dnd 5e – Does Flock of Familiars produce endless wealth in the same manner as Find Familiar

With the most recent Sage Advice errata, find familiar can produce 27.5 gp more in sales of Sprite equipment than its own cost. Unfortunately, it takes an hour to cast and ~25 gp/hr is hardly an impressive amount of gp production.

Flock of Familiars can produce thrice the familiars in one-sixtieth the time, but I’m unsure if the equipment it creates is now permanent, real objects that stick around after the spell ends like with Find Familiar, or if the equipment created will vanish when the spell ends, thus rendering it useless for mass production.

Given that find familiar does, in fact, produce the above-stated wealth, what textual arguments can be made for and against flock of familiars similarly producing piles of equipment?

covid 19 – Is it possible to request the right to study a university course while one is on seemingly endless coronavirus immigration bail on the UK?

The way things are going it seems that my bail is just going to be endlessly extended as coronavirus measures are becoming more and more intense.

Without receiving leave to remain or a visa which I may be ineligible for, would it be possible to request from the home office permission to study a university course while here on immigration bail?

I have only been able to find in my online searches materials regarding children studying primary and secondary school, and basic English language classes for non native English speakers.

If so, then how does one go about submitting such a request?

dnd 5e – Can a Decanter of Endless Water be constructed to produce other liquids?

Not quite, the closest item would be the Alchemy Jug.

There is nothing in the way of detailed lore behind the Decanter of Endless Water, so it is entirely up to the DM what this looks like in their world – they may choose to create a Decanter of Endless Whisky if they wish. But, there does exist a canonical alternative.

The Alchemy Jug lacks the volume capabilities of the Decanter of endless water, but makes up for it in diversity.

The Alchemy Jug can produce acid, poison, beer, honey, mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, salt water, fresh water, and wine, at a rate of 2 gallons per minute in varying quantities, with a limit of 1 type of liquid per day.

Yes, it can make mayonnaise.

game design – Endless runner player detect player drop

Starting to learn/write my first game using Corona/Solar2d game engine.
And have a very basic question on how do people handle a such this situation which I assume should be common to any game engine.

I am trying to build an endless runner game, where I have an uneven terrain player have to jump between different height platforms while moving forward.
Here is the closest to what I have in mind.

  • How do I find if the player has fallen between the the two platforms while jumping ?
  • How do I change players “y” value if it has jumped to higher platform, assuming I am just applying a physics linearimpulse on the player ?

Thank you again, I might have not used the correct terminology, as am still learning

Big Zombie: Fly Hopper Endless Flapping

Do you like flapping & fly hopper games?
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This is a super fun and addictive fly hop game that will put your fast reactions and tap skills on the test. With retro pixelated 8 bit graphics and entertaining sound effects as well as an exciting tap fly gameplay to enjoy, the flappy tap game requires from you to make the zombie fly. Tap fast and get the zombie to fly as far as possible in this endless flying game.

As you play and progress further in this tap flappy jump & fly game it can be hard for you to keep the zombie flying and avoud the flappy crushes. Be patient and tap fast to keep the zombie flying and away from the water. The fly tap hop game will end when you drop the zombie in the water. How long can you flappy fly with the zombie? Keep tapping to fly and get far as possible!

The longer you keep the zombie flying in the endless tap game, higher the scores for you. Tap and be careful not to drop the zombie in the water to fly as far as possible. See how far you can get in this tap game and rank high as the ultimate tapper.

– Easy and fun to play
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– Exciting flappy fly gameplay
– Tap to make the zombie fly as far as possible
– Don’t drop the zombie in the water
– See how far you can get
– Longer you fly, higher the scores
– Rank high

Make the zombie fly and get as far as you can in this endless flying game.
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dnd 3.5e – Is there any way to gain the endless special quality without carrying around a small necromantic magic item?

Dragon Magazine #354 has a fairly well-known special quality called endless, which prevents aging and all its normal effects, but is unfortunately not actually granted by its associated feat, Wedded to History. Within the pages of this magazine, the only way to gain the quality (DM fiat aside) is to have someone cast kissed by the ages on you, and then to forevermore give up a magical item body slot and risk taking a penalty if you ever lose the item–which also radiates enough necromancy to make many NPCs very uneasy.

But what about methods outside the pages of the magazine? Is there any sort of feat, feature, or other special means by which someone can gain this extraordinary special quality, without needing to go around holding a pseudo-phylactery?

SQL Server – How Can I Detect a Locked Table and Endless Query Problem?

I have a table that is regularly locked in a way that I don't fully understand. I can't do the following:

select * from thetable
select count(*) from thetable

There are approximately 2,000 records.

I can do the following:

select top 2000 * from thetable
select * from thetable where ID = etc.

Go backwards to find a new record that may have been problematic and increase the number in pieces until I can finally reproduce it:

select top 1500 * from thetable order by ID desc
select top 1550.... etc. and eventually it gets locked and never finishes the query.

The query never ends. I waited 10 minutes. The only solution is to restart the service.

The associated stored procedure that I thought was causing the problem that I ran manually (it interacts with this table) and the longest time it took was about 45 seconds. This special procedure goes through many phases and is included in a transaction with a try / catch / rollback / commit. No explicit lock is set for the procedure.

Any instruction or guidance to track down the basic problem is greatly appreciated.

Unity – infinite terrain for endless runner game

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