c # – how to create a seemingly endless background in Unity

I have a rocket flying straight up; if it gets higher, you can see the edge of the terrain. I want the rocket to eventually leave the atmosphere, and then the landscape disappears from view as the player is so high up.

How do I make it possible for the landscape to be endless?

Picture before the start:
Before the market launch

Picture after the start:


SQL Server – Cursors – Missing Afterthought – Protection against endless loops if FETCH NEXT is missing

It was found that this code error caused an infinite loop for PROD:

    SELECT BatchID = ...
OPEN MyCursor
    IF (condition)
        FETCH NEXT FROM MyCursor INTO @BatchID
CLOSE MyCursor

Is there any way to protect yourself from this bug if the need for a cursor is guaranteed (along with other tests / code reviews)?

In other languages ​​we have FOREACH Loops that manage the iteration progress for us, or FOR Is there a match in SQL Server that prevents subsequent errors such as misplacing (or forgetting!)?

I have never seen that custom loops in SQL have to do with the cursor, and WHILE Loops have the same risk (along with cases like DELETE #WorkData WHERE ID = @BatchID if @BatchID is NULL), how could this risk be programmatically / cleanly reduced for the typical application?

An approach like this is very unattractive:

    SELECT BatchID = -1--dummy entry to always be skipped
    UNION ALL SELECT BatchID = ...
OPEN MyCursor
CLOSE MyCursor

It seems to me that the review @@FETCH_STATUS Two consecutive instructions without cursor position could be an effective way for SQL Server to do this suspect if there was such a mistake, since my experience with cursors has never seen two deliberate checks in a row (of course, ignoring the above example approach).

P.S. The (condition) This time was "not the DST transition day" (which was this Sunday). Further time zone errors!

PC Games – Endless Space 2: Digital Deluxe Edition v 1.5.8.S5 + DLCs (2017) Xatab | NulledTeam UnderGround

Endless Space 2: Digital Deluxe Edition (Version 1.5.8.S5 + DLCs) (2017) PC | Repack Xatab | Size: 8.32 GB

Year: 2017
Genre: Strategy
Developer: AMPLITUDE Studios
Publisher: SEGA
Publication type: License
Platform: PC
Language: English, Multi10
Crack: enclose (CODEX)

In the game Endless Space 2 you will find an exciting role of the leader of civilization making his first steps in the cold depths of interstellar space. They will explore the mysterious star systems, discover the secrets of ancient peoples, develop advanced technologies of unimaginable power and, of course, learn about new ways of life, seek mutual understanding, conquer and conquer the possibility. Their story takes place in a galaxy that was first colonized by a people called Infinite, whose dawn and sunset are ages past. All that remains of them are mysterious ruins, powerful artifacts and an unusual, almost magical substance known as dust.

Game features:
The galaxy generator has been completely redesigned to create unique star systems and wonders for exploration, various planets for colonization, various resources for accumulation, the secrets of dust, and new life forms for conquest and various anomalies for study.
Conquer new systems by building outposts and transform your planets into fantastic Star Fortress or magnificent utopias full of wonders. Train your heroes and become admirals of the naval fleets, governors of star systems, or influential senators whom your people will follow and thanks to which your civilization will thrive.
Collect dust, strategic resources, and luxury goods to trade them in the markets, discover new incredible technologies, and stay ahead of the competition thanks to companies and diplomacy.
Design your ships, create fleets and plan the course of the battles carefully to defeat up to seven opponents in online battles. Watch epic battles and improve your strategy for future battles.
Get to know the history of every civilization, discover the secrets of the ancients and their heritage. Find legendary heroes and secret societies. The galaxy is controlled by those who reveal their secrets.
Press the space bar to enable Augmented Reality mode at any time, and to get detailed information about your systems, trade routes, diplomacy, and every ship.

Repacking features:
– Based on the release of CODEX
– Nothing is cut out / nothing was again
– Encrypted – Game archives are not opened
– Game version v 1.5.8.S5
– Additions:
527500 = Endless Space® 2 – Uthassum Rhamoezz Sophon Hero
539420 = Endless Space® 2 – Early access to "Founder" busses
539430 = Endless Space® 2 – Digital Deluxe Upgrade
733140 = Endless Space® 2 – Vaulters
751830 = Endless Space® 2 – Update Target Locked
751831 = Endless Space® 2 – Update for Little Grin Man
751832 = Endless Space® 2 – Galactic Statecraft Update
751840 = Endless Space® 2 – Stellar Prisoner Update
763330 = Endless Space® 2 – Community Challenge add-on
785060 = Endless Space® 2 – Endless Day Update
806780 = Endless Space® 2 – Supremacy
806920 = Endless Space® 2 – Guardian and the Galaxy Update
813410 = Endless Space® 2 – Untold Tales
813420 = Endless Space® 2 – Lost Symphony
841000 = Endless Space® 2 – Stories
921010 = Endless Space ® 2 – Renegged fleets
949080 = Endless Space® 2 – Harmonic memories
949081 = Endless Space® 2 – Sky Worlds
988440 = Endless Space® 2 – Penumbra
1054280 = Endless Space® 2 – Muck & Makers Update
1128540 = Endless Space® 2 – Awakening
– Installation time 3 minutes on hard disk (depending on the computer)
Repacking from Xatab

System requirements:
☑Operating system: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit only)
☑Processor: i3 4th generation / i5 2nd generation / A6 series
☑Memory: 4 GB RAM
☑Video: AMD Radeon 5800 series / NVidia 550Ti
☑ Storage: 8 GB



dnd 5e – Can a Tundra Storm Herald Barbarian preventively freeze the water of a decanter with endless water?

Disclaimer: This question refers to the realization of a non-mechanical, very specific thing (as part of the Adventurers League) for stupid purposes. You can take it with a grain of salt.

A Tundra Storm Herald Barbarian (subclass from Xanathar's Guide to Everything) receives the following secondary feature of the Storm Soul at level 6:

In addition, as an action, you can touch water and turn a 1 meter long cube into ice that melts after 1 minute. This action will fail if a creature is in the die.

Suppose you can use the secondary function to make a smaller die than 5 feet (if you have less water available).

A decanter of endless water is an unusual miraculous object that you can use to fire water from it:

This sealed piston spills when shaken as if it contains water. The carafe weighs 2 pounds. With an action you can remove the plug and speak one of the three command words, after which a lot of fresh water or salt water (of your choice) flows out of the piston. The water stops flowing at the beginning of your next round. (lists the three options)

The goal here is that the Tundra Barbarian shoots no ice, but ice (no additional mechanical effect), without outside help (someone else activates the decanter for him). This is not so easy, as the water of the decanter flows to the end of their next round before they can freeze it with their tundra function "in the middle of the air".

To this end Can a Tundra Barbarian preventively freeze the water contained in a decanter of endless water (to shoot ice when the decanter is activated)? (For example, by removing the plug without saying a command word and reaching into the device with your hand to freeze water, which may not be possible.)

Endless loop in C

I'm trying to make a linear linked-assignment list in C and getting into an infinite loop.

void busca(Lista L, int x, No* ant, No* pont){
No ptr;

*pont = NULL;
*ant = L->ptLista;
ptr = (*ant)->prox;

while (ptr != NULL){
    if (ptr->valor < x){
        *ant = ptr;
        ptr = ptr->prox;
        if(ptr->valor == x){
            *pont = ptr;
            printf("Numero encontradon");

        ptr == NULL;

(No = typedef struct no * No)
(List = typedef struct list * List)
This function searches for the integer X. However, if the integer X is found in the list, ptr is not set to NULL and enters an infinite loop. Can someone help me?

Redirection – Endless redirection on paths with? (with custom module)

A similar question has been asked here: EventSubscriber Endless Redirect

However, I have not quite succeeded in implementing a workable solution.

Regarding Drupal 8.73: Basically, we have a custom module that redirects to purge URLs (so that / node / 42 is not indexed by Google). I did not write the module and I do not know exactly what it does and why. The module works fine, except that URLs with? to be diverted endlessly in them and caught in a detour loop. The browser eventually returns an error that the page redirects and never loads properly. Here is the module:

    $attr = $event->getRequest()->attributes;
    if (null !== $attr && null !== $attr->get('node') && $attr->get('_controller') == 'DrupalnodeControllerNodeViewController::view') {
      $node = $attr->get('node');
      $nid = $node->id();
      $current_uri = Drupal::request()->getRequestUri();
      if (Drupal::service('path.matcher')->isFrontPage()) {
        $redirect_uri = '/';
      } else {
        $url = Url::fromRoute('entity.node.canonical', ('node' => $nid));
        $redirect_uri = $url->toString();
      if ($redirect_uri != $current_uri) {
        $event->setResponse(new RedirectResponse($redirect_uri));

  static function getSubscribedEvents() {
    $events(KernelEvents::REQUEST)() = ('onRequest');
    return $events;


I think this line is the problem:
$ event-> setResponse (new RedirectResponse ($ redirect_uri));

In the above linked issue, a friendly user suggested a solution that I do not fully understand. They said:

**> The problem is that you should never send a response within a StackPHP

Application. Drupal continues to build its own answer (the real
frontpage) and stores them in the cache. Set the answer in the event
instead: $ event-> setResponse ($ response); **

I'm not sure exactly where he means by substituting the answer "in the event" instead.

Well, how is this problem only with URLs? In them, I found that I could fix the problem by breaking the above line, line 37, as follows:

if (strpos ($ current_uri, & # 39;? & # 39;) = true) {
$ event-> setResponse (new RedirectResponse ($ redirect_uri));

However, I am worried that this could lead to unpredictable behavior and I prefer to correct the problem the first time. Can wise and kind souls tell me what I'm doing wrong or overlook or explain how to "set the reaction to the event" instead?

Many thanks!!

turing machines – How to detect endless loops in linear limited machines (LBA)?

The machine $ M $ is deterministic. This means that if $ M $ is in a specific configuration $ c $Then there is a single fixed configuration $ c & # 39; $ (determined by the rules of $ M $) to which the execution of a step leads. If $ M $ ever reached the configuration $ c $ again then the configuration $ c & # 39; $ will follow, no matter what. Therefore, if the calculation of $ M $ causes configurations to be accepted $ c_1, dots, c_n $ and $ c_n = c_1 $, then $ M $ Repeats the loop $ c_1, ldots, c_n $ unlimited.

dnd 5e – How do I deal with a player who asks me endless questions about role playing?

Recently I started a new game. I recruited players, got them to make characters, and was ready to have some fun with them.

One of the players keeps asking questions. They ask for every detail of their character, they ask about other RPG systems, they ask about other characters they generate, they ask about games and movies they play, they ask for the rules. It's a long, endless tidal wave.

I'm sorry to have invited her to the game now, because asking endless questions is such a problem. I told them to ask questions in public discord or online, they agree, but they immediately return to asking me more questions in private messages in discord when they have a new idea. It is a measure of courtesy to help them with their character and understanding of the world, but their sheer volume of questions becomes exhausting.

The fact that English is not their native language and their questions are often vague, confusing and not easy to answer makes it even worse.

We're involved in another game, and I have to be reasonably polite and say, "Go away and shut up." is not a good option. What is a reasonably polite way to stem the flood of questions?

The game we play is the fifth issue of Dungeons and Dragons. So there are many buttons that you can use to optimize and play the characters.

at.algebraische Topologie – How does space machines with endless loops work?

If $ C $ is therefore a symmetric monoidal category $ BC $ is canonically an algebra about a particular $ E_ infty $ Opera, but if $ F: C to D $ is then a symmetrical monoidal functor (as far as I can see) $ BF: BC to BD $ is not a map of algebras over this opera (unless all morphisms (Fx) otimes (Fy) to F (x otimes y) are identities).

For this reason, I struggle to assign a spectral map between the two spectra that result $ BC $ and $ BD $ Through the infinite loop space theory, I can only see how to get a zigzag where the wrong mapping is a weak equivalence. This is just as good for most practical purposes, but I still wonder: are some of the "known" infinite-loop space machines functional with respect to symmetric monoide functors on the nose?