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All you have to do is select a domain and a subdomain in your dashboard and you're done! Your catch-all email account can be used immediately!

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The use of different (randomly generated) e-mail addresses leads to better anonymity and the protection of the blacklist! There is no chance to be locked at a certain email address!

Unlike free emails we have absolutely no spam filters / folders and etc .. protection of any kind! All e-mails are accepted and delivered directly to your inbox!

The email address of a custom paid domain looks definitely better and more legitimate than a free! Imagine a moderator or examiner looking for a free e-mail and a paid e-mail with submission that has a better chance of getting through?

That's exactly what you get with your account

Manually configurable catch-all e-mail addresses

1 Click Immediate Setup and access your Catch All E-mail addresses
L UNLIMITED email addresses (aliases) with each catch-all account
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MB 300 MB Inbox slot per catch-all account
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✪ random e-mail address generator
✪ Detailed instructions and instructions
✪ Constant improvements and updates
✪ Free Lifetime Support around the clock A ++

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Feel free to ask me any questions you might have here in this thread. For support / issues with my service, it's best to use my ticketing system on my website as this ensures the fastest response times! This is at least a forum and I may not be available around the clock here …