Elementor / Other drag and drop plugins

Has anyone used a drag and drop plugin for their WP site?

You give the pages structure and columns so you can drag and drop items to your page where you want them. Similar to the CMS give you webhosts or maybe Wix.

I liked the concept and thought it was going to work there, but I'm not sure I'm digging it out. I've been away for a while and log back in to do some page edits. It just seems to be superfluous coding in the page structure. Also, I did not dug up the font, but figured out how to change the default font.

Anyway, just wonder. I had tried another (peanut butter sandwich), but when I tried it for the first time (image size or something else), I came across a glitch that I had picked this image over. It's fine, but I'm just wondering if they're impractical, unless there's a specific need, and it's bad for SEO (bloated coding).