dnd 5e – If the PC statistics increase due to an item that has no other effects, does this affect other statistics?

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There is no sound while listening to a music or video, but notification effects work normally

Regardless of whether I try to play the sound through my speakers or my headphones, through videos played by Firefox, or when watching movies played with other software, I hear no sound, but the notification about Ubuntu sounds like USB plug-in In-sound works normally.

I tried to reinstall -alsa stuff, but did not specify a solution. What should I do?

dnd 5e – How are magical effects copied / cast to a creature when a spell copies / shapes a creature by "removing" its equipment?

This becomes important when using a spell such as Simulacrum or True Polymorph, or any other form change spell that affects the equipment.

Suppose I make a simulacrum from an orc armed with an ax, and the orc has an express spell on it. The saying says that the copy has no equipment.

But will it be in a hurry?

What is permanent magic effects instead?

What about instant magical effects?

What about "powerful" magic effects? Suppose a deity makes a kind of "divine desire" (stronger than a normal desire) to mechanically impart one of these two magical effects to a creature:

  • Instant: The creature gets a +2 bonus to the Strength.


  • Instant: The creature gains +2 Strength.

So would a simulacrum benefit from such extreme magic or not?

In short, magic effects are copied and (if so) to what degree?

Is there anything in the RAW rules that supports both interpretations?

dnd 3.5e – Which spells below magic level 6 in EACH spell list offer protection from harmful effects of enemy aircraft environments?

Well, to begin Avoid planar effects would not help, as the spell description says

The effects of […] alignment properties […] are not negated by Avoid planar effects.1

It means that Employment form and Eben tolerance from the same sources are also not helpful, as they only allow use Avoid planar effects on more creatures or for a longer duration.

Planar bubble from Planar manual and Spell Compendium would help, but it is a 7th level spell. However, if you are planning a short, one-time trip, a Scroll of the planar bubble Perhaps your best bet – for 2,275 gp, you'll get more than two hours of perfect aircraft protection for your entire group, as you're still considered to be on the material plane. If you spend a lot of time with this plane, you may invest in a scepter2 the planar bubblebut at 68.250 gp you really need the time there.

Resist the planar alignment is an abbreviation of the first level and as expected protects against alignment effects, but the protection is not perfect: it overcomes the disadvantages of low-leveled levels and halves the disadvantages of highly-aligned levels. Its effect, if anything, against special effects like disintegration is not specified and is probably due to the DM.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no other spells that protect against planar effects. You may be able to use undetectable orientation. Misrepresent alignment.2 and or Mind empty3 to prevent the layer from recognizing your alignment, but it's pretty much undefined whether planar effects use fortune telling to determine your alignment and apply the appropriate effects – ask your DM.

  1. Yes, all three releases from Avoid planar effects add this clause; I checked.

  2. Scepters are items that are triggered by spells Lost Realms of Faerûn These work like wands, but can also deal with spells of higher levels.

  3. Wrong orientation is an illusion Race from Eberron; 2nd level for bards, sorcerers and wizards and 3rd level for ministers.

  4. Not that Mind empty The level is low enough to be cast. It is the eighth level in every list in which it is displayed.

dnd 5e – Does the Kenku race curse prevent * awakened thoughts * and similar telepathy effects from helping them communicate?

A great old sorcerer is granted awakened spirit at the first level – a limited form of conversational telepathy that enables communication (with range limitations) with any entity that can understand at least one language.

Kenku, however, are under a racist curse that prevents them from speaking except through the imitation of sounds they have heard in the past (as if a talking crow or Myna had the intelligence to continue a conversation with their imitated words). Obviously, a kenku could be one aim of this ability from another being, because they understand language – but the kenku could reply other than by imitating words and phrases he had heard? Could a sorcerer of Kenku Great Old One use this ability to conduct one-on-one conversations without having to search in his memory for words or phrases that meet the requirements?

Yelp Listing Effects on SEO

I have a customer with a Yelp listing that has a 3-star rating average. Although several positive reviews have been added since then, these are not displayed by Yelp, and we consider removing the entry. Considerations on how this could affect the site ranking or other issues?

What are the negative effects of waist trainers?

dnd 5e – Can I choose what kind of melee attack I want to perform on the effects of the Crown of Insanity spell?

Inspired by this question. The saying says

The enchanted target must use its action before moving in each of its rounds to make a melee attack against a creature you choose in spirit.

The way I see it, the spell says only that I have to attack. If I have multiple melee attacks, do I have the choice I use?

Consider this hypothetical situation:

  • I have a short sword in my hand
  • The evil sorcerer throws the crown of madness at me
  • I fail at my rescue
  • He orders me to attack my party member standing next to me

Now it is my turn to attack this party member. Do I have to attack with the sword? Can I instead make an unarmed attack to do less damage to my party member?