable to connect the two is around $20, and images are free(ish).

architecture – What is the most effective way of managing scene objects states in Unity?

I often see this kind of problem in projects: the scene contains many hierarchical objects that must be in a certain state to work correctly. If a disabled object has to be edited it has to be activated first, and if editing takes a long time it is difficult to remember its original state at the end, especially when there are several objects which states were changed. It leads to hidden bugs. I often take a screenshot of the expanded hierarchy before I start editing but I don’t think this is a solution, it’s more a method of minimizing the consequences.

So how to manage this problem correctly or what approaches you could recommend?

firefox – Tor vs Brave browser – which approach is technically more effective to hinder user tracking – fingerprint generalization or randomization?

I am asking here for a purely technical comparison, I want to know the technical differences in fingerprinting protections applied by Tor vs Brave, and how effective both approaches are compared to each other.

TOR’s approach to countering fingerprinting is to make as many users “appear the same” as possible, to “generalize“. While Brave wants to randomize all fingerprints of each and every user in a unique way (for each new opened session).

I quote from Brave team:

“We’re adding subtle, non-human perceivable noise to the JS readable
outputs of the audio, canvas and WebGL APIs. The randomized end points
give you unlinkability across sessions for (for any fingerprinter who
consumes a randomized endpoint)”

Question can you please explain: Which of those two approaches (randomize vs generalize fingerprints) is technically more
effective in making it more difficult to track/pinpointthat a user across weeks of different browsing sessions is
the same user?

5 HUGELY Effective Forex Trading Tips 2020 – Forex News & Analysis

Welcome to my today’s topic ” 5 HUGELY Effective Forex Trading Tips 2020.”So, by reading the title I hope you’ve understood my today’s topic.

Yes, I’m gonna breakdown 5 best Forex trading tips which will SURELY be helpful for you in this 2020 Forex trading market. In fact, these are the same exact strategies that I’ve come to know that has benefited a lot of the market traders.

But before I get started, how about writing interesting facts about currencies in FX trading that most people don’t know about?

Here are the deets…

Currency exchange is an ancient practiceThe modern foreign exchange began in 1880. The The US dollar dominates retail Forex trading united States “paper money” was created to fill up for coin shortage.

Now moving on to the main part of today’s topic. Therefore let’s breakdown the 5 best Forex trading tips of 2020.

Don’t ignore the psychology of the trade

It’s easy to see why trading psychology is an area that is often overlooked by traders, especially when they start.

However, experienced traders, who have spent years in the market, understand that traders who will continue to run for the long term are those who have mastered their trading psychology.

Trading is a very emotional experience. The cold reality is that you will control your emotions or they will control you. How you react and respond to those emotions will determine your long-term market success.

So take the time now to research and invest in your trading psychology if you haven’t already.

Don’t ignore fundamental analysis

Technical analysis is intuitive and relatively easy for each. However, fundamental analysis is a skill that is a little more involved and seems impenetrable at first.

Fundamental analysis is simply the ability to understand why the market is moving in a certain direction.

For some people, who see fundamental analysis as irrelevant, it is necessary to reflect why almost every institutional trading company invests a large amount of money to get an economic release and the analysis is sent to their trading desk in seconds.

The Bloomberg Terminal, for example, costs around $ 2000 per month. If technical analysis alone is sufficient for profitable trading, this serious trading company will not invest so much in useless tools.

Some simple ways to accelerate your fundamental analysis skills are investing in the news, reading analysts regularly, and getting 1 training: 1.

This will be an investment that will pay dividends in the long run and avoid expensive initial mistakes.

Don’t be overly optimal

One of the most important aspects of trading to understand is the use of appropriate and professional leverage.

The use of leverage can be said to be the most important aspect of risk management and proper risk management is a top priority for all professional traders. Managing risk will be the single most important factor in your success or as a Forex trader.


You should pay attention to this lesson because this might be one of the factors that hinder your progress in the market because the use of improper leverage will make long-term success almost impossible to achieve on the top Forex market.


You cannot trade if you have no capital left. Conversely, using the right leverage will prevent you from destroying your account, maintaining your capital as a trader, and making you an attractive trader for high-income individuals to invest once you succeed.

Don’t ignore recent market sentiment

Sentiment analysis only understands the current market atmosphere. The market, like a person, is subject to a different mood. Properly reading the market atmosphere is very important in generating profits.

Now, if you misread someone’s mood, you might accidentally feel the effects of someone’s bad mood. In the same way, if you don’t know the mood or market sentiment, then you might end up with a trading loss.

The market is a melting pot of emotions, vulnerable to wild mood swings that can be overly optimistic or very pessimistic.

So how do you read sentiments correctly and stay abreast of the current market atmosphere?

You just have to read the last two market packages to see what the market’s focus is. Does the central bank cut interest rates unexpectedly?

Is there really good or bad data?

Try to trade according to the market by looking at what is the market’s focus. This is a skill that needs to be practiced and you will get better as time goes on.

Don’t view technical analysis as the holy cup of trade

When traders embark on their trading journey, they will often have a fascination with technical analysis.

Almost all traders have taken part in the search to find the holy grail of the trading system. His thinking said, ‘If I can find the right system, I will solve it’.Hours were then spent re-testing through charts, switching between systems week by week, all looking for major technology systems.

Too often is a little success because the perfect technical setup fails and you wonder why. Finally, traders who survive will realize that the market is a smooth price movement that reflects the economy throughout the world.

Fundamental analysis and sentiment are the guiding lights on prices. Technical analysis is just a means by which traders successfully determine and limit their risk in a way that makes sense once fundamentals are in place.

In short, technical analysis is a great steward, but a terrible master. In the end, both failure and success are a HUGE part of trading.

In order to be profitable you’ll have to manage both these aspects wisely. One must learn from the failure and take the necessary steps for obtaining a promising career in the future.



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