Is the command palette a UX tool only for experienced users? Or can they also be used effectively by non-technical users?

command Panel

VS code is also accessed via the keyboard. The main key combination you need to know is Ctrl + Shift + P command Panel , From here you have access to all functions of VS Code, including keyboard shortcuts for the most common operations.

command Panel

The command Panel Allows access to many commands. You can execute editor commands, open files, search for symbols, and get a quick overview of a file, all in the same interactive window. Here are a few tips:

another example from fman

The quickest way to explore fman abbreviations is via command Panel :

Just press Ctrl + Shift + P (or Command + Shift + P for Mac) open in fman.

After the command palette (see above) for power users and developers in some apps (vscode, sublimetext, some Pythonide, jupyterlab … etc.) has become a normal user interface, I think that in every complex program with many hidden tools / functions a range of commands would be very useful.

In my opinion, a modern range of commands serves three different purposes

  • Recognize commands / functions based on the desired actions (i.e. duplicate a file, export a tree view, create a timestamped zip file, … etc.)
  • Discovery of links
  • Executing commands that have no obvious visual interface or are deeply nested and would require a few clicks. Or for the lazy ones who type faster, then move and click the mouse and don't remember the shortcuts.

The way I see human memory is to map the basic dictionary object (key, value). And our intention is directly related to the action we want to take. Typically, in any software, a user must learn to map their intent to the learned behavior of steps that must be performed in the software to achieve their goal. (Let me know if I can explain all of this better). I find that the command palette shortens this approach and enables a faster learning experience.

I personally find it easier to remember words and actions that I want to achieve than the steps I have to take to achieve them. So I often have to google the exact recipe and run it manually. A command palette helps considerably and reduces the effort. Google has also greatly influenced people to move from structured information to queryable (?) / Searchable information. I've also always thought that the command line is great to run when you know what you want, and the UI is great to recognize.

As for the future, we move from learning behavior to dictation and let the software figure it out. I think that's all about assistants.

So my question is whether this is only useful for certain groups of people (i.e. developers) or whether it is generally applicable to the general population.

MacOS has the help search function, which is similar, or the action item, which is pretty good.

If someone wants to implement such a function in software, what are the guidelines from a UX perspective?

pathfinder 2e – How can I shield a block effectively with a tower shield?

I am a champion with a shield ally and a tower shield. The shield ally increases the hardness of my shield by +2 and the HP and BT by 50%. A normal tower shield has a hardness of 7 and 30 HP in my hands.

I want to be able to do two things: use a shield block to reduce the damage done to me and my allies, and use increase shield / take cover to provide AC and cover bonuses.

How can I keep the shield block effective beyond my early stages? There are some magical shields that increase HP and toughness, but I have never seen one that is a tower shield. Are there shields, class characteristics, talents or strategies with which I can keep the shield block effective with a tower shield?

Networking – Single download effectively disables Internet access for everyone else

I have dual link DSL internet, something around 24mb / 1mb. The problem I have is that no matter what I seem to be doing, every time a device on my network downloads something with near maximum bandwidth, it effectively does the rest of the network until the download is complete, rather than that What I would expect is a coincidence that my DSL router does some kind of load balancing. I connected a Nighthawk RAX120 WiFi router from the DSL modem, and even using the QoS function (and my previous TP-LINK AC7200-QoS didn't fix that either, so the Nighthawk doesn't seem to solve the problem) , Any suggestions?

GM techniques – what to do if players are effectively dead but not yet dead?

I am not familiar with role-playing games and I apologize if this question is poorly worded.

Suppose the players are sitting on a ship that capsizes. On the run from the shipwreck, they find an NPC holding on to the flotsam. The players decide that they cannot save the NPC and let them drown. Unfortunately, the NPC had a quest-critical item (e.g., an artifact needed to later kill the BigBadBoss). Since the item is now permanently lost, the quest will never be successful and the BigBadBoss will kill all players. They are dead, they just don't know it yet.

How can a GM continue the campaign if the players lose a necessary item like this? For this particular situation, I imagine the GM could try to give the quest-critical item to another NPC, but that may not be feasible (e.g., a player would have tried to examine the drowning NPC and the GM described the NPC as the owner of the artifact). It could also be something more serious, e.g. Players could kill an NPC that is critical to the quest, and bringing the NPC back to life would be incredible.

I imagine the GM couldn't do anything and let the players die, but then it seems like a pretty boring game for the GM because he already knows the end result.

dnd 5e – Does a change in the shape of a deva heal this effectively?

If a CR10 deva uses the shape change at half health to take the form of a stone colum, then they become a stone brine with full health? Does anything prevent the same deva from returning to his natural form when the stone holm is about to die and take up his last fight with this (I presume) half health that he originally had in his main form?

Does Change Shape give these monsters an effective HP buffer or second life bar?

This question assumes that the deva knows the full extent of his powers and intends to make full use of them. (While the CR10 category for threats still fits!)

Second Curtain – How can I use Blitz more effectively in club photography?

For the first time, I did a couple of recordings in a club / DJ bar. I've tried many different techniques and can not figure out how to improve my flash photography.

These were some of my worst shots since I think I have to use the flash badly in this environment. The goal was to shed more light on the subject so that it was captured with the 2nd curtain. What happened was that I lit the ugly blanket in a round, bright shape. I used a flash with a cable from the camera that bounced off the ceiling while syncing the second curtain. What can I do to use a flash more effectively in this environment?

.6sec, ISO 400, f/5.6, 16mm(35mm eqiv.)

Enter image description here

.6sec, ISO 400, f/5, 16mm(35mm eqiv.)

Enter image description here

PHP – how to effectively translate collection into pagination

I have created a pagination library in PhP and I want to implement it Collection, I'm not sure how to split it. You can find my repo here

class PaginatorFactory implements PaginatorFactoryInterface
    /** @var PageProviderInterface */
    private $pageProvider;

    public function __construct(PageProviderInterface $pageProvider)
        $this->pageProvider = $pageProvider;

    public function createPaginator(int $page, int $pageSize): PaginatorInterface
        $total = $this->pageProvider->getTotalCount();
        $offset = ($page - 1) * $pageSize;
        if ($offset >= $total) {
            $items = new EmptyIterator();
        } else {
            $items = $this->pageProvider->getPage($offset, $pageSize);
        return new Paginator($page, $pageSize, $items, $total);

I added collecting class

class Collection
    private $items = ();

    public function __construct($collection)
        $this->items = $collection;

    public function getCollection()
        return $this->items;

    public function addItem($obj, $key = null)
        if ($key == null) {
            $this->items() = $obj;
        } else {
            if (isset($this->items($key))) {
                throw new KeyhasUseException("Key $key already in use.");
            } else {
                $this->items($key) = $obj;

    public function deleteItem($key)
        if (isset($this->items($key))) {
        } else {
            throw new KeyInvalidException("Invalid key $key.");

    public function getItem($key)
        if (isset($this->items($key))) {
            return $this->items($key);
        } else {
            throw new KeyInvalidException("Invalid key $key.");

    public function keys(): array
        return array_keys($this->items);

    public function length(): int
        return count($this->items);

    public function keyExists($key): bool
        return isset($this->items($key));

updated ArrayPageProvider to

public function getPage(int $offset, int $limit): Iterator
        return new ArrayIterator(array_slice($this->collection->getCollection(), $offset, $limit));

I extended PaginatorInterface lock in Countable, Traversable

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METERS, 50.60 G / T GOLD OVER 1.0 METER AND 102.43 G / T GOLD OVER 0.7


TORONTO, ON – September 4, 2019 – Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or the "Company") (TSX: ANX)
(OTCQX: ANXGF) announces results from 18 diamond drill holes (BR-19-72 to BR-19-76 and BR-19-86)
to BR-19-97 and BR-19-99) in the East Goldbrook Gold System ("EG Gold System") on the Goldboro Gold
Project in Nova Scotia ("Goldboro"). The 4,391 meters of diamond drilling were part of a recently completed
Meter diamond drill program, which was announced on February 28, 2019 and was destined to fill parts of the EC gold
System (6 holes) to update the resource categorization (the infill drill program) and to extend the EC Gold system
(12 holes) east of the 2018 resource model limits in Section 9550E ("Expansion Drill Program") (Appendices A, B)
and C).
Selected compiled highlights from the latest infill drill program are:
• 50.60 g / t gram per ton ("g / t") gold over 1.0 meter (246.0 to 247.0 meters) in hole BR-19-89;
• 12.23 g / t gold over 2.0 m (214.3 to 216.3 m) in hole BR-19-89;
• 6.03 g / t gold over 2.9 m (200.7 to 203.6 m) in hole BR-18-90;
• 72.40 g / t gold over 0.6 m (21.0 to 21.6 m) in hole BR-18-87; and
• 32.62 g / t gold over 0.9 m (290.7 to 291.6 m) in hole BR-18-87.
Selected compiled highlights from the current extension drill program are:
• 27.12 g / t gold over 2.5 m (51.3 to 53.8 m) in hole BR-19-97, including 133.11 g / t gold over 0.5 m
• 102.43 g / t gold over 0.7 m (142.0 to 142.7 m) in hole BR-19-86;
• 16.65 g / t gold over 2.0 m (167.5 to 169.5 m) in hole BR-18-88, including 65.49 g / t gold over 0.5 m
• 5.36 g / t gold over 2.2 m (321.1 to 323.3 m) in hole BR-18-75; and
• 17.79 g / t gold over 0.5 meters (192.8 to 193.3 meters) in hole BR-18-74.
"The infill drill program has successfully infilled certain parts of the EG Gold system for which it was identified
Developed in the preliminary economic evaluation in 2018 and intersected gold mineralization with grades and latitudes
consistent with previous drilling programs. It is expected that the drilling density will increase
These areas of the resource belong to the indicated category and can be included in the upcoming mineral resource
To update. In addition to these results, the extension drill program has successfully demonstrated the Goldboro deposit
continues east at least 375 meters beyond previous geological modeling. These drill results will also be
is used to model the deposit to the east and is included in a resource update. Anaconda has completed 15,837 meters
diamond drilling since July 2018, which will be included in the new resource update and published in a feasibility study
The study is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. "
~ Kevin Bullock, CEO of Anaconda Mining Inc.
The infill drill program intersected high grade, mineralized gold zones as predicted by the geological model
It is expected that resource categorization will be improved in this area of ​​the EC Gold system (Annexes A and B), which was part of the EC Gold System
Mining scenario described in the company's preliminary economic valuation for 2018. The infill drill program too
showed continuity of mineralization in the EC gold system, where it intersected 10 occurrences of visible gold.

The extension drilling program extended the strike of the Goldboro deposit eastward by 375 meters from Resource 2018
Model boundary (Figures A and C) that encounters typical high grade mineralization. In addition to the extension of the deposit strike
The expansion drill program identified a total of 15 new mineralized zones and encountered 14 occurrences of visible gold.
The EC Gold System now contains 26 separate mineralized zones (15 more than the 2018 resource model)
tested to a known depth of 400 meters and remains open for enhancements.
Anaconda also detected high concentrations of high grade mineralization (eg 27.12 g / t gold over 2.5 m in
Hole BR-19-97) adjacent to other high-grade gold intercepts previously reported on February 28, 2019
contained 25.07 g / t gold over 1.5 m (Appendix C). These sections are located about 150 meters above sea level
from another high-grade result of 215.74 g / t gold over 3.65 meters, as previously reported from historical drilling. These
The results indicate that there may be high quality slides along the southern dip leg of the host fold structure within them
EG Gold System (Appendix C), which is common in other areas of the Goldboro Deposit. Some of these sections are
less than 75 meters from the surface and is being investigated for the potential in open-pit mining as part of the ongoing feasibility study.

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PHP – run effectively through test conditions

Given this example

private function compareTwo($first, $second)

        $result = $first->param === $second->param;
        $result = $result && $first->param2 === $second->param2;
        $result = $result && $first->param3 === $second->param3;
        $result = $result && $this->runDifferentTest($first->param4, $second->param4);
        $result = $result && empty(array_diff($first->param5, $second->param5));

        return $result;

What I wanted to do is run through tests without having to run a test as soon as the previous one fails.

This example is trivial and compares attribute values. The same applies to the execution of various functions that return a validation value instead of a comparison.

However, it seems to me that with $result = $result &&is unnecessarily detailed, but I have not found a better syntax construct

Is what I present in the example the most effective way, both in terms of resources and code / syntax compatibility?