sharepoint enterprise – Sending e-mails with attachments

We need to be able to automate the sending of emails with attachments. For example the ff. Scenario:

  1. User requests a document to which the user has no access.
  2. Then pass some approvals and once approved
  3. After approval, the workflow sends the document as an attachment to the user

I do not think the SharePoint Designer workflow can do this immediately.

In my opinion, using the custom Visual Studio workflow, we can download the document and then send an email as an attachment with custom code. I am, however, dealing with large files or a large number of files. Is there a storage limit or can it affect the performance of our server if the workflow e-mail attachment is always running?

Or are there better approaches for that?

Outlook response emails lose their structure after being moved to a folder

I organized emails by moving them to other folders.
However, I noticed that although emails can be organized in a tree structure for forwarded and answered emails, they disintegrate into individual emails after moving to my custom folders. How should I move these emails to folders while maintaining the relationships / structures of the response messages?
I used Microsoft 2018 version 16.16.13.

amazon web services – Emails received with SES will not appear in Inbox

I have setup Workmail Accounts for use with SES, I verified my domain and added mine MX Record to my DNS table. I set up my Recpeit rule according to the AWS documentation. If I have an e-mail from my personal e-mail to my Workmail E-mail address, the e-mail is saved on my S3 bucket But does not appear in my inbox. Do I have to set up something else?

This is the link I followed when setting up the email:


If I log into that workmail Client all my emails are in the Inbox. It seems to be a problem if you add it to Outlook.

sharepoint online – Why is my workflow sending multiple emails to the defined user?

The workflow is started each time the item is changed. This also means that every time the article is changed, it is checked

Approval Status = Approved

And every time this happens, an email is sent (and an object created). The problem here is that you are not checking to see if the status has changed or if the email has been sent before (and the item has already been created). If this is the main cause of your multiple emails, you should implement one of the two checks suggested above.

If you receive multiple emails but only one item is created at a time, there will most likely be problems between SharePoint and Exchange (I've already encountered similar issues).

How do I handle incoming Gmail emails (via a saved filter) that do not contain a plus sign in the to line?

I use email aliases for my email account to filter inbound emails sent to me from various sources. Example:


It's easy for me to set up inbound search filters for the "Newsletter" or "Invoices" aliases so I can select messages that will only be sent to these labels. For example,

However, I have not yet developed a draft inbound email filter to respond to emails that are addressed to my "naked" email., I tried what I thought would be an exact match, to:"", only to see that the filter selects emails sent to all three addresses:, and,

Which filter to select for incoming email from Gmail just Messages sent to can I handle them in any way (for example, forward them)?

Note: I recently asked a very similar question, but after submitting an answer, found that I did not make it clear that I would like to respond to incoming emails to my nude address, rather than simply post-processing emails I've received.