Filtering List View by Current User Email

You are doing the right thing. Using User ID (email) instead of the weird people field type is what I was doing as well. Many do the same.

Of course you can filter any list by an email in Power Apps. Filtering my email is not different from filtering by any other string-based field. Sample steps:

  1. Add Office 365 Users connector.
  2. Get current user’s email like so

enter image description here

  1. Now you can filter your SharePoint lists by email:
Filter('My SharePoint list', 'Email'= Office365Users.MyProfile().Mail)

email – Why does this guide encrypt its passwords in its own database?

I’m referring to this guide, notably this part here:

INSERT INTO `servermail`.`virtual_users`
(`id`, `domain_id`, `password` , `email`)
('1', '1', ENCRYPT('firstpassword', CONCAT('$6$', SUBSTRING(SHA(RAND()), -16))), ''),
('2', '1', ENCRYPT('secondpassword', CONCAT('$6$', SUBSTRING(SHA(RAND()), -16))), '');

Firstly, ENCRYPT doesn’t work in the current iteration of MySQL, and recommends SHA2() instead for one-way hashing. I know that hashing passwords is common for security reasons — is that what’s going on here? So, if the user inputs their unhashed password, that’ll be automatically converted to its hash and compared here? Is the unencrypted password stored anywhere?

Como configurar DNS para Mailjet e Email pessoal?

Sempre tenho dúvidas quanto a configuração de SPF e DKIM para emails mkt usando plataforma externa (ex: mailjet) e como conciliar isso com a mesma configuração porém para email pessoal “mailbox” no caso utilizo a cloudways como servidor e desejo usar o Mautic + Mailjet e o Rackspace como “mailbox” como configurar o DNS corretamente para que ambos tenham autenticidade de envio?

Can we use signed in email address of the user to auto fill the email text box in google forms.?

I am creating a google form in which people will enter their names and email address and other details. I have done this previously but have noticed that most of the people uses their wrong email address. I want to create a google form which will have name and email address. I will share the link of the form to users.

Users will have to first sign in to their gmail account and then they will be redirected to google form in which I want that the email text box should be automatically filled and should not editable.

For ex, has signed in and opened the google form. So the email text box in form should automatically fill up with and should be non editable so that user cannot edit and we capture the users valid email address.

Can anyone please tell me if this is possible and how we can achieve it. Please help. Thanks

Save whole email in SharePoint library as .eml file using MS Flow and open it outlook

I want to save the O365 email (whole email itself) to SharePoint (online) document library as a .eml file and open up in office outlook.

I have followed the approach given in this url:
How to save outlook office 365 email body in SharePoint Online Document Library using Microsoft Flow?

I have found that the email gets saved in the library, but when I open it from the library (downloading from lirabry using outlook), the file opens but shows no any content (white email screen). The extension of the file is .eml. Can anybody suggest, how can i open this email in outlook with content?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Since I am forcibly changing the extension, probably content are lost. Note sure. Any Idea?

google apps script – forward and append gmail subject with sender’s email address

I need to forward mail messages that append the subject with the first part of the sender’s email address. So for example, our VoIP service sends a gmail when a user gets a voicemail but the subject only reads “voicemail message.” The sender is the phone number at the VoIP domain. So the sender would be I want to take the 555-555-1234 and forward and append the subject so the subject reads “555-555-1234 Voice Message.” And ideas?

authentication – Is there a security reason to require email address and password in separate steps?

I have noticed lately that instead of having an email address and password entry box on the same page/screen, a lot of websites and apps will instead ask for your email address first, then it will ask for your password in a separate step.

As I use a password manager, this means I cannot just fill in the email address and password in one easy step – I either have to manually type my email address, or I have to autofill with the password manager twice.

My question is: is there a good security reason why they are increasingly doing it this way, or is it just bad UI design?