Email server – Postfix whitelist in real time

I use Postfix & # 39; s postscreen Filter and I've whitelisted a couple of static CIDRs with that postscreen_access_list Feature. However, when I tested this feature, I found that sending emails to my servers with a large email host did so after the first try and the expected …

NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from (###.###.###.###):#####: 450 4.3.2 Service currently unavailable;
PASS NEW (###.###.###.###):#####

… when the next attempt is made (the one that should come through because it was automatically whitelisted), it usually comes from a completely different IP address, since the outgoing servers are part of a farm. As a result, some emails are delayed by more than an hour, if not more.

I understand that this is by design, but in our scenario MANY client servers will have this delay, and I wonder if there is a way to create a centralized whitelist that all of our client servers will update and validate against instead of theirs to maintain your own?

What can prevent Gmail recipient mapping from forwarding email to the new address?

I am the Gsuite administrator for my company. For a departing user, it was planned that the company's Gmail would be blocked for 12 months before the termination was completed. I blocked the account but was then instructed to give the user more time to complete the current business relationship.

I restored the company's Gmail account, reset the user's password, and emailed the user to confirm the temporary password.

If the user clicked the link in the confirmation email, the user receives an error message instead of being directed to a login screen to change their password to something only they know: contact your Administrator.

This user is not a system administrator.

To work around this problem, I set up recipient mapping with my administrator's Gmail address as an alternate Gmail account to receive email sent to this user. However, when I immediately sent a test email to Gmail, it never arrived in my administrator account.

Why can't this user's password be reset? And what prevents recipient mapping from forwarding email from the user's Gmail account to my Gmail administrator account?

GET – Mike Shreeve – Email Academy | Proxies-free

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Mike Shreeve – Email Academy


Introduction to the Email Academy:

A proven process for becoming a well-paid email author

I have put together a template-based program that focuses on the 5 most important email disciplines so that you can become a qualified email writer as soon as possible.

This is NOT a program in which we teach you a number of theories about how to write an email that is nice enough to be put in the fridge.

This is a results-based implementation program designed to start your career as a working writer with a healthy full-time income (so you can put some food in the fridge).

For those of you who don't want to write for clients, I'll also show you how you can use email to sell your own stuff whenever you want.

The main focus of this program is on more than 40 email templates that you can use regardless of niche or industry, and accompanying training that shows you how to turn these templates into assets for customers.

I will show you in detail:

The five main specialties in the world of email copywriting (product launch, autoresponder drip campaigns, newsletters, daily email, B2B sales and the "Miscellaneous" category) and the selection of the category that you prefer to write for customers. . .
A complete knowledge transfer of the basics of email copywriting that I've learned for over 10 years by putting food on my table (and a few more) by getting people to buy my words. . .
The exact methods I use to write email that consistently delivers profitable results for customers and attracts customers between $ 4 and $ 12.5,000 a month. . .
How to use B2B sales emails to find your first customer within 7 days (and in just 2-3 days once you get the hang of it) and generate enough customer work to do within 90 days or work less full time. . .
What are the "Big 5" mistakes most email authors make and how to avoid them (doing it right is like jumping to the top)
A look into the life of a freelancer and what you can expect in terms of lifestyle, income and happiness (it is important to know where you are going when trying to get there).
The 6 most important mindset changes that need to occur to reach large email clients. . .
Who the dream customer is, where to find them and how to convince them to hire you (PLUS: we will talk about how to make them customers with long-term customer loyalty).
The 3 most profitable niches you can write for (and a few less profitable yet fun niches to consider)
The easiest way to build an email portfolio that attracts high paying customers (get it wrong and you will only attract price hagglers).
A complete price overview for each of the 5 most important email disciplines and price recommendations for bundling for larger payment days. . .
Why customers LOVE "self-contained offers" and how they can be created with ease. . .
How I sold $ 25,000 worth of text creation in a single presentation (I'll even give you a record of the presentation that you can copy and use for yourself) Why customers LOVE "self-contained deals" and how you love them Can create ease. . .
You can reach customers with just 15 minutes a day (we call them Empire Builder … and they are AMAZING for busy people who need customers quickly).
Why the best email copywriters NEVER write emails until they ask their customers this important question. . . (TIP: If your customer doesn't know the answer to this question … RUN AWAY!)
How to master the blank page and how to know what to say in each email, regardless of what your customer is trying to sell. .
How to find the "voice" of your emails by focusing your writing on the most important person in the business (it's probably not the person you're thinking of).
How to use advanced message segmentation to bring your customer a little more revenue and profit without being sleepy or sending too many emails to the email list. . .
I'm going to show you how to "assemble" my emails using a simple building block system, rather than trying to rewrite them from scratch (this always beats when authors block).
The science of subject lines: How to double or even triple the results for your customers by becoming a master of the subject line (if you like reading magazines you will love this)
How to use the # 1 most powerful email writing tool to improve results for you and your client (TIP: You can always come back with these TV writers to learn more.)
How to tell stories in emails – this is very different from the way you tell stories in sales letters or on social media. . .
Why most email copywriters misunderstand the most important part of email writing. . . (Do it right and your customer will love you forever)
How to write emails with product launch sequences for: Static launches, PLF-style launches, webinar launches and more. . . (Not sure what this means? I'll give you detailed information on these topics so you can be the expert that customers rely on to generate sales.)
Why I LOVE behavioral segmentation. . . and how you can add more results to your customers' bottom line by simply rewriting some of their existing emails (I love offering customers this quick win).
How to use emails. . . Find out what you should write in your next email (if I feel lazy, I'll do it so that the emails are practically self-written).
How to build an automated vending machine using email – you can do it for your customer or for yourself – set it up once and let it run for months or even years (I have an automated sequence that I always use still make sales and I wrote them in 2013)
9 “Indoc emails” that help turn strangers into fans, then customers, and then evangelists for the brand who share your business with others for FREE. . .
How to write high-end newsletters for professional companies with fancy pants that HATE a sales language (big market, lots of needs, big budgets)
4 types of weekly newsletters that any company can use to build audiences and generate sales. . .
15 daily email templates to mimic my style and sales success (ideal for running a daily email without Smarm).
Use the Reciprocity Pack email set (with templates) to attract high paying customers. . .
4 different B2B template packs (including follow-up sets) that turn a simple free email account into a multi-million dollar sales generator when put in the right hands. I realize that this is a big claim, but once you see exactly what these template packages contain and who they are for, you will see clearly how companies use them to achieve massive windfall deals in the millions. . .
How to Write: Affiliate Email Sequences, Reintegration Campaigns, Flash Sale Emails, and More (If You Learn Only These, You'd Be in the Top 1% of Email Authors)
Does the customer want you to take over the technical side of the email? We offer a COMPLETE module that deals exclusively with e-mail technology from setup to automation to segmentation (don't worry, very few customers want you to deal with the technical part, but only in case … we have the training to support you)
The secrets of 6-digit writing productivity: everyone can write. Anyone can be paid for writing. Only people who know how to be productive will reach six-digit numbers a year as writers. I'll show you how. . .
How to turn your newly acquired email knowledge into packages of $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 that customers are happy to pay for. . .
Plus, a whole lot more!
What you will achieve

When you order today

Here are my goals for you when you order the Email Academy today:

You have mastered the writing of emails that are sold in all five important email disciplines
You develop a daily habit of getting customers (in just 15 minutes a day)
With your ability to write emails that get results, you add more and more customers for monthly customers
Pretty easy, isn't it?

It will also be of great importance to your freelance company if you can move forward with confidence and know that you can deliver measurable results to customers who will keep you going.

Although it seems simple, it has profound implications, and that's why it works.

Order now and you will also receive:

Bonus # 1 – The Daily Email Master Class: How I Started A $ 1,000,000 Business With Daily Email

Of all the emails you experience in this program, the daily email has a special place in my heart.

When I present it to qualified prospects, I promise that including daily email will at least double sales.

I am confident of making this promise because I have seen it again and again throughout my career.

The daily did that and more for me, and in this master class, I will walk you exactly the way I followed to get there.

The secrets that I'm going to share have not been part of previous training, and I'm not sure I will include them in a program other than this.

If you currently use daily email in your own company (or plan to do so in the future, which I highly recommend), I guarantee that this class will significantly increase your profit potential.

And if you only want to offer it to customers, you get a behind-the-scenes look at what is really required for one of the most lucrative email writing specialties to work for you.

Bonus # 2 – Enhanced Email Copywriting with A-List Copywriters (The Interview Series)

We have gathered some of the greatest minds in today's copywriting industry and let them reveal their secrets.

Detailed interviews with:

David Garfinkle "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach"
Chris Orzechowski on writing for e-commerce
Jimmy parents about email persuasion secrets
And more . . .
We are constantly collecting more interviews with some of today's best writers and I will make sure that we add them to your program for free in this case.

Order before midnight on September 10th

And you also get:

Quick Action Bonus # 1 – Case Study for Creating a Live List

A few months ago, I took on myself when I created a brand new list funnel from scratch.

But there was a catch …

I wanted to create an email list while selling services for $ 3,000 and $ 5,000, respectively.

In other words, I wanted to make money while building the list.

It took me about 6 days to make my first $ 3,000 sale. Since I recorded everything live, a small handful of people have repeated the same process and made their own list.

If you order the Email Academy at midnight before September 10th, I can access this training for FREE as a Fast Action Taker bonus.

Regardless of whether you use training to make a list for yourself or use these skills to create email lists for your customers, it is invaluable to see over your shoulder how to do this can be.

THE ENTREPRENEUR'S GUIDE TO Scaling To 7 Numbers (And Beyond)

Using the R.O.I.
Quickly generate more high quality leads and close sales …

If you're a 6 or 7+ figure entrepreneur selling (or wanting to sell) high quality products or services … that cost more than $ 1K …

… Then I want to give you The R.O.I. Method. The method is particularly suitable for the sale of high ticket offers and enables you to quickly monetize your audience, generate new, high-quality leads constantly and start a chain reaction of growth in your company in order to generate more sales in less time achieve.

R.O.I. stands for relevance, omnipresence and intimacy. Watch the video below to learn how they work together to achieve The Nuclear Effect in your business.

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Problems saving email directly from Outlook 2010 to SharePoint 2010 drive when using G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Problem as described above.

Outlook returns & # 39; The operation failed. The messaging interfaces returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook. & # 39;

Happens when the user tries to save email directly from Outlook 2010 to the mapped SharePoint 2010 drive using G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

I've tried all of the common troubleshooting steps.
Repair MS Office, repair PST, recreate a profile, disable Exchange in Outlook etc.

It works in safe mode, but that's not a permanent solution.

The workaround is to save it to the local computer and upload it to the network share.
However, the user does this at high volume, so the additional steps are cumbersome.

Appreciate any help or suggestions. There is not much information about it.

Email address that will be forwarded to my Google Voice SMS inbox

This question is intentionally repeated
Which SMS email address works for Google Voice?
But that is 8+ years old and the accepted answer is not correct.
I think it would be misleading to put a bounty on this question. Users will not understand the "story" of the post.

I have a Google Voice number XXX-XXX-XXXX.
How can I "create" an email address so that the email sent to it appears in my SMS inbox for XXX-XXX-XXXX?

For other companies, it was something like 10 years ago:

Web application for sending SMS emails


Will GV ever have an email-to-SMS gateway? from Googlevoice – Mac – Mojave – Mail continues to connect / disconnect my email accounts

Does anyone know why Mail continues to connect / disconnect my email accounts at Mojave? Accounts need to be disconnected from time to time and for some reason these accounts come back to life, download email, and then crash again. I have 3 accounts: one from my internet provider, one from Gmail (GSuites) and one from iCloud.

Edit: This email address works fine on other devices

Any ideas what goes wrong?

Email – contact form not sent. Just refreshing. No mistakes … nothing

I'm sorry if this is a repeated topic, but everything I can find is out of date and not for my version.

New problem in the very long line of problems … with Magento 2.3.2. CE

The contact form does not work on our website. It is displayed correctly and all configuration settings are activated. I know the email addresses work because account setup etc. works.

If you enter all the details and click "Submit", the "Contact" page will only be updated with no messages or errors and no email will be sent.

I'm using the Xstore theme, but the bolts and nuts are the same as the standard Magento form. I even have the Xstore & # 39; form.phtml & # 39; replaced by the standard and still achieved the same result.

I have a CMS contact page and use the following code:

{{block class="MagentoContactBlockContactForm" name="contactForm" template="Magento_Contact::form.phtml"}}

according to Magento documentation.

Any ideas as to why this happens would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.