dnd 3.5e – Can a character who is immune to mind-affecting effects benefit from Craven performance?

The Craven talent, which deals extra damage on sneak attacks, has an unusual requirement:

Can not be immune to anxiety

Can a character who is immune to mental disorders (such as a Mind Blank spell) continue to receive Craven's advantage? I'm not sure if it's the same as "immune to fear".

dnd 5e – Do the 1-minute effects end at the beginning or end of your turn?

All fixed duration effects that can be measured in rounds end just before the start of any of your rounds. (Otherwise, their duration would be too short to be a full round or two full rounds, and so on.)

We can see this by considering a duration of 1 round and applying the same logic to the case of 10 rounds.

A round of 1 round measured in rounds is "every participant in a fight makes a round" (PHB, p. 189) – or in other words, each round one for you and all others. Since you enjoy the benefits of an effect such as anger on the turn you activate it, this is an effect pull for you. Everyone also enjoys the effect on their turn after you until the end of the creature's turn just before your next turn. When your next turn begins, you'll enjoy the effect for a second turn. Therefore, the second round of the effect begins with the beginning of your second turn.

Thus, the dividing line between rounds is the same for an effect you enjoy at the first activation Just like / before one of your moves starts,

(There are a few exceptions, but they explicitly state when they end in relation to your turn, most of them are single-round spells that change your next action and explicitly extend to it.) The End of you in the next round, so they do not become unusable – you can imagine such effects as if you and everyone else had only after the "fun" The End your first round.)

Now we can extend this to 10 rounds to see that the rage is about to end before your 11th round begins. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to the turn on which an effect begins as "your first turn," regardless of how long the fight lasted.

  • A duration of 1 round starts on 1. turn and ends shortly before the beginning of the second (next) turn, Otherwise it would not be a full round.
  • A duration of 2 Round starts on 1. turn and ends shortly before the start of your 3. turn, Otherwise it would not be a full 1 round.

    & vellip;

  • A duration of 10 Round starts on 1. turn and ends shortly before the start of your 11th. turn, Otherwise it would not be a full 10 laps.

In the case of anger, it ends just before the eleventh turn, so you can enjoy no more 11 Eleven hours, but enjoy the entire tenth round of violence, not even in the moves of everyone else.

canon dpp – Does the "For display" color management setting in Digital Photo Professional copy the effects of the calibration?

In Canon Digital Photo Professional v4 there is a setting under Settings | Color Management named "Color Matching Settings" with a group of "View To" options. You are:

  • sRGB
  • Use the operating system settings
  • Monitor the profile

Does selecting "Use OS Settings" mean that DPP will apply the color profile a second time, in addition to the features of Windows?

Here's another way to imagine the question.

  1. Take a high quality IPS monitor and connect it to a Windows 10 computer.
  2. Create a perfect ICM file with a color calibrator.
  3. Apply the ICM file in the Windows Color Management dialog box and make sure that all the colors on the display change after you apply them.
  4. Run Canon DPP with the "Use Operating System Settings" option selected
  5. Take a look at a photo.

Should all colors be wrong because the ICM file is applied twice (once from Windows and once from Canon)? Or are all colors correct, as Windows does not affect the colors displayed by Canon DPP (unless "Use operating system settings" is selected)?

dnd 5e – Will the invisibility spell be canceled with an unclaimed spell action and no attack? Both the spell and the effects of the spell?

An interesting combination emerged in the gameplay: An invisible party member decided to defend another party member using his reaction without spells and no attacks (arrow-marksmen).

This led to two questions:

In the description for the invisibility Spell (PH p. 254), states:

The spell ends for a target that attacks or acts on a spell.

So this led to the question – Does this reaction end with invisibility?

In the description for the Backstop plate, it says

Whenever an attacker makes a ranged attack on a
Target within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to that
Target of the attack instead.

In fact, there is a long list of reactions without spells that can not be attacked (Bardean inspiration, misdirection, etc.) that can influence an attack.

Question 1: Does this reaction cause the invisibility spell to stop?

The consensus at the table was "No, it's neither a spell nor an attack."

But wait, there is more!

According to the rules of invisible Condition (PHB, p. 291):

Attack rolls against you have disadvantage.

Theoretically, the attack should now be penalized even though it was already done.

This made us all scratch our heads (and the normal attack was missing anyway, so we continued)

Question 2: Is rerouting an attack on an invisible target now leading to an offensive attack?

Set / Change 2d Unity render buffer for render overlay effects


This is rather a question of how and where further research on this topic can be done, as I do not know anything yet. If someone has answers on how to achieve this goal, I would also very much welcome it!


I worked on my own game (2D arcade, Android) for quite a while and I just add "sequences" that take control of the modular gameplay functionality and add extra behaviors and additional "challenges". To make the transitions more interesting – especially transitions to boss fights
and / or dramatic scenes

What I want to do; what I intend to do

I would like to do a kind of rendering overlay: You can basically convert the render buffer into both areas

  • Draw solid colors (eg full screen white PLUS fades out the white overlay)

and or

  • Manipulate – "blend" – all pixel colors with a specific color to get a color mixing effect (as shown below, which is just an example)

Sample effect image that I created because I could not find a current image

I have no idea how it works. I could write a shader, but that would have to be applied to every single object in the scene (?). The white overlay effect can be done with a simple white sprite, but I find it more interesting to create an overlay effect that does things like & # 39; color mixing & # 39; can fulfill.

Webcrawler – What are the possible side effects of the "nosnippet" robot meta tag?

So I run the website ncservo.com. I recently found that the Ctr of the search console dropped from 4% to 2%. I noticed that we had more and more impressions, but despite the increase in impressions, our clicks had declined.

At first I did it with bad luck or that we had more indexed pages. Maybe they were visible only in the lower parts of the pages, which led to a decrease in the ctr, but overall the clicks would not decrease.

The CTR decline also started around 6th April. A few days after the new patch from Google.

Next, I found the culprit. Google has stopped using our meta descriptions. Instead, only random sections of text are retrieved from our website and displayed in search results in a manner that is the case with a person with a disassociative disorder.

Here is an example:

Buy & Repair Bosch 0810 Valves Visit us today for a quote
Bosch 0810 valve repair, we repair Bosch 0810 valves. We repair in an emergency … Bosch 0810-091-222 Bosch 0810-091-226 ยท Bosch 0810-091-240

Compared to one who draws from the meta-description:

Bosch 0810 Proportional Valves – NCServo.com – Visit us for a Quote!
Bosch 0810 Proportional Valves – NCServo.com – 1 Year Warranty Included – Visit Us Today for a Quote!

Currently, I'm using the following meta tag to curb Google Spider behavior.

I just added the following line, nosnippet. I believe that the pieces of text added by Google may be snippets.

My big question is: What are the effects of the Nosnippet tag?
I've heard that this will remove the cache and prevent the use of snippets in your searches. I assume that these small pieces of text that are selected are snippets. However, I wanted to confirm this again to be correct.

Does adding a Nosnippet tag help with this problem?
By adding a nosnippet tag, will the cached pages be unavailable in the search results?
Will a nosnippet only affect pages with schema or special data?
Is there another day that could help me solve this problem?