Partitioning – Disk space discrepancy between the enclosures

I recently bought a 3 terabyte internal hard drive to replace a 2TB hard drive
filled. Use the same housing [1] This is my 2TB drive, Ubuntu
reports the capacity of the new drive as 802 gigabytes.

I also have a multi-purpose SATA to USB power adapter [2], If the new one
If the drive is connected through this device, Ubuntu will report the full 3 terabytes.

I see the same behavior when I gpt or use msos partition tables.

This seems to be a limitation of the case, but I can not explain why
Detects the complete 2TB of a drive, but only 800GB of a larger one

Can one explain this with the capacities of the hard drive housing? Can I
Check this by checking the system status. Is there a feature I need?
Looking for a new case?

When the disc is mounted via the USB dongle, the Ubuntu Disks utility is used
reports the following:

  • Model: ST3000DM 008-2DM166 (0006)
  • 3.0 TB (3,000,592,982,016 bytes)
  • Serial number: 20140404

However, if you are mounting through the housing:

  • Model: ST3000DM 008-2DM166 (0103)
  • Size: 802 GB (801,569,726,464 bytes)
  • Serial number: ST3000DM00_Z505FLQF