E-mail exploit attempt intercepted – information requested – email to root + $ {…} @ host

I have received an e-mail to the address below, which is an obvious exploit attempt. Does anyone have details about the particular exploit, so I can make sure I'm patched / not exposed:


The confirmation of the e-mail address takes too long.

Hello, WHT.

I have a forum site with WordPress where users register with their email address.
During registration, the confirmation e-mail should arrive in the corresponding e-mail inboxes.

Why does it take too long for every attempt to register as a user on my website until the email confirmation arrives?
Like 1-2-3 hours or even more.

Is this problem coming from webhosting?
Is that normal?
Am I missing something?


Email – Google is becoming less competitive and shortsighted

Every time a Google email account requires phone confirmation. (Phone text and call need money!) Why does not Google improve a better email account for more security? Stay in the current email account for less security and collect data. I do not want to use a Google email. too complicated. I do not want to share data with Google. DATA vampires. I sold out all Google shares. Good technicians without a good strategy to win the future. I mean, Google does not know what they want in the future.

Email Marketing

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    How can I request my product through email marketing?

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    Mia Davis,
    June 24, 2019, 04:55

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    Which product?

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    June 24, 2019 at 5:03 am

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Submission problem with the Contact Form 7 plugin – No email / URL redirect

I'm trying to integrate CF7 into a site like I've done many times before. For some reason, this time the form updates the page instead of sending an email with a new URL that begins as follows:

[page url]? _wpcf7 = 7 & _wpcf7_version = 5.1.3 & _wpcf7_locale = en_DE & _wpcf7_unit_tag =

and includes the information entered. This will reload a blank form but will not display a success / failure alert and will not send a message.

The problem can be replicated here: https://ble.matmartin.co.uk/contact

I have tested for plugin conflicts and even if all but CF7 is disabled, the problem persists. The browser inspector also shows no problems loading JS.

So the problem must be with the topic I was writing, but I've tried to look for that error so I can fix problems and find nothing that explains what's going to happen so I can fix it.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

I am using CF7 through a custom field (ACF) for which I have added the following code to functions.php:

add_filter (# the_excerpt #, shortcode_unautop #);
add_filter (& # 39; the_excerpt & # 39 ;, do_shortcode & # 39;);

and I call this as follows:

I also tested this with the shortcode directly in the_content. I do not think this is causing the problem – the form will appear on the page in both cases.

If someone can help me identify the cause of the problem, I would be grateful.

Sharepoint server – send email based on the lookup field selection

You could achieve it through workflow.

Set the startup options to "Allow this workflow to start manually" and "Start the workflow automatically when an item changes".

Then the workflow is triggered when the item is edited.

If the Personnel Type is in the Temporary Workforce workflow, send an email to the Manager. If you choose others, send an e-mail to HR Approver.
After adding the condition "When a value equals the value," you should add "Else Branch."

Enter image description here

And we should store the value of the "Personal Type" lookup column in the workflow variable.

The entire workflow as follows:

Enter image description here