E-mails – Webform e-mail headers

I am not sure if I can explain this correctly, in any case it is here … Problems with rejected e-mails from the webform during automatic e-mail generation. The messages are returned because the message indicates that a header field is required, not the message body. How do I add a token to the header area that is not part of the pre-configured email message format? The token variable is generated by the user who selects a field in the web form. I tried to call the token variable with hook_mail_alter in the header of the webform.module file, but in the end, my webform module stopped working. When I play my token, it will display correctly, but only in the message body of Webforms. In the form I have created, the user selects between 20 different values, and this selected value must be in the header of the email if it is not generated in the message body. In addition, it must be in the first lines of the header immediately after "BCC email" and before the "SEND FROM" email. Support in changing the mail header.

mail.app – How do I export emails to PDF without extending the "Show more of …" history at the end of the messages?

I would like to create a PDF of an e-mail correspondence. I do not want my PDF to include a cited history of every previous message at the end of each email.

I open the conversation in Mail. I do not click on the options "Show more of …". That is, I do not extend it to make the emails in my PDF look the way I would like them. I select every message in the conversation. I then select File> Export as PDF … and save the file. I open the file and all options for "Show more of …" will be extended anyway. I then have to manually go through the PDF and delete the unwanted pages.

I also tried to print as a PDF. In this case, I can manually specify which pages to print. This can still be quite time consuming with long conversations, as more and more messages are listed in the history of each email.

How can I export the emails without the "show more of …" history?

magento2.3 – Magento2 Cron job for sending emails does not work

I try to send an e-mail via cron job to an address, but there is no answer.

Vendor Module Cron Mail.php

    logger = $ logger;
$ this-> transportBuilder = $ transportBuilder;

/ **
* Run the cron
* @return void
* /
public function execute ()
To attempt {
$ templateVars = [];
$ transport = $ this-> transportBuilder-> setTemplateIdentifier (& # 39; acme_dropshipment_email & # 39;
-> setTemplateOptions ( [ 'area' => MagentoFrameworkAppArea::AREA_FRONTEND, 'store' => 1 ] )
-> setTemplateVars ($ templateVars)
-> setFrom ( [ "name" => "rick", "email" => "emailaddress@gmail.com" ] )
-> addTo (& # 39; emailaddressofreceiver@gmail.com & # 39;)
-> setReplyTo (& # 39; emailaddress@gmail.com & # 39;
-> getTransport ();
$ transport-> sendMessage ();
$ this-> logger-> info (& # 39; Cron Works & # 39;);
return $ this;
} catch (exception $ e) {
$ this-> logger-> error ($ e);


Manufacturer Modules etc crontab.xml


            * * * * *

Manufacturer Modules etc cron_group.xml



Manufacturer Modules etc email_templates.xml