SharePoint Designer Workflow 2013 – Endless times after reconfiguring Workflow Manager

I reinstalled Workflow Manager on my SharePoint Server because I wanted to point it to a new DB server. I have run the following commands:

$ config = (Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig)
$ config.AllowOAuthOverHttp = $ true
$ config.AllowMetaDataOverHttp = $ true
$ config.update ()

Enable-SPFeature -Identity WorkflowServiceStore -Url # url #

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite "# url #" -WorkflowHostUri "#wf url #" -AllowOAuthHttp -Force

My 2013 workflow calls a web service. For some reason, this web service method has been called several times since the above change (I know that because I keep a text file log and it keeps logging, and wf never stops) – any ideas that might have caused it and how I did it can fix it please I also tried to recreate the workflow, but that did not help

c ++ – How can I set it so that the right button is always pressed without having to press the button? (for an endless runner)

How can I do that my right button is always pressed, but only needs to be entered once so that the character can run forever without holding the button down

// Go right

if (IsKeyDown (SDLK_RIGHT) && player.GetStatus ()! = WALKRIGHT &&
player.GetStatus () <WALKRIGHT)


player.SetMotion (walkSpeed, 0);

player.SetAnimation ("walkright", 10);

player.SetStatus (WALKRIGHT);

player.Update (GetTime ());


libgdx – Render the tilemap tile layer side by side for an endless / endless runner game

For days I tried to implement tilemap in libgdx and box2d with infinite / endless schema. I can load a single card and display everything on the screen. But attaching 2 or more tilemap has given me a headache. I know that it is currently not possible to move or add the x-position of the tilemap. What I do now is setview for the render method of the camera. This is my map helper and currently I am working with 3 renderers for 3 Tilemap as a test …

public class MapHelper {
private array Renderer = new array();
private int number;
private float oldDistance, currentDistance;
private string level = "world";

public MapHelper (callback callback) {
this.callback = callback;
Number = 0;
item = new ItemMap[3];

public void render (CamHandler cam) {
for (int r = 0; r < renderer.size; r++) {
        if(item[r] != null) {
            renderer.get(r).setView(cam.getCam().combined, item[r].distance, 0, item[r].getWidth(), item[r].getHeight());

public void updateMap(CamHandler cam) {
    if(mapOut(cam)) {
        if(number > 2)
Number = 0;
loadMap (number);

/ **
* Check if the camera reaches the current distance and create a new map
* @param cam
* @ Return
* /
private boolean mapOut (CamHandler camera) {
float x = cam.getCam (). position.x + cam.getCam (). viewportWidth / 2;
Utils.log ("pos cam x" + x + "current distance" + currentDistance);
return x> = currentDistance;

private void loadMap (int map) {
AssetsManager.loadMap (Map);
if (item[map] ! = null) {
renderer.set (map, new OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer (;
items[map].set (TileHelper.getMapWidth (, Layer), TileHelper.getMapHeight (, Layer), currentDistance);
} else {
renderer.add (new OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer (;
items[map] = new ItemMap (TileHelper.getMapWidth (, Layer), TileHelper.getMapHeight (, Layer), currentDistance);

oldDistance = currentDistance;
currentDistance + = TileHelper.getMapWidth (, Layer);
callback.onLoad ();
Utils.log ("Load new map" + map + "distance" + current distance);

Public Array getRenderer () {
Return renderer;

Public Array getBodies (worldworld) {
return new MapBodyBuilder (). buildShapes (, world, oldDistance);

private ItemMap[] Items;

Private Class ItemMap {
private float distance, mapWidth, mapHeight;

ItemMap (float w, float h, float distance) {
mapWidth = w;
mapHeight = h;
this.distance = distance;

private void set (float MapWidth, float map height, float distance) {
this.mapWidth = mapWidth;
this.mapHeight = mapHeight;
this.distance = distance;

private float getWidth () {
return mapWidth * constants.WORLD_TO_SCREEN;

Private float getHeight () {
return mapHeight * constants.WORLD_TO_SCREEN;

private callback callback;

public interface callback {
void onLoad ();

public void startOver () {
currentDistance = number = 0;
loadMap (number);

private void clear () {
for (OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer render: renderer) {
render.dispose ();


With the above class, I can display and load a new map when the camera reaches the end of the map. However, the texture of the tile layer remains misplaced. Please give me some advice.

unity – Unity3D – Create a flat map renderer based on endless noise data

The project

I'm working on an Endless Map Generator (with chunks, hissing noise, threading system, etc.).
This is what "Dev Data Display" looks like:

Enter the image description here

The goal

Now I want to create another flat rendering (like the minimap) with a simple sprite (I have Photoshop brushes or other images).

Example (from the internet):
Enter the image description here


This post is not really about recovering seed data, but more How can I convert this data into a nice card?

  • Do I have to continue to do 3D or replace it with a 2D canvas?
  • Is texture good for the job? Or is it easier to instantiate multiple sprites? (Or maybe a shader?)

  • I have a specific question for shapes (like water). I have not found anything that can help me turn a list of points (like all the coords off the ground) into a smooth shape that can be used on shaders or other displays.

Try to use a layer (instead of a generated grid) and apply the texture with a level of detail system to flatten the next part of the map. But it is still very uncomfortable.
Enter the image description here

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