Applescript: forward Outlook e-mail as an attachment

I have an AppleScript service that allows me to automate the reporting of spam / phishing emails to our IT group. I've found that the redirect occurs by embedding the content directly into the forwarded message, which triggers the loading of images by URL. This is undesirable for spam since the sender can be told that I have opened the message. (This happens in spite of "automatically download images from the Internet" in Settings -> E-Mail -> Read set to "Never.")

At the moment I do the forwarding like this:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
    -- See

    set fwdMessage to forward theMessage without opening window
    make new recipient at fwdMessage ¬
        with properties {email address:{address:""}}
    make new recipient at fwdMessage ¬
        with properties {email address:{address:""}}
    open fwdMessage

    move theMessage to junk mail
end tell

How can I change this to do a "forward as attachment" instead of a regular "forward" action?

I am using Outlook version 16.16.16.

applescript – script to create a new e-mail message

I would like to do the following with some sort of automation (Automator, AppleScript, Alfred Workflows, whatever works):

Create a new email with the following information:

  • From a specific e-mail account that is already set up in Mail, but
    is not the default
  • object
  • body content

The problem I come across is that I can create a new email with the subject and text in Automator, but can not use anything other than the default From account. Any ideas to get around this? – How can I ignore all e-mail messages in a conversation without deleting them in the Microsoft Outlook web interface?

How can I ignore all email messages in a conversation without deleting them in the Microsoft Outlook web interface?

The Ignore conversation feature removes all messages related to the selected conversation and moves future messages in the conversation directly to the Deleted Items folder.

I'm pretty much looking for the equivalent of the Mute All feature for Gmail.

Microsoft Excel – Select lines with the same value (e-mail address)

I have two separate excel files with e-mail addresses.
File A (4000 lines) contains e-mail addresses and the size of the mailbox, and File B contains only e-mail addresses (700 lines).

So I have to mark all 700 lines in file A so that I can determine the mailbox size.

I tried to do a spreadsheet comparison, which was not helpful. Show me how this works.

Change the "in" email address in the header of Gmail emails

Earlier this year, I decided to change my email address from Hotmail to Gmail. I've created a new Gmail email address and copied emails from my old Hotmail email into the new Gmail account using Thunderbird.

However, I noticed that those who copied emails into the new Gmail account still contained the old Hotmail email in the "to" box of the old emails.

I'd like to update the header of these old emails by replacing the old Hotmail email in the "To" address with my new Gmail address. I know that it is not advisable to change received emails, but I want to maintain a unique path in my new Gmail Inbox so that the old Hotmail email is not mentioned in my new Inbox.

I have made two attempts with Thunderbird to update the e-mail headers:

  1. I've tried modifying the source email files in the Thunderbird profile directory as described in this post (editing received email messages in Mozilla Thunderbird by editing the source) by moving the old email occurrences through the new ones replaced were local Thunderbird Inbox or the online IMAP Gmail account.
  2. I also tried to use the Thunderbird Header Tools Lite add-on to update the e-mail header field. While this attempt resulted in changing the e-mail header, I found that the timestamp of the e-mail was also changed to the "now" time instead of the time the e-mail was actually received. This places the email at the beginning of my inbox, not the original receipt date (old order in Inbox).

I'm open to using other tools (not limited to Thunderbird only) and would like tips on how to get the "to" address of my old emails (keeping the old receive / timestamp) with Thunderbird or something can change other things else?

magento2 – Check out in just one step with magento 2, without any e-mail being recorded

I'm using the BSS One-Step Checkout extension and the Mageplaza Abandoned cart email extension.

Here I see that after completing the checkout form, the guest user information is not stored under the quotes table in DB. So what should I do to store guest information in the Quote Table when guests send e-mails?

Here is a video about users and guest users:

List Generation – How to Create an Email Marketing List

Whether you're dealing with Internet advertising software or marketing your own business, you want to rent electronic newsletters to reach your customers and sell your products and / or offers. An online marketing list can be very important as it can be of use to you, Would you like to create a list of addresses to which you can regularly send promotional emails? Then follow these simple and simple references and succeed.

[Image: buy-usa-email-list.png]
First, search the table by e-mail. Most e-mail addresses are really written in company cards, receipts, letterheads, organizational documents, and so on. Remember that the people you know have more than anyone the potential to be your most loyal customers. So sign in to your business email account and write down people's email addresses in these spreadsheets. In addition, you are undoubtedly on the way to building a cited traumatic e-mail database.

Second, the powerful way to create a listing is to search people in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and email directories. There are people we met in the hereafter, whose contact details we have already lost. Search engines and e-mail directories can help us a lot in finding their e-mail addresses. Just enter your full name on these websites and your entire private profile, even lots of snapshots, will be easy to appear.

Third, be part of a unique e-mail company. Yahoo, Google, AOL and many other serps have a mailing group feature. Join different companies related to your products or services or engage in over-the-top hobby. For example, if your products are bathing suits, you will be joining swimming companies, model companies, and so on.

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