Network – Philips Android TV 43PFL5604 / F7, Android 8.0 – Embed the network drive

Is it possible to automatically enable a network drive on Android TV at startup, as is possible on Linux?

Mounting via a file explorer works, but I would like the mount to be available for other apps (especially for the Plex Android server) and automatically mount at boot time.

It seems that Google and / or Philips have made it impossible to perform page loads these days, so I would need a more legitimate method. Google used to have an SMB app, but it does not appear to be available anymore.

Any help would be appreciated!

sharepoint enterprise – Site There was no connection when reading the PDF document in Embed. Tag another website with one day

I am using SharePoint 2013 and I am having the problem of displaying the PDF document in the embedded tag.

Error displayed:

  1. Connection to SharePoint site in embedding rejected.

  2. The display of & # 39; http: //SITE/HR/EmployeeDoc/Passport.pdf' in a frame was rejected because multiple 'X-Frame Options' headers were set with conflicting values ​​('SAMEORIGIN, Allow-From'). Falling back to deny. IN console log.

Note :

It has been working perfectly for 3 years continuously and I receive this error only from 3 days,

I have changed nothing in the process within the past 5 months, within the SharePoint Master Page OR permission.

Only PDF document is not displayed, images are displayed correctly. and if I access the PDF URL directly in the address bar, there is no problem whatsoever.

Can a buddy suggest me why he refuses, and please state the solution.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.

What code do I need to embed in my website for cross-domain Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)?

I have a website that's on multiple domains, and I want to track it universally. Currently, I do not care about statistics per domain, I just want to see the total page views.
I am also not interested in links between domains – they could be counted as two sessions.

So I've created a new property in the https: // dashboard, but I need to enter a "default URL" (where I've only selected one of my domains). Then I found the tracking code that starts with ,

I then used the tag manager to get information about universal tracking: That's why I created a Google Analytics: Universal Analytics tag with a variable with Google's tracking ID. Analytics property and with Cross-domain tracking configured with all my domain names (separated by a comma).
The Tag Manager has a button in the title bar that looks like this: "GTM -…" – It will pop up a popup window titled "Install Google Tag Manager" with a code I put into it Embed Head Tag: and code to embed in the body tag: ,

Do I just need to embed the ones? GTAG Code? only the Google Tag Manager Code? Or both?

Thank you very much

How can I embed data in a Bitcoin test network address?

In the early days of Bitcoin, miners fed data into the address where the coins were located, not knowing that Bitcoin would have a value of $ 10,000 by 2019. However, I can get bitcoin in the testnet network for free (it has no value). I want to embed data into the address, but when I use the base58 encoder, it shows that the data is invalid. I'd like to be able to embed a small message in a Testnet blockchain, and this is one way to do it.

Agal Algebraic Geometry – Is it possible to embed a group schema into a locally constant one so that the quotient exists?

To let $ S $ be a sufficiently good basic scheme (such as the finite type over an algebraic closed field) and $ G to S $ be a flat group scheme. I would like to ask: Can we always find a closed embedding? $ G to H $ into another flat group scheme $ H $, so that $ H $ is constant over S locally in the Zariski topology, and that $ H / G $ exists as a schema?

Can I embed a magic focus like a paladin or a cleric in a shield? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can I make an arcane focus shield?

    3 answers

  • Can a multiclass wizard have one thing that is two different focuses?

    3 answers

I would like to divide up either Cleric / Wizard or Paladin / Wizard into several classes and wondered if I can use my holy symbol as the magic focus for my spells. If not, I can embed my arcane focus in my shield as well as in my sacred symbol. I intend to take on the War Wizard performance and be an Arcane Clergyman if that helps.

embed – Can I use wp_oembed_get to detect a valid embeddable link, or is there a better way to do it?

I am looking for an efficient way to determine if a user input is a valid embedding link (and what kind). I know that WordPress can be forced to execute its embedded code with arbitrary input.

For example:

$embed_code = wp_oembed_get($some_string);
    // do something clever

Assuming that there is at least one link, a fully qualified link will be returned, with all others failing. However, the behavior I am following is to be able to enter user input (after appropriate cleanup) and return either a fully marked embed or a FALSE, but not a hyperlink, if the content is a URL that it is not recognize. The purpose is to determine if the specified input text is a valid embeddable URL.

Can (or should) be used wp_oembed_get Recognize a valid embeddable link or is there a better way to do it?

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asynchronous – Can I embed an iframe tweet in Google Slides?

Hello, I tried to embed this HTML code in a Google slide, but I'm having problems. Does anyone know how this works?