magento2 – Magento 2.4 : Missing required argument $engines of MagentoSearchModelEngineResolver

I’ve a fresh install of Magento 2.4.0 on ubuntu 20.04 installed from CLI, downloaded with Composer.

I get this error while trying to reindex the catalog_search index :

Catalog Search index process unknown error:
Missing required argument $engines of MagentoSearchModelEngineResolver.

Also, my catalog/catalog tab in admin panel is empty for the scope default config so I can’t set the elasticsearch engine from the UI. In the core_config_data, there was no catalog/search/engine, so I tried to set a new one with elasticsearch7 or mysql but neither worked.

I precise that I’ve a working elasticsearch 7.x on this new server, with no credentials.

It seems that the elasticsearch related config are not set properly, and I can’t figure out why no option are visible in the default scope admin panel for the catalog/catalog tab…

An idea ?

Software to cloak on google and other search engines to increase affiliate commissions | Proxies-free

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optimization – Does Godot game engine have enough power to catch up to professional engines?

I am thinking of learning about Godot game engine. It looks like it will have a bright future, but I don’t know if it will always have limitations. For example, C++ seems to handle many instances more than python can. I was wondering if Godot engine is limited in power based on it’s coding language it was built on.

Out of these 3 engines which one is the best for 2D games?

before I start I want you to know Im a total newbie to game engines. Currently I am learning C++ and I need the engine to be simple and good.

I want to create some 2D game (probably with top-down view or mario copy). Nothing advanced like light, custom AI or anything. I want the engine to be easy to learn and maybe more user-friendly.

Im seriously thinking about:

  1. Unreal Engine
  2. Unity
  3. Godot Engine

So the 1st engine is great for 3D games. It’s heavy, it has almost everything, but im not sure if it will be suitable for me (and for 2D)… User interface looks uh, old?

Second in line is Unity. I don’t know much about it, however it seems to be more elegant and it uses C#. I can easily jump from C++ to C# so it’s not a problem.

And the third one is Godot. This one is kinda special and according to many forums it’s super easy to learn.

OK, now I need your opinion. Also please include pros and cons of each engine if you can.

cannot select engines on left since update

since the recent update which i just updated to 14.75
i cannot select the engines on the left (when the engines are showing) & cannot right click on engines on left (i.e. to select just dofollow engines)
the engines on the left only show when you restart gsa ser, other wise there is just a blank space on the left where the engines should be, it says “where to submit 343” but below that just a blank space, this is just since the lest update

unity – What are the best 2D game engines available for a beginner?

I am a complete novice to game development. Although I do have a background in working with mobile applications.

I am planning to create and publish some Indie games to the IOS and Android platforms in my spare time as a hobby. Although I have looked at some of the more popular game engines, such as Unreal and Unity, I find that they often have hidden caveats. For example, Unity mandates that I put their logo on my splash screen unless I want to pay $1800 a year.

Since these are small scale passion projects (that don’t require that many advanced shaders/features). What are some easy-to-learn free alternatives to these main stream game engines?